5 Sure levels of communication in marriage

Communication is the most important recipe for building a strong marriage, and any marriage that lacks communication or rather lacks good communication is on its way to a great fall. In other to communicate effectively with your partner, you should be aware of the 5 important levels of communication in every marriage.

Understanding these 5 important levels of communication in marriage will help you know which communication method that helps or destroys your relationship.

Because the absence of good communication makes every other thing in marriage to stop working immediately, If not handled well and properly.

When there is a communication break down in marriage, the couple involves beginning to look elsewhere for a better one.  This eventually brings infidelity and cheating.

According to the survey, most of the crumbled marriages actually started from these communication gaps.

And so It doesn’t matter the amount of love the couple you share with your spouse. It will not be enough to hold a relationship when there is no good communication.

In this post, I want to open your eyes to 5 important levels of communication, and when you understand it well, it will help you a lot.

Most importantly, I want you to give more attention to the one that works best for your marriage and improve it better.

Because, although there are five levels of communication in marriage, yet not all of them are equal in value.

While some level is just good enough, it may not work in your marriage. However,  some help so much in bringing intimacy to your marriage, so spend more time on a higher level.

5 Importance Of Communication In Every Marriage

Level one

Information and facts:-

This is the first level of communication as well as the first recipe for a strong and happy marriage.

It is all those extremely simple conversation that goes on between the couple. It is merely an exchange of information like inquiries, asking for direction, etc. This level in marriage is made up of all the daily discussions between the couple.

Level two

Reporter Talk: –

This is often the most common way to know how the relationship is fairing. Couples have more time to share about their heart stimulating experiences like books they read, movies watched, sermons heard and other things.

These things become more pleasurable as they are being discussed by the couple because it brings joy to them. At that point they expected you to pay close attention as the experiences are being shared. They want to know how good their interests are related to yours.

Level three

Sharing and discussions of your unique ideas: –

This is the level of communication you have all the platforms to share your personal ideas. In this type of communication, more precautions are taken to prevent quarrels in case your spouse does not buy your idea.

If there is no emotional safety between you and your wife, then I suggest you keep your ideas to yourself.

Level five:-

This level looks more like the second level, only that it involves the divulging and revealing things about yourself that are more private.

Example, are things like the likes and dislikes, experiences, failures, goals, future, and hopes. If this level is received and understood well by the couple, marriage becomes sweeter.

However, this level is not always reached by couples because nobody wants to share all the personal experiences or maybe the feel to know anything that needs to be known. But it is necessary that this level is attained.

Level five

Emotional communication:-

Understanding this level of communication in marriage may bring greater intimacy between the couple At this level, they are ready to share their feelings, emotion,s, and needs.

The ultimate need of the couple is revealed at this level, and each couple wants to be properly understood.

Rapping up

Communication is actually the main recipe for building a happy marriage if it is lacking in your marriage, then you and your spouse must do everything to get it back if you want your marriage to grow.

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