How to still be in love raising your children

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Children brings joy to couples and to families in particular, so much joy for that matter, but sometimes couples relationship is greatly affected, especially when the couples forget to do the needful things to remain stronger in love even as they raise their children.

Researchers, after conducting tests using couples with children and those without children said that ” relationship between couples suffers when a kid comes along”, and the decline in relationship also bring tremendous change to the overall happiness of the couple involved.

The reason is that : =)

Many couples forget to take care of their marriage, because they are pretty occupied with taking care of their children,

However, you must remember that you and your partner were there even before the children and so never forget the goose that lays the egg.

This post is all about showing you ways to remain stronger in love with your spouse as you take care of your children as well.

       How to remain stronger in love as you train your children   

remain strong in love


1) Remember your feelings when you first met:

At the early stages of your relationship you were so good to each other, so fond of one another and always want to be with each other at any time. You could not wait for the day to pass by without calling to know how he/she is fairing.

The only thing you ever wanted to hear were those sweet voices.

Now it is important you don’t let those feelings die.

Although there are lots of other things that are yearning for your time and attention at this moment, but always remember those feelings and keep holding on to it.

Keep pursuing him/her like before. Plan surprises and make it real.

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