11 Actionable ways to have your dream marriage now.

If you have ever wondered in your heart about how to have your dream marriage, the type of marriage that is filled with passion, then this article may be the best article you have ever read in your life.

If you are still searching, then read this article to the last page because it will show you the way to go about it.

Many people have asked me questions about what to do to have your dream marriage.

These are my answers to them.


Though what I will tell you here may sound simple to you, but they will work pretty well to help you have your dream marriage. Just take your time to study and work with them.

9 Actionable Steps You Must Take To have Your Dream Marriage.

1) Write Your Dreams Down.

One of the ways to have your dream marriage is to write down your dreams on paper.

If you are planning to marry soonest, then the first thing you must do is to get your jotter and pen and write down five important reasons why you made up your mind to marry.

Is it because your friends are getting married? Maybe you think you are advancing in age, or because your parents are asking you to.

Take time to review what you are planning to do.

It may not be easy for you if you do not know the things you must know before you get in.

The very reason for most break up in marriage is the absence of understanding of the institution call marriage.

That’s why I asked you to write your reasons down: that things you put down in the pa will act as a reminder to you. At least whenever you pick the hitter up, you’ll see your dreams for marriage written and you’ll be motivated.

Habakuk 2:2 says ” And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

So take your time write everything down and keep referring to it until it becomes part of you.

2) Become Your Very self:

It is very important and good to have a role model in life. However, in marriage, I believe you are your architect.

Do not try to imitate what other people are doing in their various homes. It may not work the same way for you and your spouse.

Do not overspend because your neighbor is doing so.

Never try to become a superman or a superwoman because you thought it will make your spouse love you more.

Decide on the way to go with your family. It is yours and you are only accountable for whatever you made it be.

3) Choose to Be Committed:

One of reason while marriage works very well is the individual commitment of the couples.
In a marriage where there is a commitment, there is also peace, joy, and love.

This happens because every member of the family knows that the success and the failure of the marriage depend on them.

Whatever happens, one will say “I am committed to making this marriage work” that will help to bring solutions instead of chaos.

In other words, determine daily what you’ll do so your marriage will stand, and then act. You can do so much alone for your marriage, even when your partner is not. And trust me, when your partner sees how committed you are, they will change too.

4) Choose to trust:

Trust is very important in marriage. Once trust is broken in every relationship, the marriage slowly dies away.

You must make up your mind to build trust if you truly want to have your dream marriage.

Always make sure that those little promises you made to your spouse are being fulfilled.

Never promise what you have no plan of accomplishing. Have enough trust deposited in your marriage’s emotional bank account?

Know what your spouse is capable of doing and what is impossible for him /her. A lot of things will want to challenge your trust in your partner.

So many things can quickly sap trust from your relationship, so avoid them.

Find them below

  • Always coming home late.
  • Lies.
  • Unfulfilled promises.
  • Being judgemental.
  • When you lack self-awareness.
  • Cheating.
  • I listed all these things down so can avoid them.

5) Say Sorry All the Time.

Always remember to say sorry any time to make mistake.

Let “SORRY” be the anthem you sing in your marriage. One popular quote says that “marriage is the union of two forgivers. ” you must learn how to forgive and always be the first to say sorry.

Saying sorry means that you know that you are accountable for your spouse’s pain. But understand that saying sorry is not about taking the blame for what you didn’t do.

Women do this often because they want to make peace reign in their relationship. However, saying sorry when you didn’t do anything is not good for you or your relationship.

This is because when you say sorry for what you didn’t do, it looks so unreal. The next is to forgive when your partner hurt you and feel sorry for his or her offenses. Don’t harden your heart and don’t keep track of the bad always.

6) Never Cheat on Your Spouse:

Cheating is one of the things you must plan to avoid if you want a strong and healthy marriage.

It is also one of the most reason why marriages break.

Never be tempted to indulge in it. Once you fall, victim to it, so many other areas of your marriage will be affected.

Cheating on your spouse is the same thing as betraying him or her. Also, cheating will turn you into life.The worst of it all is that you’ll lose your moral standing.

Marriage is to be held in honor and bed unveiled. Keep honoring your partner by not cheating on him or her. That’s how to have your dream marriage.

7) Don’t Miss Romantic Dates:

If you are serious about having your dream marriage, then you must take this number 7 point seriously. Many couples stopped dating the moment they come back from honeymoon.

They thought that since they are married, then there is no need for dating anymore. But the truth is that dating your spouse is forever game. It keeps the marriage spry.

You will feel much younger when you continue to date your spouse. Now don’t think you will break the bank to go for a romantic date. Don’t make it expensive, you can even have it in your house.

The most important thing is that you keep the fire of love burning forever and that you keep building the bond.,

8) Live Your Lives.

This iis also important. In as much as marriage is teamwork, and works better when you spend time together.

You also need to live your personal lives as individuals. Love yourself before loving your partner: enjoy your times apart, do the things you love to do. If it is necessary to go away for some time, do so.

And be observant to know when your partner needs to be alone too and give them that space. “Absence they say make a heart grow fonder.”

In Conclusion:

Dreams can never come true when you don’t do the necessary things to bring them to reality. The dreams you have for your marriage will only come true when you follow the tips I showed you in this post.

It works and it will continue to work, but you have to be disciplined as you ta these steps. Don’t give it looks as things are not working at the beginning. Keep holding on and keep hoping things will change.

I hope I made some points here. Please feel free to comment.

Thanks and see you at the top.

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