What type of husband/Father are you?

What type of husband/Father are you?

Every woman’s dream is to get married someday. However, their wish is not to get married to any type of man, but to get to a good man. Question is, what type of husband/Father are you?

Every woman wants a loving, caring, and understanding man as a husband: not a dictator, boss husband, drunkard, or egoistic husband.

They need someone who can be perfect for her, someone who can usher her into that magical dream “world” that is full of love.

No one is indeed extremely perfect, but one can at least try to have some qualities that every good man possesses.

Today, I am putting out this question to you:

What type of husband/Father are you?

What type of husband/Father are you?

1) What type of husband/Father are you? Are you the type of husband/father that loves the wife and the children? Or hate the wife and love the children?:-

Ephesians 5: 25, God instructs husbands to love their wives.

But some men have not listened to that command from God; they have thrown away the love they had for their wives and put all the love only on the children.

A man I know too well told me some time ago that he doesn’t love his wife anymore, but the children.

Did you remember that your wife was there before the children came? Did you remember that without your wife your children will not be?

Your children will grow up someday and leave your house, they are not destined to live with you (in marriage.

When they leave, it will be just you and your wife for the “woven of years”.

Therefore love your wife and take care of your children, so that you will fulfill the word of God.

2) What type of husband/Father are you? Are you supportive or against your wife:-

A good man makes her wife stand tall in everything. They are always there to support the wife in everything in all their good endeavors.

When she wants to take a piano lesson, or take a stroll with her friends, you are there for her.

A man’s support makes her wife feel secure and gives her the energy to take “calculative risks”.

When a woman is not supported by her husband, she feels inferior whenever she sees other women that get support from their husbands,

Also remember that she will never be happy to know that she stands alone in everything and when mama is not happy, no one else is happy.

Good husband, the best husband, loving man

3) What type of husband/Father are you? The type of husband that helps the wife with the domestic chores:-

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