Rules of marriage:try and keep these rules

marriage Rules,rrules of a marriage


If you want to succeed in anything, then you must know the rules guiding it and follow it to the last, and then success comes. The same way, if you went success in your marriage, there are many rules of marriage to keep too.


Jim Rohn in his quote said that “Success is neither magical not mysterious. Success is the natural consequences of constantly applying the basic fundamentals”.


The same is applicable to marriage. There are also rules that governs every relationship, there are do’s and dont’s of every marriage, and until you know what those rules of marriage are, and also observe them, you may not have the success you see others have in their marriage.


Just show me that happy marriage, and I will prove to you that they also observed the rules of Marriage to the last.

Fact is that married life is not that hard, and not so easy as well, however, if you and your partner decides to keep these rules of a successful marriage, then you’ll get the rewards you desire too.


The truth is that you are lost in the sea about what those rules are, but in this post, I will show you some of the most important rules of marriage you must keep to the last, if you want to have success in your relationship.



The only 11 Rules of Marriage you Must Keep to the Last.


1) Always be positive about your spouse/ marriage:

Marriage can’t succeed by accident, it takes the commitments of both couples to make a marriage successful, through making some important sacrifices.

There are many things couples should do to help their marriage succeed, and attitude is one of them.


“Attitude is everything” they say, and really good attitude get things done in a short time.
Example: if you always nurse the feelings of anger, resentment or hatred towards your partner, it will always affect the growth of your marriage.


Stay positive

But when you understand how to stay positive no matter what the circumstances are, then you’ll see things getting right again.


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