Reasons your wife doesn’t want to have Sex

You may be asking yourself why your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you these days. You are not alone. So many people ask the same question too.

At the earlier stage of your relationship, things were going well; you couldn’t wait to undress each other to enjoy the touch and hot sex.

Now, you always desire to make love to her, but, your wife avoids intimacy. It’s either she is not in the mood, or she is tired.

There are many reasons why your wife has no desire for sex, and I will let you know in a minute.

Let’s dive in immediately

7 Reason Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want To Have Sex.

1) She Doesn’t feel emotionally connected:-

Good connection engenders good sex in a relationship. When you are not connected with your wife during the day, she may not feel esthetic to have sex.

The truth is that the male and female connect in different ways While men connect after having sex, the women want to connect before having sex.

The deal is to connect with her during the day,  before sex. Make her feel wanted, she needs to feel the sex in the atmosphere.

Most men are only concerned about sex and don’t want to know how the wife is fairing.

If you are such a man, don’t be surprised if your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you.


2) She May Be Bored With You.

As the years go by in a long relationship, love starts getting cold, and couples start losing interest in so many things they love to do.

Virginia Johnson and her co-researcher William Masters suggests that if the couple should continue to have a satisfying sex life as they get old, there must be good health, an interesting partner as well as personal interests.

It’s left for you to look at yourself and see if you are still who you used to be years back. Have you changed from who you used to be? All those things that make you attractive may have disappeared.

The answers will determine how your relationship will be. By evaluating yourself, and then correcting the mistakes, things will work out again.

3) She is Probably Exhausted.

If your wife tells you that she doesn’t want sex after all the day’s busy schedule, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want sex anymore. She may just be tired at that moment.

Put yourself in her shoes; after, doing the house chore, getting groceries from the market and getting the children from school she is bound to be tired.

She will need some time to get refreshed and be nourished energetically.

A good remedy to that is to give each other rooms for personal time.

4) You’ve Not Been that Great Partner To Her:-

Your wife expects you to be her best friend, her confidant, to help her solve her emotional and physical problems. But, you know what you are to her as you are reading this.

Maybe you have not been giving her support she needs from you, maybe you have been so angry since she has not had sex with you.

If you treat your wife well, by taking care of her needs, she will also take care of your sexual needs. Although sex in marriage is not meant to be a contract, it works with the brain.

If your wife is feeling unimportant, neglected,  unsafe and not taken care of, she can never be relaxed enough to desire sex from you.

If you will learn to show her that she is important to you, then she will give herself to you willingly.


5)  There’s No Love:

If your marriage is an arranged marriage, there’s a probability that no love exists between the two of you. Even when everything was working well between you in the beginning, it may not be the same again now.

It may be easy for you to have sex with her, even when she doesn’t love you, but women do struggle in that condition.


6) it May Be Because Of Some Health Issues:

It’s is true your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you for some time, but, have you considered his health? Sometimes, your wife may no ready to have sex because she is depressed, some excruciating pains and hormonal imbalances.

All these mentions can quench her sexual appetite all of a sudden, and research proved that depression affects women more than the men, and as well their libido is affected too.

Sickness is another thing that can make her withdraw from sex. So before you challenge her for not having sex with you, ask her why she is withdrawing and you be amazed at her reasons.

7) She Is Not Enjoying It:

Most women experience pains during lovemaking, however, for some reason, they feel scared, or embarrassed to tell their husband.

The truth is that any time she remembers sex, her brain immediately relates those sexual experiences with what’s about to happen and then she becomes afraid of sex.

Those experiences will make her avoid sex. But, You can help her by concentrating on making her wet very well before penetration. Devoting foreplay will help her so much, this will give her brain and body enough time to be tuned to the sex frequency.

The foreplay will help her get fully lubricated; This will also reduce the pains during penetration.


Always know that sex starts from the mind. You have to start preparing the ground early. Send romantic messages, show extra love to her, pamper her and love her again and again.

She will always be ready for sex when she knows you love her so much.

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