Top 15 marriage blogs you must read daily.


If you are looking for interesting marriage blogs to read, then this post is to help you reduce your searching time to zero.


Frankly speaking, there are close to 1,000,000 marriage blogs on the internet, (even your grandmother has her own ) that you can read from also.


However, if your greatest concern is to get the best advice/ information about how to make your marriage/ relationship better, then I want to take you by hand and show you quality marriage blogs that will answer every question you have on a marriage.’


In fact, there are only a few blogs on this list that have really inspired me. I have learned so much from them as a blog writer.


So whether you are searching for quality marriage information to help you spice up your relationship, or maybe you just want to know how other couples make their marriage successful, then here are few other marriage blogs to help you get what you desire.



1. Club31women blog.

This blog is written by a woman I adore so much. Her name is Lisa Jacobson. She is a mother of 8 children and Her purpose of writing this blog is to help women develop strong faith in building a good relationship with their husbands and kids.


She is a prolific writer, and I bet you will enjoy her blog posts.



2. Unveiled wife:-

This blog is a brainchild of Jenifer Smith.

Jennifer Smith is a Christian marriage writer. Her aim for starting this blog is to inspire other women to understand what marriage is really all about and how to make it better.



3. Happy wives club

This is another must read the blog on marriage, and It is written by Fawn Weaver.


In this blog, Fawn and her husband Keith will blow your mind with amazing tips on how to keep your marriage fire burning forever.


Her personal mission for setting this blog up is to create about one million women who’re testimony is that they stayed happy ever after.



4. Happy marriage builder blog:

This blog is written by a young talented marriage instructor.


Murphyaik is a father of three and married to a beautiful woman name sommy.


His area of specialty is on how to patch the holes in marriage and restore peace, joy, and love. His blog reader can never be disappointed as he has many quality posts to help restore happiness in marriage.


5. Marriage Today:-

Founded by Karen and Jimmy Evans in 1994. In this blog, this duo will show you how to establish your marriage.


With 25 years of experience, this wonderful couple will show you some important truths from their personal experiences as a successful couple.


They have trained thousands of couples through seminars on how to make troubled marriages better.



6. Simple Marriage:-

Here is another blog to read daily. It is founded by Corey Allan and his main target is on the individuals in a ” committed ” relationship who’s interested is to experience good adventures in their relationship and life in general.


Allan sees every relationship/marriage as a choice and process, not a feeling.


In this blog, he also offers a simple marriage university where individuals can learn about how to make their marriage successful.



7. One Extraordinary Marriage:

This is a podcast blog founded by DiLorenzo’s.


Tony and Elisa DiLorenzo term their marriage as extraordinary and wish to make other marriages like theirs.


The duo features great and informative podcasts on daily, weekly and monthly bases. Their intention is to aid couples in solving their sex challenges.



8. Marriage 365:-

Founded by Casey and Meygan. These two take time to motivate other couples through sharing their personal marriage journey experiences.


They offer practical improvement advice to interested couples who want to improve their relationship.



9. Engaged marriage.

This is owned by Dustin and Bethany Riechmann. These two are born Catholics, but their blog is not limited to church matters. They have some posts that address religious issues as well as posts on how to make your relationship superb.


One of their posts that has helped me a lot in my own marriage is the ” 15 Minutes marriage makeover”. It’s an interesting blog to read.



10. Married and Young:-

Visit this site often if you are interested to learn practical ways to make your marriage better.
It is unavoidably important for both married and single.



11. Authentic intimacy:-

This is a Christian blog on marriage founded in 2012, by Dr.Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow.


The blog is strictly based on religious principles and God’s design as regards sexuality and intimacy. They are practically training men. and women to know God’s redemption and purposes as related to their sexuality and intimacy.


In their teachings, you will learn how to consistently apply God’s truth to any question, joy or pains you have concerning intimacy and sexuality.



12. To Love Honour and Vacuum:

Sheila Wray Gregoire is a known author, teacher, speaker, wife a and mother.


She created this marriage blog to help women be the best wives and mothers they can be to their families.


She has authored many books that are all based on marriage and sex. She is also known for her fearlessness in disclosing anything that needs to be known about sex.


13. A Practical Wedding:-

This is another informative website for every couple. Because of the name of the website, you may think it’s just about weddings, but there is also quality information on how to thrive and survive in any relationship or marriage.



14. Science of Relationships:-

A good marriage website with a wealth of information on the relationship. Most of the contributors to this site are professors and Ph.D. holders. It’s a must-read of the website.



15. Stay Married:-

Tony and Michelle Peterson will thrill you in this website with quality resources on how to strengthen your marriage. You’ll not be disappointed with visiting this site.


In conclusion: –

Here this now; whether you are looking for how to make your marriage successful, great and better ways to build intimacy, how to use God’s principles to build your home, and how to challenge your marriage to be the best, then you must visit and of these marriage blogs to get whatever you want.


I will be happy to know that your marriage has become the best, just because you worked to achieve that.


I am still your friend murphyaik.

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