8 Ways to be a better husband and father

Be a better husband

If you are looking to be a better husband, then sturdy this article properly, because I will show you some smart ways to be a better husband and father.

Marriage is sweet when there’s a good relationship between you and your wife. But, the absence of that means quarrels, fights and sometimes divorce.

If you are reading this post now, the tendency is that you either want to improve yourself to be a better husband, or you know someone who wants to change and be a good loving husband too.

Don’t worry, I will show you in a jiffy.


8 Ways To Be A Better Husband And Father.

1) Love Your Wife and Family:-

Loving your wife is the first and great commandment God gave to every husband. Notice that he is not asking you to try to love your wife or respect her, He he commanded you to love her.

Love covers so many sins. Remember when you started dating each other, you loved each other so much that you’ll never see your partner flaws. That was because of love, and that was the reason you proposed and married her.

And the truth is that you want to love her to the end, but life gets in the way and everything got affected, your relationship as couples also affected

You Can Improve It

But there’s still room to improve on your love for your wife if it has gone cold.

Here are a few things to do.

  • Create time for her:  No matter how busy you are, you should try and create time for your family in general and your wife in particular. When you spend time together, you will know each other better. Knowing each other better means living for each other and that’s what marriage is all about. Any little time you spend together is a plus for your relationship.
  • Be Open and honest to her:- One of the things that bring issues in the relationship is betrayal. Honesty is extremely important when you want a successful relationship, Your Wife wants to feel that she can trust you and that means to be transparent and honest in all you do. Learn.t to tell the truth and do not withhold any information from her.
  • Learn To Her Often:- Complementing your wife often is a good way to show her love. When you compliment her sincerely from your hearty, it helps her self confidence to improve. and your friendship becomes stronger too.

2) Prioritize Your Relationship:-

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