11 Adorable things women want from men

Understanding exactly what women want from men in marriage could be the first step to take when you are planning to get married someday. This is because women are the backbone of any relationship.

When they are happy with the marriage, you see them making efforts, sacrificing greatly to see that things are okay with both the husband and family in general.

An adage says that “behind every successful man is a woman”. In other words, if you’ll succeed in marriage, you need your wife’s support.

How do you get your wives to support?

One of the ways to get your wives to support you in marriage is to know exactly what she wants from you to feel good and loved.

As men, there’s need to understand the women we are married to. What do they really need to be happy and do their pp? If you understand what these things are, then you are destined to succeed in your relationship. The truth is that they don’t need much from you.

Just a little thing can get her overwhelmed with joy.

In this article, we will look at the things women want from men in marriage.

If you are ready, then lets dive in.

15 Things Women Want From Men In Marriage.


1) To Be Loved:-

One of the things your wife wants from you is love.

When your wife feels loved, you will notice that she will feel relaxed and open to you and you can feel her energy in your life as the husband. However, when she is not feeling happy or loved,  then she is ready for arguments and fights.

Your wife wants to feel loved when things are not so certain, “When things are not easy”. She wants you to love her when she is afraid and anxious.

Every woman wants their men to love them when they are vulnerable and fragile because that’s when they need love the most. They want to see the love in your actions as well as your words.

If you haven’t shown that love to her, this is time to start. Remember, it’s a command from God to love her. (Ephesians 5: 25).


2) To Feel Safe:-

Every woman desires to be safe with her partner. This does not only refers to her physical safety but also her emotional wellbeing too.

A woman will feel very safe emotionally with a man who is also emotionally available, trustworthy, authentic, and honest to her.

Obviously, it takes a lot of effort to make a woman feel that in as much as she is appreciated, and loved, that she can also rest assured that no matter what happens, that she can trust and depend on you without fear.  And that her relationship with you is strong and firm.

It’s worth it when she actually gets that assurance from you.

Here are a few ways to her feel safe:

  • Never give her any reason to doubt you.
  • Let her feel that she can always count on you.
  • Don’t take her for granted, especially where your friends are.
  • Complement her at any opportunity.
  • Accept her flaws and learn to forgive her mistakes. Etc.


3) Spend Quality Time With Her:-

In all the things women want from men, their greatest need is you. She wants more of you and more of your time too. Your wife will prefer if you can spend time with her daily, then you do with your friends outside  She wants you to talk and connect with her both emotionally and spiritually as her spouse.

You can only achieve this by spending time with her on a daily basis. Mind you that spending time is not all about making love, but, when you devote time to be together and have a good time chatting and laughing away the pressures that come daily.

You can read my post on “15 minutes a day to make your marriage stronger” if you want to learn how to create time for your couple’s time.

4)  To Trust Her:-

Trust is the strength of every relationship and everyone wants to be trusted.

When your wife notice that you have trust and confidence in her, she will be more relaxed and open with you too. So trust her, not by your word only, but with actions. Let her know that through thick and thin, that you believe in her.

5) Always Be Available For her:-

Your wife wants you to be there when she needs you. Most times, when she is faced with stress and anxiety, she expects you to be there to comfort and encourage her.

5) Forgiveness And Understanding Too;-

Because it is said that no one is perfect, you should know that your wife is included and so she expects you to forgive her when she makes mistakes or when she will not be chanced to be around you when needed.

She sincerely wants and deserves you to understand her imperfection and forgive her at that moment. You should remember that marriage thrives well when there are enough rooms for mistakes and forgiveness.

Your wife really wishes you to understand her mood shifts. Most times her feeling and countenances change all of a sudden. Those moments are the best time to cheer her up and not to despise her. For example, during pregnancy, menopause, or mensuration, she may develop a new attitude, if you are not observant, you can misunderstand her.

But, she wants you to understand her completely in situations like that.

7) To Be Her Friend:-

Your wife expects you to be her best friend, someone she can relate to as a soul mate. She wants you to support her physically and emotionally with that bond of friendship.

Your good friends are those that will help you build your confidence, and they will like to be there with you through thick and thin.

If your wife sees you as a friend rather than a husband, she will be ready to share everything with you, she will be happy whenever you are around her because she has someone to share her deepest feelings to.

8) She Wants A pure Conversation:-

Communication is important in marriage, if not the main backbone of every relationship. Never let your conversations with your wife stop, or become just to know how the kids are fairing or what you eat.

Have meaningful conversations, – talk about your marriage, about your family as a whole and talk about your sex life also. There are obviously so many things you can talk about to add life to your relationship. The type of things you talk about determines how you relate to each other.

If you don’t know the proper ways to converse with your wife, then plan to improve your skills.

Real conversation creates a good bond in a relationship.

9) She Needs A controlled Man:

Your wife needs a self-controlled man. Self contrl, according to Webster dictionary means a self-restraint exercise over one’s emotion or desire. Simply put, it means someone who is in control of his actions control.

Bible in Proverbs 25: 28, said that “a man without self-control is like a city broken and left without walls.”

That’s why your wife wants you to be brave enough to say no to anything that can not benefit him or your marriage and stand by it.

He is in control of what he eat, drink or wear, as well as what he says. That’s what she wants from you.

10) She Wants A perfect thinker:

She wants a man that thinks fast, someone who doesn’t get stuck where he fell. He makes mistakes like the other men, but he immediately switches to action to get things right again.

He is not afraid of problems, because he always has a solution for anything that will come his way.

11) Have Good Listening Skills

It’s really frustrating when your wife wants to share her feelings and thought with you, and you are not attentive to her. She wants to know that you are listening to her with your eye and your heart.

Be a good listener, and don’t let anything distract you when she is talking to you. Do not also try to object whatever she is saying, even when she is not making a good point.

You can find a suitable time to correct her, but first, let her pour her heart out first.

Finally, try to understand the exact  Things women want from men in marriage, It will help you in your marriage. Knowing what she wants makes you prepared for the challenges ahead because you have worked out the solution before it came. Your wife will also be happy because it shows that you care.

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