7 Marriage murdering mistakes to avoid

Marriage murdering mistakes

Are you making these marriage-murdering mistakes in your marriage too?

When you look at the rate at which marriages are breaking up, you’ll begin to wonder if marriage is not worth going into at all.

The question is

Is there anything about this marriage that makes even the most respected men and women turn to become worst off?

And why does it look as if marriages are not working out again even when some couples vowed to give their best to see that they have a successful relationship?

Sometimes you could bet the break was due to one of the couples falling victim to infidelity, but sometimes also the reason for the breakup isn’t as obvious as that.

Below are 7 marriage murdering mistakes men make that can cause trouble to couples.

7 marriage murdering mistakes men make.

1) Not careful with the opposite sex:-

We live in a society where everyone is free to associate with anyone he/ she likes.

While you were still single, you had friends, both male and female.

You can even prove that they were of the opposite sex and no one had the right to question you.

I understand!

Now you are married and you think it’s still business as usual?  that’s a marriage murdering mistake to make.

You may be just friends, with no strings attached, but that’s if your partner believes that.

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