Reasons your wife doesn’t want to have Sex

Wife doesn't want to have sex

You may be asking yourself why your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you these days. You are not alone. So many people ask the same question too.

At the earlier stage of your relationship, things were going well; you couldn’t wait to undress each other to enjoy the touch and hot sex.

Now, you always desire to make love to her, but, your wife avoids intimacy. It’s either she is not in the mood, or she is tired.

There are many reasons why your wife has no desire for sex, and I will let you know in a minute.

Let’s dive in immediately

7 Reason Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want To Have Sex.

1) She Doesn’t feel emotionally connected:-

Good connection engenders good sex in a relationship. When you are not connected with your wife during the day, she may not feel esthetic to have sex.

The truth is that the male and female connect in different ways While men connect after having sex, the women want to connect before having sex.

The deal is to connect with her during the day,  before sex. Make her feel wanted, she needs to feel the sex in the atmosphere.

Most men are only concerned about sex and don’t want to know how the wife is fairing.

If you are such a man, don’t be surprised if your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you.


Your wife doesn't want to have sex

2) She May Be Bored With You.

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