11 best roles of husband in marriage to note.

This post is all about teaching the men the roles of husband in marriage are. As you know, having a lasting marriage is not a man alone or woman alone responsibility, it is the responsibility of both couples. This simply means that everyone has his or her own part to play to make the dream of their family a reality.

In this post, I want to quickly give you some tips on how to develop yourself into becoming the best husband in the world if you are not so yet. But if you are already then kudos to you.

What are the roles of husband in marriage?

The roles of husband in marriage simply means those parts your husband should play in your marriage to make your marriage successful.

It includes the protection, love, and sacrifices he will make so that you and your household are happy.

Becoming a wonderful husband, lover, and friend to your wife, won’t happen overnight, it is going to be something that will constantly evolve if you will simply practice all I will share with you hare.

Unavoidable roles of husband in marriage.

1) Honest –

One of the main recipes for every successful marriage is, to be honest with your wife. Saying the truth at all times should be the best thing you should learn.

Your Honesty will increase love and security in your marriage, the bond will improve because honesty has created a better understanding between the two of you.

Concentrate on these 2 areas when building honesty.

– Financial Honesty: Be open to your wife about the inflows and your expenditures. This is always a big problem in marriage. A survey conducted a few years ago shows that 45% of the couple are not plain to their partner about their finances. Hiding your financial dealings is another form of dishonesty and dishonesty that brings distrust.

Emotional Honesty: Be emotionally available for your family. Remember that out of all the women, you chose her so you have to be faithful to her. Don’t cheat on her, because once she finds out, trust has been destroyed.

When the trust is destroyed your relationship will be greatly affected because no relationship can thrive without trust.

2) Be The Leader:

God made you the leader, so be the leader you are and lead your family well. Being a leader doesn’t mean a dictator, to be a good listener, and to have the happiness of your family in mind as you lead.

Your whole family is looking up to you, if you show them the proper way to go, you’ll have a balanced relationship, where everyone is happy to be a member.

1 Corinthians 11:3 says “But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.”

It is, therefore, your duty to lead your family to safety.

3) Love Her And Your Children:

You are commanded by God to love your wife. God commanded you to love your wife the way you love yourself. That means whatever you can’t allow happening to you, you shouldn’t do it your wife.

You should be able to read your wife’s love language and know what she likes or doesn’t like. Also, try to meet her needs and do your part by protecting her and your entire family from the outside world.

2. Be romantic-

Every woman in this world has a way of feeling loved. Find out what makes your wife feel loved and concentrate on that. Compliment her often. Treat her as the most important one in your world.

Women love to be pampered and your wife is inclusive. Give her surprise gifts, express your romantic gestures through compliments, and also appreciate her on everything.

To be even more romantic and closer to her, go on romantic dates with her, also make life easier for her.

3) You Are The Provider:

In as much as women also work these days to support the husband and the family, you as the head of the house should be sure to provide for your household.

1 Timothy 5: 8 says that “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

Providing for your family is your responsibility and one or the know roles of man in marriage, so do not relinquish that power to your wife or your children. Strive on yourself to fulfill your obligations as the man of the house, if your wife supports you, then you have support, if not keep providing for your family.

4) Sacrifice For The Good Of Your Family:

The leader is the Shepherd of the house, and it is the duty of the Shepherds to make sure that the sheep are protected from harm.

Therefore, it is your duty to lay down your life for your family.

Sacrifice your happiness so your wife and your children will be happy and your life so every member of your family will have life.

You should be able to do anything there is in order that your family has joy, peace, and happiness.

5) Protect Her:

Protecting your wife and your entire family from harm and being sure they are secure is one of the roles of husband in marriage. As the husband, you should play this role effectively.

Again, your families should have the confidence that since you are there, nothing and no one can harm them.


6) Give surprise gifts to her-

In order to make your wife happy and to make her cherish you more, you must learn to surprise her. Buy gifts for her and make it a surprise.

Women cherish gifts, no matter how small. So always find a way to give her gifts when she is not looking forward to it, but make sure it is what they love.

In case you are not sure of what she loves, then ask her, but be sure to surprise her often.

7) Always be available-

Learn to be available to her whenever she needs you. At times they get overwhelmed by children and other domestic works, they need your help at this time, so do not hesitate to help out in some of the works. You can even choose to cook her favorite, do the laundry, and go the extra mile to relieve her from stress.

Sometimes, she may need someone to cheer her up when she is down. You are the first person that is closer to comfort her. If you are not available at that moment, someone is may take your place.

8) Be her confidant-

Let your wife be assured that you are there for her at all times. Let her know that you are someone she can count on. If she doesn’t trust you she will never be free to share anything with you, because you may betray her.

She will be free to confide in you when she knows that you are trustworthy. Therefore in everything, be there for her when she needs someone to confide in.

Protect her both physically and morally. Be her complete backup in all things.

9) Communicate Effectively:

One of the most important roles of husband in marriage is to be a good communicator. A good communicator knows when to listen and when to talk during the conversation.

If you are a good communicator, your wife and your family won’t always be afraid to come to you for advice, because they know that you know the best advice to you.

Always keep your voice down when you are dealing with your family. Nagging or shouting will scare them away from you, but good communication cuddles them closer to you.

10) Be The Spiritual Leader Of Your Household:

As the head of the family, you are also their high priest: therefore, it is your duty to bring your family to God on a daily basis.

Pray for and with your family. Remember that the family that prays together stays together.

11) Be Completely Involved:

Be involved in all that matters to your marital joy and growth. No matter what it is, as long as it affects your relationship positively, get involved.

Go the extra mile and function out of the box to provide for your children, wife, and family.

Keep them happy, healthy, and secured, the honor is upon you.


There are roles for every couple in marriage. This post is to show the roles of husband in marriage.

Understanding The Roles of husband in marriage are will give you the room to participate in your marriage to your best capacity. Take time to review what the role is and keep doing your best.

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