My ultimate sexless marriage advice for men

sexless marriage advice for men

A few months ago I wrote an article about the serious effects of lack of sex in marriage, and I got so many questions from my reader. Today, I will be sharing my priceless sexless marriage advice for men.

if you have ever asked questions, such as how to survive a sexless marriage without cheating when to walk away from sexless marriage, how long does a sexless marriage last, the reasons for sexless marriage or you are just looking for sexless marriage advice for men, then you have to pay close attention to what I want to share in this post?

Because in this post, I will answer all your questions one by one, and you’ll also read my ultimate sexless advice for men.

First thing first.

what is considered a sexless marriage? Or should I say what is a sexless marriage?

This is a relationship where partners don’t have sex at all, or they have only a few sexes in a year.

Here is how Dr. Recher- Warner, a sex and relationship therapist from Minnesota described a sexless marriage: it means “any partnership where sexual intimacy occurs 10 or less within a year.”

Just use the above parameter to check if your marriage looks like what has been described above.

If yes, then I thank God that you are here to learn what to do.

Moreover, if both of you are okay with the frequency of sex, good,

However, if it worries you, there is a solution to that and ill tell you soonest.

Divorce, dead bedroom

But you are not alone in this:

Because Professor Denise A. Donnelly said that “15% of married couples did not have sex with their partner in the last six months to one year.”

Let’s look at a few reasons for a sexless marriage.

Reasons For Sexless Marriage:


One of the greatest influencers of your sex drive is stress. It can be overtly detrimental to your health and your sex drive if you don’t tackle it immediately.

Stress will shift your attention from the level of intimacy you share with your partner, and replace it with worries. At last, you will feel that you are tied to have sex with your partner.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you find it hard to maintain an erection, it will make you unable to have sex. This is a common problem with men.

It has wreaked havoc in many relationships. Even in committed and loving relationships, couples may become distanced with each other, with each of them glued in the efforts to overcome the frustrating emotions of losing physical connection.

ED may be a sign of a diminishing health condition. For example, if you are diabetic, or having heart disease, it will affect your erection.

A high level of stress, the reaction from medications, and other emotional factors like the death of a loved one, loss of a job can also trigger ED.

A good medical professional will be happy to help you take care of that.

sexless marriage advice for men

Health Issues:

Some health issues will impact your sex drive greatly. Most of them will affect your “psychological processes of arousal.”

Examples are diabetes. stroke, kidney failure, etc. Count any sex activities out of your life if you have either of these ailments.

Side effect from medications:

Some drugs like high blood pressure medications, decongestants, and antidepressants, etc have serious side effects which can cause you sexual dysfunctions.

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