10 authentic qualities of good marriage material to note.

If you have been in the marriage market and yet no one is proposing to you, chances are that you lack the qualities of good marriage material.

Frankly, these days, people are too careful when it comes to marriage. Nobody wants to make the mistakes of getting married to the wrong spouse, so they take time to search for whoever they think will make a good spouse to them.

The question, is who is the wrong spouse?

The wrong spouse is that spouse that is abusive, doesn’t make the marriage a priority and not ready to take care of the family.

They will make your stay in the relationship miserable.

Nobody wants this! Even you won’t pray for that to happen to you.

So if you are not getting suitors, that means you are related to the category of the people I described.

If you are beautiful or handsome and ready to marry and you wish it happens soon. First, check if you have these signs of good marriage materials.

What Is Marriage Material?

According to Urban Dictionary, a marriage material is someone you think will make a good spouse to you.

Some marriages failed because both couples are not compatible. Maybe they didn’t take time to check their compatibility before hooking up.

However, a marriage material is an answered prayer to anyone that finds it.

If you are not sure where you belong, check out these qualities of marriage material, to know if you fit in.

Qualities of a marriage material:

Here’s one important thing to note; If it really takes compatibility for marriage to work properly, then both couples must be able to bring the same energy onboard so things will work.

Simply put, it takes the husband’s material and wife material to have a happy marriage.

The arithmetic here is that the husband material brings all his exceptional qualities, and the wife material brings hers as well, and marriage materials become the end result.

What is the wife’s material or husband material?

She is that woman that you think can make a good wife to you. And husband material means a man who can make a good husband to you.

Qualities of good marriage material.

1) Your Values are Almost Similar.

If you are really ready to marry, you should be able to have sets of values that describe what you are looking for in a prospective partner.

You should have lists of the exact values you require in a partner. That’s the most important thing to do.

Although both of you must not be compatible in every area, however, your supreme principles should almost look the same.

These comprise your methods of dealing with issues, treat people, or manage your resource.

When these core values align, things become easier and marriage becomes sweeter. The absence of those values may bring chaos.

2) They Respond To Crisis Effectively:-

You will know your partner well when you go through challenges together.

Your spouse’s ways of coping with challenges and crises to a great level reflect who they really are on a deep level.

Consider their responses whenever there’s a problem; Do they blame, attack, or avoid you during crises?

Are they calm, composed, give worthwhile advice, or make better choices in the situation.

Have all these in view as you journey into the marriage world. It is important if you want a happy ever after in your relationship.

3) Learn As You Grow Together:-

Marriage will never make you complete if that’s your reason for getting into it. You have to work learn and grow together if you want success.

The marriage material understands this and so gives room for learning in the process.

Going from single into marriage requires patience and takes a transformation too.

This is because you getting married to someone that has different traits and characteristics. Therefore you should give room for learning as you grow together.

If possible, consider taking relationship coaching classes together when you are skeptical about your relationship.

This will help you grow, expand, and be the marriage materials you want to be.

4) They Are Transparent Enough.

Mona and Gary Shriver, the co-founders of Hope and Healing said that “Transparent honesty brings everything to the light, and  takes power out of the enemy’s hands too.”

Transparency is a vital part of every marriage, and you can’t build a strong bond without it.

However, being transparent is not that easy.

We want to hide somethings like our passwords, facebook detail, our sex drives because we are shy to let them know.

But being transparent and accountable with your partner is one way to ensure a stable connection with your spouse.

If you can’t be transparent, then you are not marriage material.

How to check if you are transparent.

Are you willing-

– To talk about everything?

– Let go of your guard for your partner?

– Make your partner your priority.

– Be willing to share your password.

If you answered yes, then that’s a plus.

6) You Must Be Matured:-

I am not talking about age here, but being matured in handling issues and matters arising in your relationship, trust, and communication.

Matured people see things differently.

It is a stage at which you are mentally ripe to make proper, healthy, and worthwhile decisions that are beneficial to your relationship.

Marriage is not a bed of roses and so requires matured minds to make it work effectively.

Those who like to have their ways always and never thought of compromising just to make things work out are immature.

Being mature is never about being the perfect one, but being willing to compare before acting.


Many people have learned to hide their identity just to get approval for certain things, but it’s so wonderful when you find someone who understands his or her intrinsic values and not willing to change it.

Be honest about who you are, and don’t try to hide your identity in others get what you want.

The marriage material never cares to photoshop their values, they believe greatly in who they are.

8) They Like To Make Decisions Having you in mind.

Their decisions are made with you in mind because they can never do anything to hurt your feelings.


They are very committed to the happiness of the relationship and believe greatly in working as a team.


If they decide on anything that concerns the two of you without you, they make sure they will not fail, because they understand the relationship well and what will be good for the success.


It is then your responsibility to reciprocate if you appreciate and want to join the teamwork.


9) Always Willing To Sacrifice:

Marriage required daily nurturing, care, and sacrifices to succeed. You will be ready to give up something because you want it to work.

There will definitely be chaos in your relationship, but the way you respond to it shows how committed you are. If you are the type that always wants to have his or her ways, things will not work if your spouse behaves the same way.

The marriage materials are always ready to sacrifice even when they know they are not wrong.

If you are the type that likes to sacrifice, then you are marriage material.

10) They there to support your goals dreams:

Because it takes commitment to make the marriage work, these people are ready to give their maximum support to you.

They will support your goals and help you achieve your goals too.

Your dreams and ambitions are so important to them too and they are will to forget about their personal goals until yours is achieved.


Everything is hard before it becomes easy, if none of the qualities of a good marriage material pertains to you, you still have the chance to mend it. You can learn from my list and start applying to your lifestyle.

Although it won’t be easy at first if you persist, gradually, you will see good progress.




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