10 Authentic qualities of a good partner in marriage

So you want to know the qualities of a good partner in marriage. Don’t worry, in this article, I will show you how you can identify a good partner from the crowd.

When it comes to marriage, everyone has their discretions of what a perfect partner will be.

Your description of a good partner in marriage will be different from that of your neighbors, but the simple truth is that there is no such thing as the perfect partner.

You may have your right preferences, but you will be chasing shadows if you continue waiting for Mr or Mrs. Perfect because you won’t find one.

However, some people have distinguished themselves in a certain way and you will love to be with them forever.

In as much as you seek some qualities that are unique to you alone in a partner, there are certain characteristics you and your partner can aim for that will keep the fire burning forever in your relationship.

Although these characteristics won’t be visible in the beginning, as you start searching for a date, have these qualities in mind.

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10 sure qualities of a good partner in marriage to note.

1) They Are Fun To Be With:-

one of the characteristics of a good partner in marriage is that they are loving and fun to be with.

Some people can be a wet blanket when you are around them. You will never feel secure or good when you are then. But a good partner in marriage keeps you happy and secure always.

You will always want to be around this type of person, not because he/she has so much money to spend, but because you are relaxed with them and at the end of the stay with such person, you’ll always have something that makes you want to miss those moments together.

isn’t that the type of person your want to be with?

Below are a few things that makes someone fun to be with.

  1. Open-minded: They are free with you and can tell you anything without being too careful.
  2. They are agreeable: Friendly, and always willing to support you.
  3. Conscientiousness: They are organized, meticulous, and diligent.
  4. Caring: He/she is ready to pamper you till you feel at home.

2) Presence:

A good partner in marriage loves to be there for you all the time. They are not only ready to put down their devices to pay attention to you but they devote all their time to everything that concerns you and how to make you feel great.

According to Debra Campbell, (psychologist and a couples therapist from Melbourne, Australia), “Being present means giving your partner all your focus and being there for them in a way that is deeper than merely being there physically. It means you are ready to see things the same ways they see it and not your way.”

I love how KC Young, one of the world’s know marriage therapists described the word “presence; “being present being able to drop, stop and focus when there is an important moment as a couple.

That simply means your good marriage partner must be ready to drop anything that can divide the attention during couples time (Source).

3) Self Discipline:

“Self-discipline is doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.”


Self-discipline is the ability to hold yourself or restraint yourself from doing certain things.

Any person without self-discipline can never be trusted because they can easily cheat or temper anytime.

The truth is that you can never have a peaceful marriage with a spouse that doesn’t have self-control.

Your self-controlled partner will be able to hold their tongues, “be a steward of money, quite lustful thoughts about others, and remain committed to your relationship.

4) A Level Headed Person:

Take time to look for someone who doesn’t get stressed out easily on any little issue. Someone who knows how to handle even the toughest situations.

It is not as if they don’t get upset too, but they don’t let every little thing wear them down, because they know what to do at any point.

You need someone who can

  • Purse always to hear your side of the story.
  • Think twice before responding to any situation.
  • Always able to make the best choices and decisions.
  • Won’t lie against you, but talk directly.
  • Know how to manage conflicts effectively.
  • Apologize when necessary.

Having an intending partner with these mentioned characteristics is a step to a blissful relationship.

5) Self Confident Person:

Self-confidence is one of the topmost qualities of a good partner in marriage. A low self-esteem person is not worthy to be around at any time because they will either bring you down or make you feel uneasy.

A successful relationship can only be built by two emotionally independent individuals that love their own lives.

The low self-esteem person will always make great mistakes, seek attention outside the relationship without you. And sometimes they feel that they are not worthy of you.

They are also extremely jealous or insecure when they see you relate with others, especially the opposite sex.

The self-confident partner is focused on their life purposes and everything that matters to them and never feels threatened by other people. The best of all is that they everything that will make them the best partner always.

6) Look For Some One That Is Supportive:

“The best possible thing you can get out of a relationship is that you’re with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself every day.”

~Nishan Panwar.

That is a simple truth! When you marry a supportive partner, you will feel safe and loved in your relationship.

The support you get from your loved one when you are at your lowest moment will help you to see the brightness inside you.

The truth is that a partner who supports your goal or dream understand that relationship is a give and take thing and not a selfish game.

Even though they have personal goals and dreams, yet they won’t mind being by your side to help you achieve yours.

They will never feel cheated by the length of time you devote to your career. That’s the type of partner that is worth having.

  • You need someone who will comfort you when you are down.
  • Give listening ears and render support when needed.
  • Encourage you to go after and win your dreams.
  • Make proud all the time.
  • Always seek to know when you need help.
  • Feels bad when you are down.

7) Always Ready To Change.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” 

Barack Obama.

Change only comes to those who are open to receive it. That also means that some people are not open or willing to change. To have a successful relationship, you must look for someone ready to learn new things.

Someone that takes correction from their mistakes and commit to making thing better one more time.

Any partner that is rigid towards change will make life unbearable to you, and your opinions will never count to them.

That’s why you should be careful as you search for that Mr right.

8) Versatility:

To be versatile means to have many skills or the ability to adapt to anything. That’s an interesting quality to look for in a partner.

Relationships have so many challenges, but only the versatile partner can stand the test of time. Not because they are insulated from it, but because they can find their way out fast.

Because they are always open to change, they are also open to different experiences.

The experiences then show them skills to adapt to anything.

9) You Can Vouch For Them:

The only person that you can vouch for is someone you trust. Trust happens when you have dealt with someone open and sincere to you.

Therefore look for that man or woman that has given the right to trust them. Anyone that is unreliable is not a good partner for marriage.

In Conclusion:

Whether you are still searching or about to marry, this post will help you understand who will be a great partner to you. I chose to write this post because I won’t like you to make mistakes.

The worst mistake you’ll make is to make the wrong choice of partner; therefore, these qualities of a good partner in marriage described in this post will be a reference to you.

Now, understand that you may not see someone with all these qualities. Anyone who poses a few of the qualities can be a good match.

Some of the qualities of a good partner in marriage that I mentioned above are as follows:

  1. Fun To Be With.
  2. Always present.
  3. Self-discipline.
  4. Level headed.
  5. Self-confident.
  6. Supportive
  7. Available for change.
  8. Reliable.
  9. Versatile.

Which of these points would you want to find first in your partner or partner to be?

Do you have another way of knowing a marriage material man or woman? Please, share it with us.

Remember, caring is sharing. You can impact someone by simple sharing you experiences.

I am still your in-house marriage counselor.


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