How to meet emotional needs in marriage

Dear, if your marriage is not working as you desire, there is a tendency that you have neglected the most important emotional needs of your marriage and I will prove it to you in a moment.

Why did I say so?

You see, every marriage has needs, and those needs are so important that if they are neglected, it will affect the marriage negatively. Most couples are so ignorant of these important emotional needs, which is why there are so many cases of disagreements, infidelity, and divorce.

In this article, we are going to look at those important emotional needs and also look at how you will fill them out in a way that will help your marriage stand firm.

The Emotional Bank Account

All those needs are contained in what Steven Covey an American bestselling author called “Emotional Bank account” is where all the love that sustains a relationship is deposited.

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If the “emotional tank” is full the love you shared with your spouse will burn brightly, but no marriage runs well if there is an empty tank.


How full or empty is your emotional bank account?

So how much love and care do you have deposited on your “Emotional bank account”? Believe it or not, the success or failure you’ll experience in your relationship/ marriage depends on the answer you will give.

Simply put, the more you have deposited on this account, the more love will be triggered and the more your marriage will succeed; for that is the most important ingredient for a happy marriage and love burns from the emotional reservoir to keep the marriage flame burning.

Everyone has an emotional account, which just like the ordinary bank account is blank from the beginning, but as we live our lives, we either make a deposit or withdraw from it.

Here’s is how are works

No one can make a deposit on his or her account, it is meant for someone else to deposit on it. Your wife can make a deposit and withdraw from your account and you can do the same on your wife and both of you can deposit on your children too.

However in this emotional bank, the monetary unit is not used, but trust, care, and others. In marriage or relationship, whenever we meet the need of our spouse, we make a deposit in his/her emotional tank, and when you fail to meet the need, you have made a withdrawal.

Make a daily deposit

One of the ways you can continually stay in love is by making sure you make more deposits instead of withdrawals and every single infidelity /affair is obviously a product of an empty emotional bank reservoir.

happiness in marriage, emotional needs in marriage

We have been taught that love comes first in marriage, and we also focus so much on that too, but nobody told us that we must nurture, feed and water our marriage by meeting those little needs of our union.

My need to share this

When I realized the impact having more trust deposited into this account can make in a marriage, I started looking for how to help other couples understand these too.

I visited so many couples, asking a question about what their spouse can do to then that will make him or her fulfilled, or how would they want their spouse to take care of them?

Do whatever you should

Taking care of needs has great meaning when it comes to how far a marriage can go: it simply means doing whatever there is you can to make each other happy, what extra mile you can go because you want your spouse to be happy. As insignificant as that word can be, any marriage that lacks it, is very close to a big fall, if not dead already.

But no one got married to be miserable after some time. Everyone begins within the eyes and with so much hope, and dreams to have a successful marriage. But at a time things started crumbling down.

Amazing isn’t it?

In the earliest stage of your marriage, both of you made so many promises of taking care of each other, and you were sure you want to do just that because the love was so strong, and each of you was so much motivated to see each other happy. But how many of those promises did you keep till now? Little did you know that the very moment you stopped caring for one another, all the love that existed will be lost in a twinkle of an eye.

,emotional reservoir, important needs

Why am I talking about “Care” now?

You may be surprised why I am talking so much about this now.

Why should I be telling you about taking good care of your partner now? You see the truth is that you love your spouse so much, but you may have neglected the most important things that matter to him/her.

And as I am writing this article, you are still not sure about what it means to proper care of your spouse.

Is love everything in a relationship?

You believed love is everything; you believed you have been so much committed to making your marriage happy.

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