Understanding What Makes Your Wife Happy All The Time.

If you are conscious of having a happy marriage, then you must try to understand what makes your wife happy or sad.

It is always the commitments of both couples that help so much in building a happy family.

However, I believe that as a man, knowing the things you need to know about how you can make your wife happy will make achieving your goal of a happy family very easy for you.

Why Is your wife’s happiness important?


  1) Understand Their Emotions

Women are always too emotional and they are very strong at that. They are too easy to excite and they are too easy to be hurt.

You may go on and call her whatsoever name you choose to, like beautiful, sexy or gorgeous, that is good! But, if she didn’t feel like it, it will not move her a bit.

Your utmost task as her husband is to make her feel all of those things and even more. Her most expectation is to love, respect adore and trust her. Most times when a woman is stressed up outside, they expected that you will help her to calm the situation.

And they feel so disappointed when you let them down too. In other words, keep your mind on your wife’s feelings, so you can tell when they are hurt or happy.

Know when she needs you around and she doesn’t. There are times when the only thing she needs from you is a shoulder to cry, all you need at that moment is to offer your shoulder and not to stop her from crying.

Emotional awareness is the only thing that will guarantee you a successful relationship and also make you the best husband.

 2) See Yourself In Her Shoes

Most husbands do not understand how their wife feels and they go ahead with the demand of the things the wife could do; like cooking and having sex, without even showing concern about their wives emotions.

Your wife is also a human being and she gets tired too. Don’t expect her to come back from the office, school runs, market, and start washing the dishes or cook.

Put yourself in her shoes. If you feel tired because you came from work and need to rest for some time, then a lot her to rest too.

Every woman expects her husband to pay attention to whatever they want to say at least to understand her and also at least to help where you could.

Empathizing with he will make her feel loved, however, without that she will feel unloved and like a slave to you.

3) They Enjoy Validation.

Learn how to validate your wife more often. Tell her about those beautiful eyes of her, those succulent lips, about those gorgeous dresses she is wearing.

They enjoy validation more than any other thing, and they are ready to receive it from other men outside when you are not ready to give it.

Remember you are very anxious in making your marriage a happy one so you must be ready to do all those things you should do to make it so, and validating her always is one of the things you must do.

Validating her always will help to create a great bond between you two, because by doing so, you are making her feel secure and willing to be open to you.

4) Be Her Companion

Be your wife’s companion and her guide. Every Woman expects that her husband will be there all the time for her, that means she is always confident that no one can harm her when you are there.

Stop for a while and ask yourself if you are a good companion to your wife. Don’t let your wife be lonely when you are there. It is your job to provide for her needs and support her.

If your attachment to people outside is greater than what you have with your wife, then count yourself out as a good companion.

Don’t scold your wife; learn how to keep your voice at a lower tune when you are talking to her, no matter what she did, they feel so loved when you understand this.

Be her best friend and consider her opinion before taking any decision in the family, remember it is no more “I”, but “We.” Your relationship must come before any other thing.

You must understand these steps to make your wife happy and to make your marriage a happy one.

5) Learn To Speak Her Love Language:

According to Gary Chapman’s love language description, your wife’s love language is different from yours. Everyone receives and gives love differently.

Looking at the 5 languages of love described by Gary – which are –

  • Act of service.
  • Words of affirmation.
  • Touch.
  • Gifts
  • And quality time


You should know which your wife prefers because that’s how you can get her to be happy.

If she loves to be touched, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, etc, then use them to treat her.

Just take your time to find it out, or ask her how what makes her feel loved. You’ll be surprised to find out she doesn’t need much.

However, if you are not speaking her love languages, you may be having some problems and you won’t know why.

6) Be Her Best Listener:

May I tell you here and now that you may not do some extraordinary things or climbs the mountain to please your wife. Women are tender hearts, and the truth is that merely listen to her can do the magic.

Sometimes she may just need to pour her mind to you or just tell you her experiences for the day.

Find time to listen to her: don’t judge or cut her off until she is done talking.

Women want to have your 100% attention when they are talking to you. Give it to her and you know you got her. Don’t correct her or cut her off until she is done. That’s when you can correct or share her up.

In Conclusion

This is how easy it is to make your wife happy. You don’t need to wait again, start doing all I have shown you in this post. It works and it will continue to work.

The question now is: which of the ideas would you try first? If you have anything that has worked for you and your partner before, please, feel free to try it out.

Thanks for reading.

I am still your in house counselor.


Aik: AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers have been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed by coming to this site.