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10 Great things happy couples do everyday

10 Great things happy couples do everyday

Things Happy Couples Do


Whenever you see couples that have been married for a long time and still maintain a happy marriage, you feel so amazed at what they enjoy every day to make it so.

Well let me tell you that what kept them together is not rocket science, a closer look will show you that the secret that made them enjoy a happy marriage are those little things they do differently than those that have their marriage separated.


In every relationship, there is always a reservoir of good “feelings” and any couple that is able to fill their reservoir with those little things is ready for those challenging moments in the future.


10 Things Happy Couples Do To Be Happy.


1) Give Full Attention to Your Spouse:-

Never show disrespect to your spouse when he or she is talking, don’t be distracted by anything like your laptop or phone whenever you are together.

Never nod your head and mutter under your breath when you are discussing or when your mind is far away with other thoughts. To have a happy marriage, you must give full attention to your spouse.


2) Take Care of Your Manners:-

Many couples tend to forget their manners and think there is no need to give little favor to their partners. However, you need to give favor, because they help in filling your marriage reservoir. Try to help your spouse in those domestic chores and other things.


3) Do Things Together:-

One characteristic of a happy couple is that they do things together as a team. It doesn’t matter what it is, they believe that whatever they do together helps in strengthening the bond that holds them together.


4) Give Support to Your Partners Dream:-

Another thing the happy couples do to sustain love in their marriage is giving support to each other.

The best you can do to show your loyalty to your spouse is to support his/her dreams. Any partner that cannot care about each other’s goals and dreams are not doing themselves any good.

Every happy couple cares so much about the dreams and hope of each other, they always ask questions and pay attention to know more, they cheer one another up and are always there when they are most needed.


5) Flirt Together:-

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married together, your spouse will always feel good when you remind him/her about those reasons you see him/her attractive to you in the first place.

Happily married couples never give up courting each other just because they are married. Notice those new clothes and give your compliments. Every couple understands that the real relationship starts where the honeymoon ends.


6) Always go to the Bed at The Same Time:-

Can you remember the earlier day of your marriage, when you could not wait to role into your bed with your spouse to enjoy sex?

Every happy partner never wants to go to bed at different times, they want to go to bed always at the same time, even when one wakes up to do other things while the couples sleep and at that moment when their body touch, it makes them to “tingle” until they are both exhausted sexually.


7) Trust and Forgiveness must be Present if You want a happy marriage:-

There are always going to be moments of disagreements and arguments, but when other couples chose to fight, happy couples resort to trusting and forgiveness.


8) The Express their Love always:-

The word “I love you” is such a powerful word and it is important you say it daily to your partner. It does not matter how long you are married. Never allow these words to escape from your mouth. It is a step to having a happy marriage.


9)/They Share in Their Hubbies:-

To keep your marriage interesting, look for a common interest or hobbies to go after together. If you don’t have any common interest, try and discover some interests together. That is what happy couples do.


10) They complement each other always:-

Happy couples know best how to give compliments to each other. They understand how validation works and they never stop complimenting each other on any new achievements.

Do you really want your marriage to be counted as a happy marriage, and then you must inculcate these examples into your marriage and watch it come back to life?

You can see from these points that the things that make a marriage happy are those little things couples do.

If they did it and have a happy and perfect marriage, then you can have the same results also if you do the same thing. Now it is left for you do decide if you want to restore love, peace, and joy in your own marriage.



Effects of infidelity in every relationship

Effects of infidelity in every relationship

Effects of infidelity

Nothing destroys a relationship fast like fidelity. In fact, the effects of infidelity in every relationship are always enormous and it’s not easily forgotten.


You may want to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have never indulged in infidelity, because you’ve never slept with anybody that’s not your spouse, but when you develop emotional feelings and attachment to someone else than your spouse, it may be more dangerous than having an affair.


Faithfulness means that you have no other person in your life than your spouse, that is when you can claim to be faithful emotionally, mentally as well as physically.


Never allow yourself to get into any romantic relationship with any person except your spouse.


As a married man/woman, you are not allowed to have any attachment emotionally or even fall in love with another person than your spouse. When you do, then you are guilty of infidelity.


Infidelity is capable of destroying lives, not just your spouse’s life, but your children’s life as well. It can destroy any relationship in the flash of an eye.


People can go to any length to revenge the act of infidelity without thinking of the implications.


There is no amount of short term or “fleeting” pleasure that can compensate all the havocs that comes with infidelity.


Even the happiest marriage can crumble in one minute because of unfaithfulness.


The Holistic Effects Of Infidelity In Every Relationship


1) Why Cheating is Painful?

To understand the effects of infidelity is, let us look at the differences between love and sex. Many people have tried to differentiate sex and love, especially when they want to cover up their unfaithfulness.


But to me, there is no atom of difference between the two. It is one of those lies people tell to make excuses for what they have done.


2) There is an interconnectivity between love and sex.

A lot of people have tried so much to reduce the impact of sex on a relationship between a man and a woman. Sex has now been made to look like a toy for the grown-ups.


No one can deny that joy they derive in sex. The only question now is why has sex become that pleasurable,


if sex isn’t pleasurable, that’s why everyone would have become “extinct” so many years ago. If the men were not bestowed with that great sex drive, then most of them would not agree to take the responsibility of having a family.


3)/But sex and love are related

Now let’s look at how sex and love are related.
In marriage, sex helps in reaffirming the love that exists between man and woman in marriage.


Sex makes a man and woman become one when they are having intercourse. The symbol of this is that it accentuates that commitment couples must have for one another.


During sex, people experience love and validations. From all these points of view, sex can become acceptance and commitment, that is why people are so disappointed when their partner cheats on them, the strayed partner has automatically sold him/herself emotionally and physically to another person.


When this happens, it affects marriage so much.


In Conclusion.

Never indulge in infidelity, if you want to maintain a happy marriage. You y cause great pain to your spouse and to all your family members, and that may not be easy to overcome