Couples time: All you should know now about it.

If you are a very busy couple, there’s chances that you won’t have time for your partner and for couples to succeed, they have to observe their couples time together.

There are 365 days in a year, and a total 1436.4 minutes in a day. My question is, how much couples time did you create for yourselves?.

Fact is that, i know you have a job and children to take care of and so making time for each other is not that easy for you.

However, no matter how busy you and your partner is, there’s need to have that time together as couple, because theoretically, that space should surely exist.

For instance, If you have forty hours to work in a week and eight hours to sleep, that means you still have close to 78 hours left each week; that’s somewhat enough time to do whatever you want to do.

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Why am I saying all these?

Reason is that I want to show you show you my seven step process to create couples time out of the remaining seventy eight hours you have left, despite taking care of your children.

Yes! It’s possible.
“You must have to make out that time.” If you really want your relationship, marriage, and the future of your family to be secured. And the trick is to become the “master of your time“.
It may seem impossible to you, but when you commit to making small. changes every time as I will show you in this post, then be sure to see big difference in future.

Here’s how!

The only effective secret to creating more quality time for you and your partner is to understand that you alone have the power to create the needed time from the same 24 hours you and everyone else have.

Since you are not sure how to do so, then Here are seven step process to guide you.

My 7 step Process on How busy couples can constantly create time to spend together


1) Find out what needs to be changed:-

in this life every one has the same 24 hours time. No one has more time than the other.
So how did some couple enjoy time together while others complain of busy schedule?

Reason is that the later couple May have occupied their time with many activities, both relevant and irrelevant activities.

Carve out time

To create time for your marriage, you’ve got to look for those irrelevant things that’s taking the place of your couples time and eliminate them once and for all.Minimize your time on social media and checking mails.

Also develop the habit of doing the important things at the right time.

Doing important works at the wrong time is not of much use. So never you waste a whole day doing things that can be done in a second, minute or few hours.

I didn’t say checking mails, Facebook updates or making calls are bad, but you can create time for them as well.

However, eliminating most unimportant schedules will help you create more time to spend together as couple.

2) Make things flexible to create the time:-

The two must important restraints couples  usually have are

  • Taking care of the children ( household chores) and.
  •  Long working hours.

The two things are a must do for couples and they seem to be impossible or rather inflexible to do without, but believe when  me I told you that you can work around them to create some couples time out of it.

For example,

a) You can postponed your domestic chores or do it earlier;

There is actually no specific time to do your chores. So you can decide whether to do it early or shift it to another day if you want to create time together with your partner.

Your partner can as well offer to help get the work done earlier before or after your time together.

b) Take a leave from your. Work ( paid or unpaid):

you can ask for a paid or unpaid leave from your work place just to make that time available.

c) Look for alternative care for your children:-

There are other ways of taking care of your children- like taking them to the day care, hiring a nanny etc. You can chose anyone that’s most suitable and adopt if you need more time to share together.


d) Find other time to reconnect;-

You shouldn’t wait till you get to the house to connect with your spouse, you can quickly use your break time to have lunch with your partner.

Another important thing to consider is your work hours. If you spend long hours in your job, your company offers to pay less for less job, I think you can consider accepting the alternative, just because your time together is important to you. That means sacrificing your job for your relationship.


3) Learn to Create a Schedule for Each Day:

Creating a schedule for each day will help you create time for you and your partner, and will also help you form good habits as well as destroy the bad ones too.

The schedule doesn’t have to be that rigid, but it should make available an overall outline of how things should be done everyday.

Here’s Why

The real reason for creating this schedule is to let both you and your partner understand exactly what is expected of him or her and the time expected to get the work done.
Creating a very solid daily schedule can be classified as both science and Art too.

Here’s why I said so,

The science part of it is all about discovering the things that need to be done, while the art part is about knowing exactly when to do those things.

How to create a good daily schedule

To create a good daily schedule, you’ve got to do these-

  1. Make a list:- Write down everything you want to get done daily.
  2.  Make structures of your day:- Identify when you are more active and make use of it for more results.
  3. Be specific:- Write a routine for the morning, afternoon, and night respectively. Make time for flexibility:- Know your most productive time and use it for the most challenging tasks and the least productive for the less challenging task.
  4. All these will make you so the work fact, so you can have enough time to spend together as couple.

4) Don’t accept to do everything:-

You may feel like accepting to say yes to every task you are given at your work place or even accept every invitation from your friends, but that will only overstretch you and scoop the already tight time you have with your partner.

The way forward is to only accept what is necessary as well as what you can accomplish within a little time frame in other to have more time with spouse..

5) Let A Therapist Help to Further Balance Your Time:-

If you have tried all you think you could to balance your time and you are not getting good results, then consider seeing a marriage therapist to help you out.

It will be important if two of you can see him together, but if that’s not possible, then you can go individually.


Explain to the counselor

Feel free to explain to the counselor what you want and he will give you good and helpful advice on how to go about time creation for your marriage.There’s really a solution to every problem.


It doesn’t matter how busy the couples are, creating time to stay together can never be neglected. Try reducing your daily activities, by eliminating the less important ones.
It will help you create time to spend with your partner.

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