The two different problem solving methods

Many people are not aware that the different problem-solving Methods In marriage.

The relationship between couples is so complicated, because of that, a lot of couples have passed through marital challenges and even falling apart in their relationship.


For couples to experience great success in their marriage, they must understand their different problem solving methods


Learning the dynamics in a relationship means understanding what makes a woman and a man be physically, emotionally and mentally disconnected from each other.


To understand these differences, you must consider the different ways men and women handle challenges and problems in their marriage.


Women methods of solving problems

Whenever there is a problem, women will always want to talk about the same problem with her close friends and family members.


They will always want to try different ways of solution, and then compare it with that of her immediate family member, before adopting the ideas.

This approach usually takes time.


The Men’s methods

The men on the other hand normally are not used to telling their problems, they are more likely to decide on their own without consulting anybody.


They always want to be alone thinkers.

These differences in styles of problem-solving adopted by couples sometimes bring other problems to them, as the husband may feel that the wife is taking the issues with levity by taking to long in talking to family and friends, instead of thinking how to solve the problems at hand.


On the other hand, the wife may think that the husband is not really addressing their situations, because he has not come up with any reasonable answers for discussion.


Here is the fact

At times women love to simply talk about their problems just to ease the burden in their hearts rather than get solutions for the matter. She expresses her feelings to her friend who may simply empathize with her and not necessarily coming up with a solution.


Men are not always in the mood to talk about their problems until they know they will get better advice to help in solving the matter at hand.



The dynamism in this situation is that when the husband may be giving out his opinion to his wife as the solution to their problems thinking that this is the best approach, the wife may be thinking that he doesn’t want to know about the problems, but just bringing up answers just to throw cold water to the issues at hand.


In conclusion,

Though this may not be accurately written, I believe that understanding the differences in the ways a man and woman handles their problems or arguments can help to stop quarrels and bring a stable relationship between the two.

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