7 Super signs of unhappy marriage

Signs of unhappy marriage

Many marriages are broken today because the couples refused to observe or rather neglected the bold signs of unhappy marriage starring their faces.  If the couples have been observant, most of the problems leading to unhappy marriages would have been noticed and taken care of before they affected the relationship.

One of the most common problems faced in most relationships is an unhappy marriage and once it begins, it leads to other things like depression, fights, and sometimes divorce. Sometimes, most of these signs of unhappiness in marriage start manifesting early, and sometimes it starts later.

Whichever time is started isn’t the problem, the ability to notice the sign and do whatever is necessary to curb the menace is what matters the most.

In this post, I will show some signs of an unhappy marriage and how to deal with it, before it kills your marriage.

7 Signs you are in an unhappy marriage and how to fix it


1)  Breakdown in communication:

Good communication is an indispensable factor when you want a successful relationship it is the bedrock of all marriages, and lack of it is a pure disaster. I’ve seen couples that stay under one roof, yet they have no time to talk, everyone stays alone, and everyone rather prefers to use signs than talk to each other.

Most time they want to talk but are not too sure what to talk about.

Once you find out that people outside are the first to know about your achievements, failure, and event, then that’s a clear sign of an unhappy marriage.

What you should do to curb it: understand that healthy communication doesn’t just come to be, you have to desire and work it out all by yourself. Always think of what you say, the way you say whatever you say will determine if the other person will act defensively or otherwise.

Also, try and understand your spouse’s communication language, It will make you know when they are working behind to make things work out well or ignore you.

no hugging, no kissing

2)  No more hugging, kissing, and sex:

Sex also is another very important factor in marriage. Lack of sex signifies unhappiness in marriage, especially when you are still very much active in sex and yet not have Up to 7 to 8 times in a month.

How to deal with a lack of sex.

Always show your partner that you still love him /her, by holding his/her hands, hugging, and kissing anytime and anywhere.

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