An ideal husband: 9 great signs you have one

If you are not sure the type of husband you are married to, then I have come to help you find that out. After reading this post, you will be ready to identify some signs you have an ideal husband or the wrong husband.

The truth is that if you have always been observant, you would have identified what type of man you are living with, irrespective of how long you have stayed together as the spouse: however, I will not blame you, if you have not identified what type of husband you are married to, and that’s what we will cover in this post.

However, let me shock you now: If you keep searching for those signs, you have an ideal husband, then you may search forever, because there is nobody perfect on this planet earth, even you.

Even when you think that your friends were lucky to have caring and supportive husbands, you may be shocked to learn that they are not as perfect as you think when you ask your friend to tell you more about their homes, but the truth is that some men have some characteristics that make them far better than others: those characters and signs are what portrays then as a better husband than the rest.

The better husband just has a little difference than the other men, and those are a few signs you should concentrate on, but if you are still looking for those signs you have an ideal husband, then below are the few signs you can be on the look out for.

So Why Is It Important To Have An Ideal Husband?

It is important to have an ideal husband, because you need a man who will not give you any reason to regret going into marriage in the first place. If you marry someone who won’t care for you, protect you, fight for you, listen to you, or care about your needs, you will never be happy you did, and sometimes you will feel like throwing in the towel.

Any man who cares and minds when you are happy or sad, makes life better for the wife, and every woman wants such a man.

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15 Signs You Have An Ideal Husband

1) He is Fearless Of Difficult Situations And He Is Always Ready With Solution:

We go through diverse situations as a person and as couples too. If you ask those of your friends who you think that they have an ideal husband, you will find out that they have quarrels and fights too. They also have too much to deal with in their marriages too.

The difference is that they either have better conflict resolution techniques, or they push their problems under the carpet (which is bad). The ideal man will not sweep his problems or his marriage problems under the carpet.

They are not afraid of problems, because they are always ready with solutions, and within a few hours, he has dealt with the challenges and everybody is happy again. That is one of the signs you have an ideal husband.

2) If He Supports You:

Another great one from my list of the signs you have, an ideal husband, is his ability to support you in all things, and always. According to Nishan Panwar, The best possible thing you can get out of a relationship is that you’re with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself every day.” 

That being said, let me ask you these questions: when was the last time you felt supported? When last, did you feel safe at home, feel encouraged, or be 100℅ you again? Those questions are to guide you to knowing your partner better.

If your partner doesn’t make you feel supported or safe, then it is a red flag that he is not ideal. An ideal man is such that it is always there to support you in everything, both your career and normal life. He may even forget his plans and goals, to be sure you fulfil your dreams.

So what does a supportive man do? And what does it mean to be a supportive partner?

  • He will never call your work a hobby or thing.
  • He supports you fully in parenting and never thinks parenting is for wives only.
  • He knows when you need a break from house chores, kids, jobs, and from you.
  • He knows how to appreciate you for who you are.
  • He always makes time for you.
  • And the perfect husband pays attention to you and your needs.

If you have seen those signs before, that shows you are a lucky woman.

3) He Listens:

The truth is that men are not always good listeners. I am a man, so I can assure you of that. I have worked with so many couples, and the more I listen to them, the more I find out that lack of listening from men is one of the greatest killers of intimacy and trust in a relationship.

Although the relationship is supposed to be a two-way thing (husband and wife working as a team), I found out that most men fail woefully in the area of listening to their wives. But an ideal man listens to his wife.He listens when she is pouring her heart to him after going through the day’s stress, and he listens when you share your feedback about your marriage.

That is one of the great big signs you have an ideal husband.

4) Helps Out In House Chores;

The number 5 of the signs you have an ideal husband is the fact that you have a husband who doesn’t think that domestic works are women’s fight by default. Mosy men won’t assist their wives to do any chore in the house. To them, it is the right of the women to take care of of.washing dishes, do the cooking, and take care of the children and family at large.

The wrong husband won’t mind that you just came from work or the superstore, and they will expect you to do your duties immediately. Your ideal partner knew that you are also human, who gets tired too.

He won’t wait for you to say how weak you are before assisting you to get those house chores done. The ideal husband understands your body language.

5) He has good communication skills:

“Distance isn’t a big factor in a relationship, communication is.”

Communication is important in every relationship. Whether it is about your need, want, or how to resolve conflicts, you must know how to talk about it effectively without causing other problems.

The good husband already knows how to communicate with the spouse. This includes giving you listening ears without interruptions when you are talking, trying to understand your point of view, as well as talking to you.

6) He is not just smart, but Wise.

When you are looking for signs, you have an ideal husband; one of the signs to look for is wisdom. Have you seen smartness in his character? Have you also seen wisdom? These two characteristics are not hidden in your ideal husband.

The wisdom in him makes him have quality advice to give you all the time, and his smartness provides ways of escape for him when there are ordinary life problems. He also has the wisdom to advise you when you are having challenges with your immediate family.

7) Is He Loyal To You?

Being loyal is undoubtedly one of the signs of an ideal husband. Even marriage experts have named loyalty as some of the main contributors of marital success. If your husband or your husband has not been faithful to you, then he is not and can never be an ideal husband or man, respectively.

The man that is committed to you and your relationship is an ideal man, and that’s the best man for every woman. The ideal man knows that since he has chosen you to be his wife or girlfriend, no other woman matters to him. That’s the trait of an ideal man.

8) He Loves To Spend Time With You.

Does your partner love to stay with you always? If yes, then you have an ideal husband. The men who prefer to stay outside with friends rather than be at home with you.

However, if your spouse is such that close from work and rush back home, because he won’t want to miss those moments with you, he is an ideal man. Not that you do extra things, but he loves to be by your side, either watching your favourite movies, playing video games, or even helping you cook. All he enjoys is just to be around you.

If the description matches your partner, then you are with a good man.

9) He Can Cook Dinner/ Lunch Or Breakfast For You:

He may not do wonderful cooking, but he will want to either give you a cup of tea or breakfast on a bed. Women love such a man, and you know your man is a husband material if he does so too.


I hope you are able to know how to read the signs of an ideal husband from this post. They are not so tedious, but what you can see if you just concentrate. Here are the signs to look out for in a man that will make a good husband.

  • A supportive spouse: A supportive spouse is the husband who is always there for you in good and bad time. He also won’t mind giving up his goals to help you achieve your goals.
  • He is fearless, and can handle any situation. Any man who doesn’t fear facing any challenge is an ideal man.
  • He is a good listener: most men don’t listen to their wives, but an ideal husband listens very well.
  • He helps you do domestic chores. The man who doesn’t think that the domestic core is for the wives by default is an ideal husband.
  • Good Communicator: The man with good communication skills will make a good husband because he knows how to hand things immediately.
  • He is wise and smart: Always ready to navigate any problem you can think of.
  • He is loyal: The man that respects you and knows how to maintain his boundaries with other women is an ideal husband.
  • He loves to spend time with you: The man who prefers to spend time with friends than with you won’t make a good husband, but the man does is …
  • He can cook dinner for you: Your good spouse will lose you special threats; it may not be something special, but at least he wants to make you happy.

Please go through the post again and again to learn the nuggets.

See you at the top. I am an in-house house counselor.

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