76 Exotic positive affirmations for self-love

Affirmations for self-love

Positive affirmations for self-love is one tool you can use to recreate love and your self-esteem when you feel you don’t love yourself.
Love is contagious and you can only receive love when you have some love for yourself and to give out too.

Sometimes in our lives, we have so many reasons to doubt and lose confidence in ourselves.

There are many things out there that are ready to deplete our love to the minimum as we continue to journey into life, we must lose something dear to us, have pains, make and break relationships.

If you are not strong enough to use those positive affirmations on yourself, love will be sniffed out of you and you will be vulnerable to hurts and dislikes and may probably lead to suicide.

With an affirmative word, you can restore self-love and build strong walls of care around yourself.

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 Self Love Affirmation work:

Words are powerful, when you speak positive words to yourself, with time those words create realities for you. The opposite happens when you use negative words.

positive affirmations are positive phrases or words you speak to yourself repeatedly to motivate, encourage, boost your self-esteem, and challenge all the negative and unproductive thoughts.

Practicing self-affirmations can be exceptionally simple, and all you need to do is select a few positive phrases and repeat them to yourself over and over again.

Affirmation practices that work.

It works speedily when you repeat your chosen affirmation many times daily. Replace the idle words with the self-help affirmations and refuse to think the wrong thoughts.

For example, when your mind tells you that you are a failure, replace it with the affirmation that you can never be a failure in life because you have an excellent spirit.

Below are other affirmations for self-love you can recite daily to boost your life.

76 Exotic positive affirmations for self-love.

Self-love, self-care, affirmative words

1) I have an excellent mindset and I do excellent things.

2) I was created for greatness and I do great things every day that’s why I can’t fail.

3) Everything is working together for my good, that includes my challenges, mistakes, failures, and disappointments.

4) I am fearfully and wonderfully created by God every part of my body is excellent; my eyes are attractive, my nose is sharp and pointed, my mouth is sexy and succulent. No one can look beautiful or handsome as I am.

5) If you want to know how God looks, then take a look another look at me, because I was created in the image and likeness of God.

6) I can never make mistakes in anything I do because I have the wisdom of God and it teaches me how to do and be my the best in life.

7) “Take a look at me now, though it doesn’t matter what you see because I only see the glory in me.

8) I see opportunities everywhere I go and I good use of those opportunities to my advantage.

9) The love I have for myself is increasing on a daily basis, no one can love me as I do.

10) If other people fail, I will never fail because I can do everything perfectly.

Affirmation for Self-love

11) I am moving closer to my success, promotion, and greatness daily. Gradually I will get there.

12) There is now down life for me. My life goes from one step of glory to another.

13) Greatness is my birthright because I was created by a great God.

14 ) “I am loving the person I have become lately” and I am becoming smarter every day.

15) Whenever I look at myself in the mirror I see an edifice of God’s perfect creation.

16) I am full of God’s excellence and glory.”

17) I am handsome/ beautiful inside out.

20) I exude love, favor, greatness, and wisdom and people around me are getting the feel of it.

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