10 authentic qualities of good marriage material to note.

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If you have been in the marriage market and yet no one is proposing to you, chances are that you lack the qualities of good marriage material.

Frankly, these days, people are too careful when it comes to marriage. Nobody wants to make the mistakes of getting married to the wrong spouse, so they take time to search for whoever they think will make a good spouse to them.

The question, is who is the wrong spouse?

The wrong spouse is that spouse that is abusive, doesn’t make the marriage a priority and not ready to take care of the family.

They will make your stay in the relationship miserable.

Nobody wants this! Even you won’t pray for that to happen to you.

So if you are not getting suitors, that means you are related to the category of the people I described.

If you are beautiful or handsome and ready to marry and you wish it happens soon. First, check if you have these signs of good marriage materials.

What Is Marriage Material?

According to Urban Dictionary, a marriage material is someone you think will make a good spouse to you.

Some marriages failed because both couples are not compatible. Maybe they didn’t take time to check their compatibility before hooking up.

However, a marriage material is an answered prayer to anyone that finds it.

If you are not sure where you belong, check out these qualities of marriage material, to know if you fit in.

Qualities of good marriage materials

Qualities of a marriage material:

Here’s one important thing to note; If it really takes compatibility for marriage to work properly, then both couples must be able to bring the same energy onboard so things will work.

Simply put, it takes the husband’s material and wife material to have a happy marriage.

The arithmetic here is that the husband material brings all his exceptional qualities, and the wife material brings hers as well, and marriage materials become the end result.

What is the wife’s material or husband material?

She is that woman that you think can make a good wife to you. And husband material means a man who can make a good husband to you.

Qualities of good marriage material.

1) Your Values are Almost Similar.

If you are really ready to marry, you should be able to have sets of values that describe what you are looking for in a prospective partner.

You should have lists of the exact values you require in a partner. That’s the most important thing to do.

Although both of you must not be compatible in every area, however, your supreme principles should almost look the same.

These comprise your methods of dealing with issues, treat people, or manage your resource.

When these core values align, things become easier and marriage becomes sweeter. The absence of those values may bring chaos.

2) They Respond To Crisis Effectively:-

You will know your partner well when you go through challenges together.

Your spouse’s ways of coping with challenges and crises to a great level reflect who they really are on a deep level.

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