Rules of marriage:try and keep these rules


If you want to succeed in anything, then you must know the rules guiding it and follow it to the last, and then success comes. The same way, if you went success in your marriage, there are many rules of marriage to keep too.


Jim Rohn in his quote said that “Success is neither magical not mysterious. Success is the natural consequences of constantly applying the basic fundamentals”.


The same is applicable to marriage. There are also rules that governs every relationship, there are do’s and dont’s of every marriage, and until you know what those rules of marriage are, and also observe them, you may not have the success you see others have in their marriage.


Just show me that happy marriage, and I will prove to you that they also observed the rules of Marriage to the last.

Fact is that married life is not that hard, and not so easy as well, however, if you and your partner decides to keep these rules of a successful marriage, then you’ll get the rewards you desire too.


The truth is that you are lost in the sea about what those rules are, but in this post, I will show you some of the most important rules of marriage you must keep to the last, if you want to have success in your relationship.



The only 11 Rules of Marriage you Must Keep to the Last.


1) Always be positive about your spouse/ marriage:

Marriage can’t succeed by accident, it takes the commitments of both couples to make a marriage successful, through making some important sacrifices.

There are many things couples should do to help their marriage succeed, and attitude is one of them.


“Attitude is everything” they say, and really good attitude get things done in a short time.
Example: if you always nurse the feelings of anger, resentment or hatred towards your partner, it will always affect the growth of your marriage.


Stay positive

But when you understand how to stay positive no matter what the circumstances are, then you’ll see things getting right again.


Like, they say attract like and what you think often usually comes to you.
The simple logic is that, when you think positive about your marriage, you get positive results, and vice versa.


2) Never Try to Change Your Partner:

One of the things that brings a lot of problems in a relationships is trying to change the other person.


It’s natural and it’s not a sin that you want your spouse to upgrade, and be all they can,or reach his potential. But it is wrong when you want to manipulate or force him or her to change.
It’s not just right to force someone to change, even if that will bring the greatest rewards to you.


But, the truth is that no one will change unless he/she believes there’s need to do so and sometimes, they still will not change even if there’s need to change, unless they want.


It’s also true that it takes work to change but, your partner will prefer you to offer your support and not “pressure”.


Forcing your partner to change will only bring conflicts and resentment to your relationship, and that’s something you don’t want happen.
You can only devote yourself to change, or change the way you see your partner, that’s the only that that will bring the changes you desire.


3) Never Criticize Your Partner:-

Criticism is great when it’s constructive, because it helps to inform and advice the person, however, when it’s not constructive, then you are destroying the other person.

You may see it as a help to your partner, but you are causing another damage to your marriage and to your partner.


Here are some other effects of criticism.

Constantly criticism your partner can cause him or her to
Start hiding things from you, keeping distance And eventually there will be a disconnect.
When there’s disconnect, then the marriage is on the verge of crumbling.
So avoid it completely.


4) Understand that Your marriage is not about your happiness:-

Your marriage will succeed when you concentrate on your partners happiness rather than yours.

Never see your marriage as a contract where you are only happy when things are going the way you want it.


No! marriage is where you sacrifice your joy, your concerns, just because you want happiness in your relationship.


Get Committed
You have to learn to be committed when things are not working well, instead of filing for divorce, you’ve got to constantly think of what to do to make your partner happy.


Learn to practice self denial, and self sacrifices, forgiving fast and understanding are the main ingredient for a successful relationship.


5) Be quick to ask for forgiveness and forgive easily too:-

Asking for forgiveness and being quick to forgive has been found to be one of the most important recipe for a successful marriage, it was also proved that couples who practice forgiveness and asking for forgiveness are always likely to have a more satisfying romantic relationship.


We all know that nobody is perfect and everyone has a separate mind as well as a different point of view.


It’s necessary.

Although you should never sit back and be humiliated because you believe in asking for forgiveness, however, if you really wish to have a successful relationship, then you really have to learn to forgive.


Asking for forgiveness also helps a relationship succeed, cause it shows you have a repentant heart.

Never allow pride stop you from asking for it, it doesn’t mean you are weak, it only shows you want your marriage succeed.



6) Never talk ill of your spouse’s family and parents:

You hold your family to a high esteem and wouldn’t want anyone speak Ill of them.


If you respect your family, then you should also respect and value your partners family too.
When you constantly criticize them, it shows that you are selfish and you don’t care.
So take your time to thread carefully with your partners family the way you want him/ her deal with yours.



7) Be each others number one:-

There are lots of things that will want to distract you from giving attention to your partner- your job, hobbies, friends, etc. But do not give room to then.


Even the happy spouse are faced with the same conflicts the divorce faced, but they find their ways around it.


Put your whole attention on your relationship and how to make it work better.
If there’s need to create a boundary to avoid intrusion, then do so in other to protect your marriage.


In conclusions:

Remember that every success has a principle that guides it, so if you want success in your relationship, then you should give your whole attention to observing these rules of Marriage I’ve listed down for you in this post.
They are simple and easy to apply to make your marriage successful.

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