13 smart ways to have a happy marriage

Are you looking for ways to have a happy marriage?

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A marriage could be either a happy or an unhappy marriage, depending on how the couples view it, however, everyone prays to have a happy marriage.

If you are already in an unhappy marriage, there is still hope to get it working normally again.

There are lots of ways to have a happy marriage and you’ll learn them as you read this post.

Let’s dive in:

What is a happy marriage?

A happy marriage “is a union of two people who are willing to forgive each other’s mistakes always.”

From the above description, you will find out that there is no marriage without problems. Even happy couples have their fair shares of quarrels and fights, yet they are willing to make up all the time.

The most important desire or prayer of every couple is to have a happy marriage. This is because a happy marriage is more like heaven on earth, and it’s better to be in a happy marriage than in an unhappy one.

Because you are reading this post, I know you want to have a successful marriage too.

So If you have made up your mind to settle down with someone, or you are married for a long time, then you must pay very good attention to these important tips that will help you if you want to have and live a happily married life.

Smart Ways to have a happy marriage

(1) Make up your mind from the beginning:-

This is the first thing to do when you are planning to marry. You have to make up your mind that you will make your marriage a happy one.

This will make you stay focus on only those things that will keep the fire of love burning at all times. Write down those things on a piece of paper, so that you can always refer to them whenever the going seems to be going tough.

It shouldn’t stop in writing them down only but you must commit yourself to make it come to accomplishment.

Refer to your list often to reassure you of your pledges for commitments and sacrifices and then keep investing and making sacrifices until you achieve your aims.

And always understand that you can single-handedly make your relationship better even when your spouse is not supporting you.


(2) Start your marriage with truth: –

This is always one of those things that make a marriage either a happy or a sad one. So many marriages are founded on a false foundation.

Do not say lie in other to win a man or a woman, if you do, a time will come when the truth will be revealed then things will start to deteriorate and your marriage will not be the way it uses to be.

(3)    Love and appreciate your spouse often: –

This is where some couples are not getting it right. They find it hard to appreciate their spouse in anything at all, but the best thing you can do is to love your spouse and show appreciation to any little thing he/she does.

It makes a person happy when people show appreciation. Choose also to use the word “I love you” often.

(4) Let your partner feel secure in you:-

Most couples are more interested in pleasing people outside than who they have in the house.

Doing more to outsiders will make your spouse think he/ she is not valuable to you. In that instance, he/she will lose confidence in you. But you must make sure that your spouse enjoys you more than those people outside.

Make them feel loved, happy, and secure. Reassure them of your love for them and appreciate them especially, and especially for everything.

If your partner feels happy and secured in your relationship, they always tend to put more effort into making your relationship be the best.

(5) Do not compare your spouse with anybody: –

Let your spouse be the only jewel you know. Do not compare your wife or your husband with anybody; after all, you saw all of them before you choose to live together.

One thing about comparing your spouse with others is that it will destroy their self-esteem. It makes them look unloved and inferior.

There is a saying that “comparison is the thief of joy.” That means you are killing your partner’s joy when you compare them with another person.

Again, you are not sure if the person you are comparing your spouse to is really how you see them outside in their home or to their partner.

So, forget what you see in their social media profile; they may be worse than you think to their partner.


6) understand your spouse more: –

Always know and understand when your spouse is in the mood and when not in the mood. After the days hustle, your spouse may need some time to rest, you must grant that rest to him or her.

Don’t feel bad if he did not pay attention to those things you were saying during those times, think about what you will do if you are in his or her shoes.

7) Be Overtly Positive About Your Relationship:

Many things will come to test your commitment, your faith in your relationship; and if you are not strong you will fall for them.

You must be able to defend your marriage at these points of trial, stand your ground with the power of positivity, until things become normal again.

Be positive even when all circumstances are not favorable. That’s the only weapon you’ll need to overcome most challenges.

But when you are negative about it, the satan will capitalize on that to inflict more pains and sorrows on your marriage.

8) Mind Your Words:

“Words are powerful.” Your actions may be forgotten, but “words go straight to the heart. This is why it is imported you always weigh your words before saying it out.

As partners, you shouldn’t compare your partner or your marriage with anything. Let all your word reflects the two of you and not only “you.”

Use “We” more than you use “I” this will make your partner feel loved and carried along.

Listen to him/her with full concentration especially when they are sharing their minds with you.

9) Take Good Care Of Yourself:

This should be paramount to you if you are looking for ways to have a happy marriage.

First, take care of your health; because your health determines your relationship health.

Little sickness can affect your relationship positively: think about the money that it will incur to take care of hospital bills, the stress, and the emotional trauma.

That’s why you shouldn’t play with your health. Also, take care of your look; that includes your weight and your dressing.

Although there are no better reasons for your spouse to despise you because your stature changed, or you are not taking care of how you look.

However, those things are important that you don’t neglect them. It may cause some changes that will not profit your relationship anymore.

So, if you haven’t been paying attention to your health and your look, start today. Eat right, exercise often, shed your weight if you need to.

Change your wardrobe if it’s necessary. Remember that “looking good is good business” and “cleanliness is next to godliness.”


10) Always Scan Your Marriage Virus:

Many things can destroy your marriage in a twinkle of an eye, – like lies, cheating, etc. You should therefore take time to check when they begin to threaten your relationship.

Be on alert every time and avoid them. That’s when you are sure that your marriage is fully protected against the attacks of the marriage viruses.

12) Get Help Regularly:

Whether you like it or not, there must be some disagreements in your relationship. Just be ready to get help from the marriage therapists.

However, you don’t need to wait for things to get worse before going for help.

See a therapist when things look shabby, even when all things look good too. You can access some good advice that can sustain your relationship for a long time.

Whether you are a newlywed or you’ve been married for a while now, seek help regularly; they will help you get the thing back to normal.

13) Don’t Stop Dating Each Other:

It is possible to be carried away by the daily activities and you forget to take care of your partner to keep the fire of love burning in your marriage, return to those things that worked for you when you were still in courtship.

You couldn’t wait to call, chat, or visit your mate. Get them back in your relationship and you will be amazed how things will change for the better.


Read this post carefully and learn the ways to have a happy marriage: there are many steps to take and I took the time to explain it step by step for you.

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