7 Marriage murdering mistakes to avoid

Are you making these marriage-murdering mistakes in your marriage too?

When you look at the rate at which marriages are breaking up, you’ll begin to wonder if marriage is not worth going into at all.

The question is

Is there anything about this marriage that makes even the most respected men and women turn to become worst off?

And why does it look as if marriages are not working out again even when some couples vowed to give their best to see that they have a successful relationship?

Sometimes you could bet the break was due to one of the couples falling victim to infidelity, but sometimes also the reason for the breakup isn’t as obvious as that.

Below are 7 marriage murdering mistakes men make that can cause trouble to couples.

7 marriage murdering mistakes men make.

1) Not careful with the opposite sex:-

We live in a society where everyone is free to associate with anyone he/ she likes.

While you were still single, you had friends, both male and female.

You can even prove that they were of the opposite sex and no one had the right to question you.

I understand!

Now you are married and you think it’s still business as usual?  that’s a marriage murdering mistake to make.

You may be just friends, with no strings attached, but that’s if your partner believes that.

Here’s my advice to you.

know your boundaries now you are married when you relate with the opposite sex else your partner may misinterpret the ordinary relationship as cheating and you know what that means.

2) You are not showing enough love to your partner:-

We believe so much that buying gifts for our wives or dropping fat cheques is the ultimate way to show love, well I bet you it’s good, but it is not the best way to show love.

The truth is that women feel more loved by your actions and not by your money, they want to see from your eyes that you are glad to have them as a partner and that you are doing all just for them.

So just find a way to show her that love.

Send some romantic texts to her from the office, and get her the things she cherishes as you go home in the evening. She will be happy to see that.

it works.

3) Being a boss and not a husband:-

“My husband always wants to show that he is the man of the house” that’s one thing I hate about my”.
That was a message sent to me by one of my readers.

The question now is, what type of husband are you? A boss or a caring husband?

A good husband shows love to his wife and family, but most times he has to compromise during certain issues just to make sure peace reigns.

However, the boss’s husband roars and everyone takes to his heels, there’s nothing like a compromise in his dictionary.

All he wants is for his order to be carried to the last.

Every woman detests that and it will hurt your marriage if you do so.

4) Sexual Selfishness:-

When it comes to sex, both men and women have different needs. Men because of their sex drive are always ready to have sex any minute.
But, women are not the same during sex. Firstly, they want to feel more connected and it takes more time to get them turned on.

Always take some time to understand your wife’s needs during sex, it could be a little touch in certain hot spots, a little time together, or finding a way to ease her stress.

If you are not sure of what she wants, then ask her. Make her understand you want to satisfy her.

5) Distance:-

It doesn’t matter if the space between you is emotional or spiritual, there’s no way you can have a meaningful relationship with someone that’s not there at all. If for whatever reason you find yourself physically apart from your spouse, it doesn’t mean both of you have to be emotionally apart too.

Technology has made things easier now, so take advantage of it. Call her, chat with her, and video calls her. With the help of technology, you should always be connected even when you are miles apart.

6) No clear boundaries with family members:-

If you always want to involve your family members whenever there are little issues in your relationship, then you are making a terrible mistake that can cause more trouble in your marriage.


7) letting only women raise the children:-

Maybe you thought that raising children is for women only, and so you sit at a distance and watch your wife do the work, then you blame your wife when anything goes wrong. That’s very wrong.

If you are the type of man that rush off to work, and never have time to relate with the children even when you came back, then you may be causing a serious problem for your relationship.

You should not let your wife alone to raise the children because men have a big influence over the children than the wives, that’s why you see children bragging proudly about the dad than the mum.

Another instance is that children always wish to grow up and be like the father and not the mother.

And that’s the reason you should not watch your wife do the raising alone. Jump into the bandwagon and do your best too. So you don’t regret it at the end of it all.

Finally: We all know what adds value to our marriage and what devalues it. If what you are doing is not helping matters then it’s destroying them.

This post is just to show you some of the marriage-killing mistakes, taking action depends on you.

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