5 ways you are making your wife hate you

You made vows at the alter that you will love our wive till death do you part, and you know pretty well you are keeping our promises, but, there are ways you are unknowingly making your wife Hate You.

It is true that you haven’t for once using an I’ll word, or spoken too harshly or become rude to her since you got married to her many years ago.

Now you can’t tell why your wife is not happy with you and your marriage.

Lately, you realized that-

She doesn’t want to talk with you again.

The healthy family thrives on good conversation and crumbles without it. If your conversation with your wife has become a routine and just about how to take care of the children, then it may be heading to a fall.

No interest in having sex with you anymore:-

Sex is always a strong binding factor between husband and wife, but lately, your wife losing enthusiasm for having sex with you: that may be a clear indication of a big problem to come.

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If you have noticed all these in your marriage and you are still not sure what is the reason, then here are 5 ways you are unknowingly making your wife Hate You.

This post is just to give you a glimpse of that attitude that destroys relationships fast, so you can avoid them.

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5 Ways you are unknowingly making your wife Hate You.

1) You compare her with other women:-

Comparing your wife with other women shows her you value them more than she, and you are making her lose self-confidence. The fact that you stood before God and choose her as your companion, means that you chose everything about her – her temperance, her habits, her ugliness, and her beauty, etc.

There will always be people around who have qualities your wife doesn’t have but understand that she is unique in her own way.

And don’t be quick to say that the other woman is better than your wife, because you never know what the husband is going through inside because of her, also when you admire the other woman’s beauty, then try and make your wife beautiful too.

2) So many promises and no fulfillment:-

Trust is usually developed through those series of little positive practices.

When there is a consistent good behavior in a relationship, faith is built, but when promises are not fulfilled trust is broken/breached.

No promise is small to be made without plans to fulfilling it.

When you said “I will call you “, ” you will see Me in the 25minutes” and you failed, of course, the world will not come to an end, but it is affecting your relationship.

A time will come when your wife will not take any of your words seriously. you know what that means.

3) Inability to provide for her:-

Every husband is the breadwinner of every home, which means it is his responsibility to provide those family needs whether the wife works or not.

It is your responsibility to take care of your partner and your children, even if it entails you do extra jobs to make it happen then do it.

4) You value other things before her:-

What are your priorities? Your phone, your business, your job, or your children. If those things matter to you more than your wife, you are making a great mistake.

Very early in the morning, you are off to work and you never remember to call your better-half and know how she is fairing until when you are back in the evening: even when you are back at home, you are either pressing your smartphone or checking your email on your computer.

I am also a victim of that.

My wife told me on several occasions that all my attention had shifted to my gadgets and not her anymore, How sad.

The fact is that your wife will always want to know if you still love her and when she is not seeing that from you anymore longer, she will feel dejected and many will seek that attention from outside.

5) You are a boss and not a husband anymore:-

What are you to your partner? a husband or a boss:

A husband takes care of his wife, and he is always there for her. He is not a dictator who wants everything he said to be carried out to the last and he is also there to fill his wives depleting emotions.

If you are a boss husband, then you are not a soul mate but a dictator.

It is true that men are created to be the head and wives are asked to submit, however, she is not meant to be under you as her boss but a husband.


If you started seeing strange behaviors from your wife lately, you may have to look back, maybe most of the things you do are making her hate you and you are not aware of that.

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