How To Make Your Husband Love You Again

 Make Your Husband Love youDo you really want to your e your husband love you like never before?


If your answer is yes, then I want to show you ways to revive your husbands emotions and make her fall head over heal in love with you again.


It’s really possible.
This post is written to answer most of the heartbreaking questions I got from my reader who has been asking what she could do since the husband told her face to face that he doesn’t love her anymore.


It’s really heartbreaking and everyone is definitely likely to feel hopeless and so unloved hearing such words coming out someone she loved.


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Now this post is not about showing you how to work hard, either by doing his laundry or going extra miles to win back his love, it’s not either about the tricks you play in bed to win back his love.


It’s all about how you can use your power to to make your husband love you again just as it was in the beginning.



Just the same way your hubby may have ample of answers to why his love for you died, the same way, there are myriad of things you can do to win him back again.


If you want to know what they are, then sit back and let me let you in into the big secret.


Definitive guide on how to make your husband love you again.


Secret 1.

Show some respects:-

Loving your someone is very different from respecting him and love is not even on the lists of the man’s greatest needs in his life.
Top in the  list of every men is “respect“.


Fact is that every man and woman are completely equal when it comes to marriage, but there are great differences when it come needs. But God made marriage so man and woman can fulfill each others needs respectively.



For the men, their most pressing need is to be honored and respected.


what does it actually mean to honor and respect your husband?



Appreciate him always:-

Always find a way to tell him how much you appreciate all he does to protect and provide for your family.


Everyday, he goes out to make sure things are put in place, but maybe you are expecting him to do much more; he will feel much better if you could show some gratitude instead of wishing for more.


The husbands are not very hard to please, by just offering to rob his back after that little thing, and preparing good meal he’ll be ready to do more.


Honor him:

Your husband will feel honored when you learn how to treat him, speak to him, or even speak about him even when he is not around.


Your duty is sing his praise wherever you are. Don’t be the type that speaks anyhow to him.
Don’t make your husband worth little to your friends and children, but always let everyone know that he is your king.



-‘Try Encouraging him:

Support him in everything, it will make him feel good to know that is successful in your eyes. Give attention to all his dreams, and let him know that you are willing to support him in accomplishing his dreams.


By encouraging him, you can make him be the best husband to you.


Understand that you married an imperfect man:-

No one is above mistakes and your husband is one of then. So if he makes a a no better decision, avoid blaming him or say in things like ” you refused to listen to me now see”. Instead reassure him things will be okay next time.

Secret 2.

Make yourself pleasant to be around:-

This is another tricks you can use to win back your husbands love. You just make yourself lovable and irresistible to your husband.


Lovable people are like bread and butter, “inseparable”. These people know very well how to make people love then from the go. They also know how to present themselves to others genuinely and are also.willing to connect immediately.


If you are not who I described above, then you really need to bring to that state where your husband will want to talk and even hangout with.


Thankfully, you can learn this tricks, and I will show you how.


How to make yourself pleasant to be around.


Learn to listen first before speaking:-

Whenever you are in a conversation, never rush to speak, you may say the wrong thing and remember that spoken words are like a sharp knife and it’s not easily forgotten.


Whenever your husband is talking, it’s better to give a listening ear, because it gives you the opportunity to plan how to respect better.

When you are quick to talk, you can miss the opportunity you have to connect with your partner and it can make your husband feel as if you are shutting him down without giving him chance to explain himself fully.


Always practice listening first as it will make him know that you understand what he is saying.



Learn to put off your devices:-

Technology is really evolving fast and many of us are really sure of the negative effects it is having in our behavior as well threatening your relationship.


Many of us have the attitude of pressing our phone or gadgets even when we are having important conversation with our partner.


The way to become likeable is to know when to put the devices off and concentrate on.The person in from of you. Instead of checking your mails, checking your friends later update on the social media, just try and focus on the real time person.


Your devices will deprive you from building good relationship with the person in front of you. So forget the devices and pay attention.


 Be open minded:-

People will always want to be around you when they know you are approachable and also when they know you are willing to listen and be talked to by anybody.


Judging people and always having preconceived notion of the other make matters worse.


It is true you’ll always meet people who have different opinion from yours, but allow them to say their mind and then plan your answers well before talking.



Set boundaries:-

You’ll be surprised to see this included in the list, but here is why setting boundaries here means respecting yourself as well as showing others who you really are and how you want to live your life.


Without setting boundaries, people will want to walk on you or want to take advantage of you and make it hard for then to offer their own love.


Be kind to everyone:-

Show kindness to people around you, not minding who or situations that surrounds them, but cultivate the habits of loving who offer little devices to you – like the taxi driver, the grocery seller or your car washer.


 Make Your Husband Love You



Learn to be real;-

Most times we lose yourself when we a trying to make ourselves lovable. We feign ourselves to appear funny, richer, smarter or interesting to people, because we want to make people love us.


But that will be a big problem especially when people eventually find out you are not who you claimed to be.

Forget about pretending to be who you are not and just be honest to yourself, let people chose you if they like you.


Tricks 3.

Show that you care:-

You may love your husband so much, but you may not know how to let him know that you care about him.


If you really want to make him know he really means to you, then you have to always know what to do to make him understand your love for him.


while some men wants you to express your it verbally, some others prefer to see that from your actions.


Showing your husband you care for him is important when you want to make your relationship healthy.


If you are skillful enough, showing him you care wouldn’t be much work for you, but when you are not, then consider these few ideas to do so.


Always give him undivided attention:-

Whenever your husband sees you looking at your mobile device when you are having dinner together, it simply shows that he is not important to you.


Although men and women function differently, but your husband will love it more when all your attention are focused on him. That shows him that he is your priority. Try to eye contact him when he is talking. Also refuse to be distracted.



Make his favorite meal:

It’s often said that ” the ways to a man’s heat is through his stomach”. Getting his favorite dishes ready without asking him shows how much you understand him. John Guttman in his research found out that couple that know each other better are successful in their marriage.


So find out what he likes best and also search the internet on how to make it taste better and then make it ready for him.


Complementing him often:-

By genuinely complementing how he looks, dress, on little things he does, he will understand that you care.


Tell him how handsome he looks after dressing to go out for work, complement his back, his shoulder and complement him for any little thing he does.



Seek his advice:

Show him that he has a place in your heart here’s how” Dr Brosh” described it, he said that ” dependency and love goes hand in hand”.

Hobby for Couples

Get him surprise gifts:-

Discover what your husband likes so much and get it for him without letting him know. Plan getting something he’ll never forget easily.



Trick 4.

Be the best for Him:-

You love to give your very best to your children, job, home and other things, but you give little to your husband. Your hubby gets the leftover of your attention, time, energy and your looks.


You’ll agree with me that many woman take time to remodel their home, but give little or no time to remodel themselves all the time.


To give your best to your husband, you have to firstly take care of yourself to keep your body in good shape and be healthy.


Let’s take a step back to those days when you first met your husband, can you remember those things about you that captured his attention, perhaps it was how you use to carry yourself, it may also be how compassionate you used to be.


If all these things I mentioned rang bell to your mind, then let me tell you that he was actually captivate by how  you looked.


Now let’s fast forward it to today;  your weight would have been three times different from what it was, and all the efforts you usually make to care about him has also disappeared.



Here’s why am saying all these

If you’ll get those things back, your partner will still catch the same fire like before.


For instance, you used to were right fitting top on leggings, you use to wear nice perfume and makes and he loves it, then don’t stop now, go ahead and now go to him and ask how you look after putting it on.


I will confidently tell you that when you make those little adjustments to look your best, he is bound to notice it and that will definitely affect your marriage positively.


Rounding up

Try New Things:- If you are looking to make your husband love you like never before, then you’ve got to open your mind to learning new  and ways to do so.


It is true that what works for other couples may not work for you, but I bet you that every good thing will work for you too.


And so start by asking your friend that had similar challenge how the solve theirs and inculcate it in your own relationship.


It may not work immediately, but if you persist, you will see the change coming to your relationship.

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AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers has been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed for coming to this site.


AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers has been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed for coming to this site.

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