How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Without Stress.

If you are having trouble in marriage, that doesn’t mean the end of the road for your relationship.


If you are stuck in an unhappy marriage,  you may be having double opinions about whether to throw in the towel or stay put, I have good news for you. In this post, I will show you how to survive in an unhappy marriage.


Here is why this post is important to you.


Making a worthwhile decision, whether to leave an unhappy marriage or to stay and keep your sanity, could be a lot of soul-searching especially if there are lots of things that can make you want to stay,


This post will help you know what to do next, at least how to survive in an unhappy marriage if you choose to stay.


If that is what you want, then read further. However, you should understand that these tips may not be too helpful if your relationship is abusive.




If yours is simply how to survive in an unhappy marriage, then check out the following steps.


Here Is How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage.



How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage One. Detach From Your Spouse:


If you want to stay in marriage despite unhappiness, your best option to survive your unhappy marriage is to try detaching from your spouse.


By detaching, I don’t mean you start doing your thing and stop caring. Also, it’s not about separating yourself in a way that is dishonoring to your better half. It means you have to overlook your spouse’s unhealthy choices and completely disagree with anything that’s not consistent with your personal opinions.


A good detachment from your spouse will give you good independence from some troubles and also give you freedom from their disturbances and controls.


The kicker is:


When you don’t have much to share in common together with your spouse, their dominant practices will not be of any effect on you anymore.


Although it may not be easy for you, that could be a life-changer for you. Just close your eyes to your guilts and give your spouse space to be whoever he/ she wants to be, which may help him to consider their actions.


These are the things to do exactly:


– Don’t socialize with them.


– Disregard their behavior.


– Be a kind stranger to them.


– Don’t ask them for help and don’t give one too.


How To Survive An Unhappy Marriage Two  Live Your Life Again:


You have to decide to live your life again at this point. Since your relationship or your partner is not making you happy, then you have to redefine your life.


Your first step should be to remove your mind from the problems and concentrate on how to solve them.


Keeping track of the problems every time will always make things worse for you.


A paradigm shift could be a great help to you because a solution mindset reduces anxieties and hopelessness from you and will increase hope.


The real truth is that your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone but you, and no matter what your desires are, you can get someone else to help you than your spouse.


So start on time to rebuild your social forcefield, those will help you to be happier with yourself.


How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Three. Be Grateful:


You may be asking questions about why you should be grateful when your relationship is falling apart, nevertheless, remember that everything works together for your good.


But frankly, being grateful can keep you abreast of your failing relationship. You will be surprised at how happy you can become all of a sudden when you remain grateful and happy.


Here are a Few Things you Can Do:


The word of God said “In everything, give glory to God. And we are asked to count our blessings and name them one by one and I must see reasons to thank God for.


Just get a jotter and write everything you can remember about God’s goodness in your life: you will be amazed at what you’ll see.


How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Four. Stay Committed To Your Hobbies:-


Some things give you joy any time you indulge in them. Get back to doing those things now that your marriage is not giving you the joy you need.


Look for those things that interest you. I don’t mean having an affair outside. If you don’t know what your hobbies are, try developing any. It may be reading, going to the library, or visiting the recreational center.


Just keep yourself busy with whatever will bring the utmost joy, If your mind is engaged you will not worry too much.


How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Five. Deal with Your Issues One At A Time:


There are so many troubles faced in marriage, ranging from taking care of your children, household chores, taking care of each other, finances, etc.


Trying to tackle the problems at a time will overwhelm and stress you greatly.


It is therefore advisable to try approaching them gradually, and one at a time. You can start from the hardest to the simple ones.


Again, don’t let the problems come before trying to deal with them, but prevent them from coming at all.


Don’t avoid them,


If eventually, they come to you, start with the urgent problems when you are dealing with them.


Also, try carrying your spouse along with you if possible.


Most of the problems will go away if you face them squarely and with an open mind.


How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Six. Seek Happiness From Inside:


According to John 7:38, ” Whoever believes in me, as scripture re has said, rivers of living waters will flow from within them.


That means that everything you desire is inside you. You can bring them out and relax on them.


You can do so by taking care of yourself in a special way. Stop setting unrealistic goals for yourself or trying to change your spouse to your taste; it will not work that way and you will feel bad when things are not working your way.


Stop the fight on what you can’t change and focus on the possibilities even if the relationship eventually fails.


How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Seven. Consider Seeing A Counselor:-


Seeing a counselor could be the best decision when you want to survive in a failing marriage. They could advise you properly on which decision or steps to take.


If you choose to go and see a counselor, consider reading my article on how to locate the best to work with.


A good marriage counselor can help fix the relationship and make it work again, they are well-trained to handle cases like those. The post will show you how to know which counselor will be better to work with.


You don’t want a counselor who will break your marriage instead of helping you save it.

How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Eight. Learn How To Forgive And Let Go Of Resentment: 

No If you want to learn how to survive in an unhappy marriage, you should also know how to forgive and forget. 

Lingering resentment and bearing grudges can be toxic to your marriage and it will corrode the foundation of love and trust within your relationship. By choosing to forgive yourself and your spouse, you’ve created room for healing and growth. 

Respecting this principle aligns with the ethos of “How to survive in an unhappy marriage.” This emphasizes the significance of releasing negative emotions to create a brighter and more fulfilling relationship together. 

How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage. Practice Self Care:

Prioritizing self-care is essential for navigating the challenges within a marriage, especially when it’s unhappy. By taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, you equip yourself with the resilience needed to cope with difficulties.

Engage in activities that rejuvenate and replenish your energy, whether it’s exercise, meditation, hobbies, or spending time with supportive friends or family.

Investing in yourself not only enhances your fulfillment but also strengthens your ability to manage the complexities of a strained relationship. Remember, your well-being matters, even in challenging times.


In this post, I have been able to show you how to survive in an unhappy marriage. You should think properly after reading this to know which steps to implore in your relationship.


These tips provided actionable and easy steps, but they may not work for you if you don’t try them out and they may not also work for you the way they worked for others.


However, it works. Just try them out and tell me what you think in the comment box.


Here is my final question:


Out of all that I have written for you, which one will you try first?


Please, let us know in the comment box also.


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