11 Of The Best Selling Marriage Preparation Books For Now

Best selling marriage preparation books

If you are looking for best selling marriage preparation books, Then I’ve got your back and I will show you some interesting best selling marriage preparation books that will guide you step by step until you are ready for marriage.

Why Do You Need These Books?

Obviously, building a successful marriage is not a day job, and there’s no way you can successfully make your marriage work if you don’t know the basics; that’s why you should learn about it to know what works and what doesn’t work.

Recent research shows that the best way you can build a successful marriage is to prepare properly for it, but the truth is that we devote much time to plan our business, exams, and wedding but no time to plan for marriage.

That’s why most marriages fail before it began.

To avoid this, you have to be prepared, and the best way to be prepared is to attend seminars, play Cds, and read some best selling marriage preparation books.

Thankfully, there are experts and authors who have exposed many facts on the most important topic on marriage preparations and I have tons of them to introduce to you today.

Below are 11 best selling marriage preparation books you must read before getting married.

best selling marriage preparation books

1) Preparing for Marriage Leaders Guide:

This is one of the best selling marriage preparation books I love so much. The book was written by Dennis Rainey, and it is a “Must” read for anyone preparing to get married as well as already married couples. It is based on Biblical Principles about marriage writer share some unique God’s blueprint for home, and marriage.

It is also profitable for couples who want to discern God’s will for their relationship.

You will practical guidance about responsibilities, finance, and intimacy as you read the book.

It will also help you evaluate your readiness for marriage.

If you have read other books and couldn’t get answers to your questions, then this is the answer you require.

In this book, you will get a comprehensive premarital education to help you have a better foundation for a fulfilling marriage.

Getting ready for marriage

2) Getting Ready For Marriage: A Practical Road Map For Your Journey Together:

This book is a Must-Read for all the intending couples. It is one of the best selling marriage preparation books you can think of. In this book, JIM BURNS & DOUG FIELDS want to guide you on how to plan a lasting union.

With their experiences in counseling and research, they were able to find a good road map for your marital journey.

It is filled with actionable exercises, truths, and conversation starter and will guide and nourish your relationship for a lasting relationship.

It also centered on rational and Biblical touchstones and will also equip you to learn how to deal with issues as regards communication, finance, and intimacy.

Marriage, getting ready for marriage

3) Saving Your Marriage Before It Stops:

This book contains lots of helpful hints for Newlywed; it’s another Pre-marriage resource available today because it is filled with clear and simple principles to guide you as you go into marriage.

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