Tricks To Make Your Husband Love You Again.

Getting married is one part of the game, but keeping the fire of marriage burning amidst all the challenges and stress from the daily activities is where the main trouble is.
How can you describe your own marriage now? What of those sparks of love you use to see in your husband’s eyes, are they still there? Did you know there are things you can start doing this minute that will make your husband love you again?.

The way thing is going between you and your husband now, you are sure that love has been completely deleted from his dictionary; from his attitude now, you know this is not the same person you got married to.

The man you married could not stay a minute without calling or texting you to know how things are going with you.

The most frustrating part of it is that you have tried all you know, bought those gifts he loved so much, planned lovely dinner, and yet he doesn’t seem to take notice of them. You have finally realized that to him, you are invincible and you don’t matter anymore in his eyes.

 I have good news for you.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to make your husband love you again, and I am going to show you those tricks in this article.
If you’re very willing to do all these things I will show you here, then get ready to see your husband’s love blooming again.

Here they are.

Tricks to make your husband love you again.

1 Learn to always be yourself:

Your husband married you because of certain things he saw in you. For example, you were the type of woman that doesn’t interrupt the husband when he is talking, you were the type that would not nag your husband.

You were such a woman everyone will want to be with, you used to understand what your husband wants at a point in time.
But now you have changed a great deal; you have started keeping bad friends, and you have learned t the thing you weren’t doing before.

You have given up about how you look; you are going out of shape now because you don’t take care of what you eat.

It is true your husband should love you the way you are, but no man wants to marry a nagging wife or a woman that is lousy.

The purse for a moment and think about how things were in the beginning when the marriage was young; don’t you think things will change if you should go back to your normal you.

I do think so myself.

So look and find those things that are missing and fill the gap. That’s when your husband will start loving you again. If you are not sure how to start, below is a quick tip to guide you.

Quick tips to be your true self-

  • Align with your inner man:

When you are having conflicts with your inner man, you can hardly be at peace with your normal self. Understand who you really are. Who is the man on the inside? Until you align your life with your inner core, things will not change.

  • Be careful when choosing your passion:

It is always important that we chose our passion carefully; you must make sure your passion is in sync with your true self and also in harmony with your standards and values.

  • Have a positive mindset about yourself:

when trying to be yourself again, you must work on your mindset. Your positive beliefs are what will give you the energy to continue the work on yourself.

If you still see yourself as a worthless and undeserving woman, then things may not change. But when you give yourself the approval you deserve, then it will not matter most to you if someone approves you or not.

  • Know your tendencies:

Your tendencies are the things that sum up your good or bad habits. How do you behave in situations? Do you normally rush or procrastinate into things without considerations.

Understanding these things will help you identify the areas you need to make changes, it will also help you know which behavior empowers you or destroys you. So try and identify them.

2 Get your confidence back:

When you are confident, that means you trust and believe greatly in yourself, you have trust in your marriage as well as your life partner. When you lose your confidence that shows you don’t positively think about yourself as well as your capabilities.

Lack of confidence in yourself will make you have a shift in your thought processes and you start doubting yourself and your husband. But you must have confidence in your partner and his characters; that will make you stop questioning his actions and motives.

All men have an ego

Men have ago and some have a very big one, if you really want to make your husband love you again, you must learn how to “stroke” his egos, all these cannot be possible when you are not so confident about yourself or your husband. It is your duty to make sure he feels good. Talk and walk confidently if you are very interested in attracting your husband back.

The sooner you get your confidence back, the better and easier it will be for you to do the things that will attract him back to you.

3 Love yourself:

You can’t talk about your husband or someone else who loves you, without first loving yourself. So firstly learn how to love who you are, your body and remove every negative thought you have in your mind about yourself.

Even if you have everything you need in this life, without loving yourself, you can hardly enjoy them.

Every relationship you ever had clearly demonstrates in one way or the other about the relationship you have with yourself. That is why you must concentrate on loving yourself, as it will attract others to love you.

4 Get yourself some sexy dresses:

Now you are back to your normal you again:
The shapes are in place again; the next thing to do now is dressing to kill; just rush down to that outfit shop now and get some funky sexy dresses, remember you are planning to get your husband’s love back, so take your time to select nice one.

There is absolutely no offense for you when you want to be comfortable in the presence of your husband.

Make sure you get something that will show all the contours and lines; then put them on one after the other and flaunt that your lovely body when he is watching the television; just use the side of your eyes to monitor his movement. I bet you he must lift his eyes. But make sure you are decent in them.

5 Get to know your husband more:

How much do you know your husband? Can you prove you know what he can do or cannot do? If someone tells you he saw your husband with another woman, can you say “I know and trust my man, or am sure can do this”. If you cannot answer those questions, then you don’t know the one you are marrying.

Researchers have proved that one the things that make a marriage stronger are couple knowing themselves well. So if you are not sure of whom your husband is, try everything you can to learn all you could about him.

6 Appreciate those little things he did:

Another important thing is to learn how you talk to him; the way you talk to his show if you appreciate him or not. From the very beginning, men were created to take care of their wives, which is why they leave the house in search of the daily bread. Although now, women go out to provide for the house too still men’s perspective still remains the same.

Every man wants to know that they are appreciated by their wives; always know that all the going out and coming in is to see that you are okay no matter how things are.

Some women have lost respect for their husbands, just because they receive a better paycheck than the hubby, now they have forgotten that the same man married them; they have forgotten the way they used to talk when the love was fresh, now is to shout and nag.


The best way to be sure of your husband’s happiness is to appreciate even the smallest things he did for you. If you are the type that thought your husband should know what you like, then you are making things worst. He is the same human as you are and there is no way he can know what you want unless you tell him.

So before you criticize him for anything, better look back and remember he is your husband.

7 Be submissive:

If you are the type of woman that nags their husband, then there is no way you can attract him to love you again. You will only drive him farther away from you.

The best way to get him is to be submissive to him. Remember it was you that married him in the first place and one of the biblical principles for a successful marriage is that a man should love his wife, and the wife in the other hand must be submissive to him; so why not give yourself over to him and enjoy the love of your life.

Your sole responsibility is to see that he is always happy, never try to change who you are, or even try to change him.
Only a submissive wife has the power to effect changes in her marriage. Even if your husband misbehaves at times, your submissive style will get him thinking again.

8 Text love back into your marriage:

Thank God for technology. It has given us opportunities for the things we could not do when we are not close to each other and when it will be hard to do at a certain place and time.

Peradventure, your husband never wants to look at your face again, listen to what you want to say, or even want to talk to you, then there is no way he can avoid your text messages. If you have your phone in your hands now, you have the weapon that can help you test passion back into your marriage.

Can you imagine how he will feel seeing your massages brightening his days?

Here are a few text massages samples.

  •  Show some affection:

“I m having one of those days that make me realize how lost I’d be without you… Just to let you know”. Let him know that he is important to you. Men love that so much.

  • Be more emotional:

“ We don’t say this as we use to, but I still love you”. This is simple but it can melt any stony heart. So if you are the type that finds it hard to communicate emotionally, use this text message.

  • Be romantic:

“For it was not into my ears you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kiss, but my heart” by Judy Garland. This makes him feel romantic even if he is not the romantic type.

I hope these few massages can do wonders in your marriage, If you want some more of that, you can get them here.

9 Wear sexy makeups:

You were so meticulous about how you look when you were trying to attract your hubby; you wear good makeups and perfumes. Now you are married, and you thought those things don’t matter again.
Did you know that maybe the reason your husband is keeping a distance with you?

Makeup makes a woman look beautiful by accentuating the lips and the eyes which is the first point of attraction to your hubby. Make your face look good, especially when you wake up in the morning.

Try and wash your face immediately you wake up in the morning and apply a mild makeup; that may be all you need to attract him to have sex with you.

Remember they said that looking good is good business.

10 Make yourself a mystery to him:

By being a mystery, I mean making everything very fresh and exciting too, so that your relationship doesn’t become a routine
Some times in a marriage, couples become too familiar and comfortable with each other that they don’t feel excited anymore.

The best solution for this is to device a way to create some new ideas and skills and make your hubby looking forward to discovering it. Let him have new things to learn about you, that will make him want to come closer to you.

Over to you my friend:

All these I listed cannot work or get a result if you didn’t put them to action. Remember that you are reading this article to learn how to make your husband love you again, so read it carefully.

I implore you to try all the points one after the other and see how beautiful things will turn in your marriage and how you’ll finally make your husband love you again.

I am still your friend
See you on the other side.

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