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15 ways to know if a Nigerian man is married

15 ways to know if a Nigerian man is married

ways to know if a Nigerian man is married


So you are looking for ways to know if a Nigerian man is married or not?


I commend you for that because it is a step in the right direction,


Here is why:

If you want to succeed in your relationship, you need to get ready before marriage. One of the steps to take at this point is to ask a few questions about whom you want to marry.

For example:

  • The background of your intending partner.
  • Ask about your suitor.
  • The traditional marriage rites.
  • The customs of the people.

These questions help you to determine if you should go on with the marriage or not.


In this article,  I will show you ways to know if a Nigerian man is married, and how to know if a Nigerian man is serious about you.


After reading this, you will know if he is serious about marrying you, or he is just playing you.

Let’s get into it


10 ways to know if a Nigerian man is married:

He Will Never Invite You To His House:

If you are dating an already married man, don’t expect him to invite you to his house because that will never happen, or else he is very serious about marrying, or he has probably divorced his wife.


No married man wants to destroy their marriage so they do everything to prevent you from visiting him at home.


However, if he wants to take you home, then there is another plan along the way, if not that’s a red flag.


Igbo man, marrying from africa

2) He Will Never Introduce You To His Household:

The last thing a Nigerian married man will do is to take you home or to his close friends or introduce you as a spouse.


If he is courageous to introduce you to his friends, then that’s as a business associate or friend.


What is the need to let yourself be addressed as who you are not because you are dating married men?


There’s are many men out there to date than are still single. Be patient, you will surely find one.


3) Your Mind Tell You That:

Some times, you may not have to wait till you see a sign to know that a Nigerian man is married, you have to listen to your intuition.


If it has been occurring to you that something is not right with that guy, then listen to your mind.

It may be a good sign to note.


4) He Only Takes You To Secluded Places:

The man that loves you and wants to be identified with you will always be bold to brandish you.


They are not afraid to be seen anywhere with you. But a married Nigerian man will only take you to a secluded place.


He wouldn’t like a crowded place so as not to be seen by anyone. If your man behaves that way, he has a skeleton in the cupboard.

That may be a sign that he is married.


5) You won’t Be His Friend On Social Media:

You have sent countless friend requests to this guy on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, but he is not responding to it.


The last time you checked his profile he was seen a few hours ago, yet he hasn’t accepted you, and he will always have a reason for his actions.


He is not even ready to share any picture of you on his status too. Something is not right, maybe he is not proud to have you as a friend or he is afraid someone will ask questions.

Such is a clear sign of secrecy.


Talk to him about it connecting with you and if he still not accepting your requests, run for your life.


6) No Plan To Have A Future With You:

You will never hear him talk of any plan to commit to you and he will not want you to talk about it too.


He can buy you gifts, give you any amount of money you care for. You can vouch that he loves you, but when it comes to settling down with you, that won’t happen.


No married man wants to discuss marriage with their side chick, so if there are no other reasons you know why he is not settling down with you, it may be that he is not single.


ways to know if a Nigerian man is married

7) He Can Dump You Any Time:

Understand that you don’t have any future with this guy, since you won’t be his wife.


He can only date you for sex, and he is ready to spoil you to get what he wants.


Immediately after this goal is achieved, his phone number becomes unavailable, or he gives repertoires of reasons why he won’t keep your next date.


Although this is a good sign to note, yet it is learning the hard way.


To be on the safe side, ask him about marriage early, and then decide what to do next.



8) Check His Fingers:

The first place to look at when a man is approaching you for a relationship is his fingers, especially the second to the last finger in his left hand.


If he is married, there will be a ring on the 4th finger. However, most men will hide their fingers if they want to play tricks on you.


Let that be your duty to continue searching until you see that red flag.


But that will be very difficult if he has ulterior motives. He may move the ring to the other finger and claim it is an ordinary ring or put it off entirely.


You will see the ring mark on his finger if you look closely.


9) Search His Details On The Internet:

We are in a digital world where you get everything you want at the click of a button. You shouldn’t go for a long distance to know whatever you want to know.


Pick up your laptop or phone and search him up on social media, you will be amazed at what you will find.


No matter how smart he is, you will find a loophole.


He may be too careful to cover his parts well, but the spouse and the children can leave a trace for you. So start your search from this moment.

10) Forget About Touching His Phone:

No matter how friendly you are with him, he will never let you touch his phone.


There is always a strong password to keep you out of it and no matter how smart you are, you can’t have access to it.


There are so many things to hide from you in there so keep off. But that’s one of the ways to know if a Nigerian man is married.


If he is still single, he wouldn’t hide anything from you especially when the relationship is still young and fresh.


11) It Will Take Him Too Long To Answer Your Questions About Hos Marital Status:

Have you tried ascertaining his marital status lately? If not, try it out this time. If he takes time to answer that, then something is fishy.


It could be that he is afraid to commit or he just didn’t want to let the cat out.


A clever man who wants to play you will tell you that he is single just to have his ways, meanwhile, the way the answers came will show you what to believe. I wish you good luck as you find this out.


12) He Prefers The Odd hours:

Only the evils love to operate in the night. There may be reasons he is not visiting or take you out at the regular hours.


He must be up to something and if you look closely, you will find out that he is afraid to be spotted by his wife or anyone.


Check if this is his behavior and you have discovered another sign he is married.


13) He Will Never Stay The Night:

Watch this out from this moment, you will observe so many things that haven’t occurred to you.

An example is that he will never want to spend the night. He must go home irrespective of the time.

You will also notice that he start jittering at some point, that’s because he knew the families will be waiting for him to be home. Note down what you see and compare it with other times; it will become clear to you that he is hiding something from you.


14 Too Man Phone Calls and Lies:

Another simple way to find out if a Nigerian man is married is to observe how many calls he receives when he stays out.


Also, watch his expression after the calls, a lot may be revealed especially if the wife is not happy that he is not home yet.



15 ????????


Have you tried anything that worked for you? Add it as the 15th point.



There are different ways to find out if a Nigerian man is married and I have written so many of the ways down for you, just to save you from mistakes.

Take time and read the post and then use the steps I shared with you here.


Which of the steps would you take first? Again, what would you do when you find out.



How to get a Nigerian man to marry you.

How to get a Nigerian man to marry you.

Nigerian men, Nigerian marriage, how to get a nigerian man to marry you


Nigerian men are the sexiest men on earth and are pretty good to date or marry. So if you are looking to get a Nigerian man to marry you, then you’ve made the right choice.


Secondly, once you know what steps to take to find a Nigerian man to marry you, then half of the problems are solved, if not, I am here to show you steps to do so.


This article will guide you on how to get the man of your choice in Nigeria and how to deal with a Nigerian man to get his maximum love.


If this is what you want, then follow me closely.


How To Get A Nigerian Man To Marry You.

There are some factors you should consider when you want to get a Nigerian man to marry, and until you find the answers to those questions, you may find it hard to succeed in your plan.

They are.

– The man’s ethnic group.

– His marriage cultural demands.

– If the man is ready to marry.

Understanding The Man’s ethnic group:

Your first step should be to know the man’s ethnic group as this will to a great extent determine your success or failure.

Each ethnic groups have a different culture that is peculiar to them.

You will need to know how their culture especially their marital rights and privileges.


There are some ethnic groups that don’t welcome outsiders to marry from then, and even if they do, their cultural demands maybe so much and scare you away from taking your step.

Until you find these out, it may not be wise to take your first step.


Traditional marriages in Nigeria

Marriage Traditions:-

There are 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria and each of them is blessed with different marriage traditions.


Knowing these marriage traditions might make you rethink your marriage plans.


Some of these marriage traditions are so outdated culture that needs to be phased out and may make you want to reconsider your proceedings.


However, some marriage traditions are just lovely that you will be pleased to welcome them.


How To Know if the Nigerian man is ready for marriage.


To every man in general and to a Nigerian man in particular, three things are important to them.

Until those things are in place, he will never think of marriage.


Those things  are:

1) “Who he actually.”
2) “What he does.”
3) “And what he earns”.

These things are important to every Nigerian man all his daily struggles are to make sure he puts that thing in place as these will occupy every man’s mind and give him no room for any thoughts about settling down, and unless those three things are settled in his mind.


The two most important things to a Nigerian man is his work and how much he earns.


The reason is this:

Every man understands that his family is of the utmost importance to him. Nobody will take care of his family if he could not. So he strives to get a job that will guarantee his income.



How to get a nigerian man to marry you

Now that you have seen how to know if a Nigerian man is ready for marriage, let us dive into how to get a Nigerian man to marry you.


How to get a Nigerian man to marry you.

1) Make Yourself Wife Material:

Nigerian men are always on the lookout for what they describe as wife material when they are ready to marry, in that case, if you are not one, then make yourself one.


Thankfully you can make yourself one if you choose to. All you need to do is to learn what it takes to be a wife material.


Many years ago, the description of a wife’s material is very different from what it is now.


Then a wife material is submissive, always home to look after the children, knows how to cook and lots more.


Things are different now:

To a Nigerian man, a marriage material means someone that is caring, has integrity, responsible, committed, and matured.

All those are very important recipes for a good marriage and you must have these qualities to attract Nigerian men for marriage.




2) Make Yourself Indispensable To Men:

Some girls seem to be more attractive to men than others. Every man wants to be her friend not because she is beautiful or super attractive, but they possess some qualities that make them indispensable to men.


You can be much too. You can be the girl every man will like to marry by doing the following –


– Be confident of who you are:

Men will be more attracted to you when they notice how you carry yourself. No! You are not proud, but you also know that you are not a cheap girl that men can toy with so even if you are not beautiful, try boosting your confidence, and you will see how men will follow you like flies.

It really works.

– You’ve Got To Love Yourself

You really need to love yourself so people will also love you. Remember that “like attracts like.”


Not loving yourself simply proves you don’t know that you are worthy of other’s love too. If you can’t love yourself, then you don’t believe that you are worthy of others’ love; that also shows you’ll also struggle to build relationships.


To attract a good relationship, then do all to love yourself.


– Be Easy Stay With

Every man adores women who are easy to get along with.

If you are such a girl, men will love to be with and will never want to miss being with you forever. You can easily get marry when you are lovable.


If you have those qualities, then you are really a marriage material.



3) Take Good Care Of Yourself:

Men love women who love to take good care of themselves.

You may not know this, but when you are good at taking care of yourself, it simply shows you can obviously take care of your partner and your family too.


Even if you are not beautiful enough, you can still take care of how you dress and your looks entirely, most especially your size.


It makes you feel better to yourself and still gives you the energy to take care of your family as well.

Those are the important things Nigerian men look at whenever they are looking for a girl to date or marry.


4 Never Love Him, Respect Him:

God did not command the women to love their husbands and men don’t need their wives to love them either.

God’s command it that women should honor their husbands and that’s exactly what they should do.


Your husband sees your honor as love, and mostly your honor


Starting from the ways to talk to him, your actions, and the ways you deal with him generally.


Few checklists to honor him

– Be his fan.

– Treat him like he is the only man on earth.

– Correct him with love.

– Give him listening ears.

– Don’t compare him with others. Etc.


How to get a Nigerian man to marry you

Don’t Chase Him:-

If you really want to get a Nigerian man to marry you, you should never chase him, instead let them chase you.


In as much as there are some countries that don’t mind who chases and who is being chased, Nigerian men are the exception. They like to be the chaser and value you more when you prove a little hard to get.


If you love a Nigerian man and want him to chase you, better find another means of letting him know and let him make the first move.


Men generally want to be chased:

Men see any woman chasing them as being desperate and lacks self-worth; that makes them avoid you. If they eventually accept you, they may not value you better.


The reason is that any man that likes you must chase you, but when you do chase them it shows he doesn’t love you: so chasing him at that moment gives him the reasons to play you.


Be A Good Cook:

Nigerian men value their stomach so much that they prefer a woman that cooks better to the one that knows how to love.


Although that didn’t sound sexy and romantic enough, that’s true of every Nigerian man.


May I also let you know that Nigerian men think about food most than they do about sex. Simply put, if you ain’t know how how to cook, you may not win a Nigerian man’s heart.


Remember they said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you are not a good cook, start learning from now so you can win him.



I hope I am able to answer your questions about how to get a Nigerian man to marry you this article?

Here are a few things I said about getting Nigerian men to marry you.


1 You must make yourself a wife material.

2  Make yourself indispensable.

3 Take care of yourself.

4  Never love him, but respect him.

5 Don’t chase him.

6 Be a good cook.

All these will make him be madly in love with you and want to marry you immediately because he will not want to lose _ou