6 Ways to stay happily married as husband and wife.

So you want to learn the ways to stay happily married as a husband and wife.

If you have been married for 6-8 years now and you are still happily married, then you must be very grateful to God for that; if not, this article is specially written for you, because I am going to show you ways to stay happily married as husband and wife in a long term marriage.

It is one thing to be married and it is yet another thing to stay happily married as husband and wife after so many years.

Let me throw a little light on what I have just said.

In the earlier years of every marriage, probably from the first year; things were going very well. There was peace; intimacy and joy between you and your spouse.

Things were going smoothly, but now, those things are no more and it looks as if it is peculiar to your marriage.

Your friends are enjoying their marriage and having a nice time with their spouse, and in yours, it’s always fighting, quarrel and sometimes you’re even on the verge of breaking up.


is there anything you are not doing well?

You have asked yourself so many questions “if you have done something wrong to deserve all these.”


These are common in marriages, there is never a relationship without challenges. You only need to take certain steps to get things back the way they used to be.

I remember one slogan that said, “If you do anything and have a positive result, then if you do the same thing again the same way, you will get the same result.”

Probably, there are things you were doing before that you are not doing now. I implore you today to look back to those good old days; you may see the causes of the current situations in your marriage at this time.

Yes you can

And I have good news for you today: You can fix those holes in your marriage if you will work with what I will teach you in this article.

They will guide you to stay happily married as husband and wife once again. Look back to the old days of your marriage.

I heard a marriage counselor said that in the earlier years of marriage, couples will take care of each other and still not get tired of doing such, the husband will offer their hands to their wives when she they are in difficult situations, but as the marriage progresses, those things begin disappearing.

Now you even find it hard to open the door of your car for your wife to enter before you. If you could look back and try those things you were doing before, you could restore the things you use to see.


What Does Happily Married Mean?

Being happily married means you are having the fair share and blessings of your relationship.

You are happy with your spouse and everything is going well as it should between you and your partner.

That doesn’t mean that your relationship is free of challenges, no, you have issues too, but you know how to deal with your issues, and you also know how to maintain the bond.

Below are a few things you can do.

6 Ways to stay happily married as husband and wife.

1) Pray together and stay together: –

Praying together is one other thing that could restore your marriage. It can only be by the grace of God.

Always make God first, and every other thing will follow suit. “The family that prays together; stays together.”

Every morning, afternoon and night hold your hands together and pray. Pray for yourselves and speak words concerning your needs and aspirations as a couple. That’s when lines will start falling in place for you and your marriage. And that’s what happily married couples.

2) Enjoy sex together: –

Sex is one of the most important things in every marriage. It is the only thing couples share.

Healthy sex can make your marriage strong, and a lack of sex will harm your relationship very well.

So do whatever is necessary to satisfy your partner sexually.

There are ways to do that.

Here are they;

– Learn to discuss your sex life more:

This is an important part of making your partner enjoy sex. As you talk about it, be open and tell your partner what you want and don’t want during sex. Tell him where and how you love to be touched.

As you learn this together, you will realize that your next lovemaking will be a great experience and the most enjoyed.

Sex promotes intimacy, and lack of sex is usually the more reason for marriage breakups. Be ready to face the world together as one:- The bible said that “ one would chase one thousand, but two can chase ten thousand. There must be challenges in marriage, but it is expected that two of you could face it together as one and never invite a second party.

– Use Other Hands And Tongue:

Satisfying your partner sexually all about doing whatever you can to make him/her enjoy your coming together.

In other words, you can use every part of your body that is available to make that happen.

Start with foreplay, send romantic messages, touch each other’s hotspots, and put yourselves in the mood before the real sex.

– Don’t Make Sex A Routine:

If your sex life has come to the stage where you can predict your partner’s next move, then it has become a routine.

You can make love any time and anywhere, and not only at night, in a specific room and not the same style always.

Introduce new things daily and make sex something to look up to.

– Understand Your Body:

You will enjoy sex better if you know your body well. So try to know your body well and tell your partner where your hotspot is. Your partner will be happy to satisfy you only if they know what you need.

– Use Lubricant To Make Things Easy:

To avoid stressful lovemaking, try using lubricant to make penetration easy.

According to Engle, ” couples should be using Lubricants no matter what, in other to make things easier for the partner. Source

3) Trust One Another:-

Trust is one of the keys to a great relationship, so you shouldn’t joke about it. Don’t give your partner any reason to start doubting you at all.

I have come to understand that distrust doesn’t always come from a significant breach of trust but from smaller ones that happen over time.

To avoid breaching of trust in your relationship, then avoid these few things that are related to breaching of trust.-  empty promises, unavailability, infidelity, pride, etc.

If you can avoid these, there will be no reason for suspicion and distrust.

However, if you are having trust issues in your relationship, read this article and learn how to deal with that

Remember this; it will not automatic, but if you continue to work with these, little by little you will start seeing happiness in your marriage.

4) Have More Fun Together:

As couples, look for things that will give you joy and create bonds in your relationship and concentrate on them. Doing fun things together will make you share quality time every time.

sometimes you have to leave the children alone and go to a solitary place and enjoy yourselves,

Have a romantic date anywhere and every time, where you can put off your phone and just concentrate on making your partner feel good.

Your romantic date doesn’t have to be that expensive, because you can have it in your house without the children, or just go to the nearest part and have it.

5) Respect Each Other:

The main killer of any relationship is a lack of respect. It is normal that after some years in a relationship, couples start neglecting each other.

If you find out that this is happening in your relationship, then you should try and restore respect. It all depends on you to decide how you want to treat your partner.

But remember that “respect is reciprocal.” When you respect your man, you man will love you back.

Happily married couples are aware of how to respect themselves.

6) Powerful Conflict Resolution Strategies:

“There is no relationship without issues,” so don’t think it’s only in yours. It doesn’t even mean your marriage is failing.

Listening to marriage experts, I understood that having issues in a relationship is part of the things that make stronger and the couple secured.

This is because you learn your partner’s likes dislikes when you quarrel about a particular, and that will help you understand your partner’s boundaries.

Meanwhile, you must learn how to resolve the issues amicably and on time too. Unresolved issues can contribute to your divorce, so learn some issue-resolving strategies and save your relationship from collapse.


It is not enough to know the ways to stay happily married as husband and wife if you can’t put to intuition what you have learned so far. These few steps listed in this article have been tested and proven to be the reason happy couples are happy.

If you inculcate them in your relationship, you will have the same results the happy couple had.

Again, check back to the days before your marriage and bring back those things you did that brought bona d between the two of you. You will gradually start seeing results of happiness and peace in your relationship.

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