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Getting married to the one you love is one thing: but keeping the love strong and happy after a long time: that’s where the work is. However, if you’ll learn how to improve your love life with your wife, then you are on the right track.


At the early stages of your marriage, you don’t have to search the internet or read a book or even visit a marriage counselor to understand how to improve your love life with your wife, everything comes naturally because you were so much in love.


Research from the sociological says that ” couples record great happiness in the early stages of their relationship, but, when the kids start coming, there will be a downturn in the happiness, they both stop investing in the relationship.


Here is why :-))


While the women focus more on the children, the men focus on their job.

When these happen, there tends to be a disconnect. The love starts deteriorating, resentment sets in and then marriage starts crumbling.


In this article, I will show you how to improve your Love life with your wife.
If this is what you really want, then be ready to read this post to the last page, because I will also show you what you should do to make your wife fall in love again with you.


If you are ready, then let’s go on.


 How to improve your love life with your wife.

1) Create a Balance between Togetherness and individuality: – So much has been said about couples being strong by having time together. Of course, mutuality is a very important aspect of marriage success.

However, in as much as couples need to share time together, the need to create a good balance between togetherness and individuality will help you improve your relationship and make it successful whether you are still planning to get married or you have been married for a while ago.


David Olsen says “Couple who are neither too separate from one another nor overly involved with each other is in the best position to succeed “.

The truth is that a moderate level of being close is optimal for a good relationship to thrive

To achieve this balance, you have to –

1 Make it known to your partner and to yourself about your own needs and wants.

2 Set aside some personal time: – You and your better half don’t need to be together on every waking hour because it is the quality of time you stay together that matters and not the quantity of time.

It is important two of you sit down and discuss the convenient time when you can have time to attend to your personal interests.


3 Learn to moderately say yes or no: – Remember you don’t need to say yes to everything your partner says and you don’t need to say no to everything either especially when you have not tried it out.

Always be open to trying new things, because you can eventually discover a new hobby for yourself.


2) Care for yourself: – We always get so overwhelmed in making sure our partners feel happy, that we forget our very self.

However, it is good you take care of yourself, pamper yourself, try going on alone dates, and get yourself good gifts.


3) Work as a team: – When you look at most of the successful marriage, you will find out that they have one thing in common, and that is the ability to work together as a team.


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