How to get a Nigerian man to marry you.

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Nigerian men are the sexiest men on earth and are pretty good to date or marry. So if you are looking to get a Nigerian man to marry you, then you’ve made the right choice.

Secondly, once you know what steps to take to find a Nigerian man to marry you, then half of the problems are solved, if not, I am here to show you steps to do so.

This article will guide you on how to get the man of your choice in Nigeria and how to deal with a Nigerian man to get his maximum love.

If this is what you want, then follow me closely.

How To Get A Nigerian Man To Marry You.

There are some factors you should consider when you want to get a Nigerian man to marry, and until you find the answers to those questions, you may find it hard to succeed in your plan.

They are.

– The man’s ethnic group.

– His marriage cultural demands.

– If the man is ready to marry.


Understanding The Man’s ethnic group:

Your first step should be to know the man’s ethnic group as this will to a great extent determine your success or failure.

Each ethnic groups have a different culture that is peculiar to them.

You will need to know how their culture especially their marital rights and privileges.

There are some ethnic groups that don’t welcome outsiders to marry from then, and even if they do, their cultural demands maybe so much and scare you away from taking your step.

Until you find these out, it may not be wise to take your first step.

Traditional marriages in Nigeria

Marriage Traditions:-

There are 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria and each of them is blessed with different marriage traditions.

Knowing these marriage traditions might make you rethink your marriage plans.

Some of these marriage traditions are so outdated culture that needs to be phased out and may make you want to reconsider your proceedings.

However, some marriage traditions are just lovely that you will be pleased to welcome them.

How To Know if the Nigerian man is ready for marriage.

To every man in general and to a Nigerian man in particular, three things are important to them.

Until those things are in place, he will never think of marriage.

Those things  are:

1) “Who he actually.”
2) “What he does.”
3) “And what he earns”.

These things are important to every Nigerian man all his daily struggles are to make sure he puts that thing in place as these will occupy every man’s mind and give him no room for any thoughts about settling down, and unless those three things are settled in his mind.

The two most important things to a Nigerian man is his work and how much he earns.

The reason is this:

Every man understands that his family is of the utmost importance to him. Nobody will take care of his family if he could not. So he strives to get a job that will guarantee his income.


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