17 Supper engaging hobby for couples.


Marriage last longer when partner knows how to connect exquisitely with each other, and engaging in some exciting hobby for couples is one of the ways to do so.


In as much as you don’t have to share 100% of your hobbies with your partner, but there are good hobbies for couples that you can play together, to increase the bond between you, as well as make your relationship interesting and fun.


The truth is that sometimes you feel very bored in your relationship, and if you are not engaging in anything that makes you have fun together, you discover that you start falling out of love with each other.


Doing things that brings you close together (like engaging in some hobby for couples) will always make your relationship last longer.


Here’s How Having a Hobby Together Helps your Relationship.


Before you got married, you share so many fun times together, you ask questions, and get sweet answers that kept you happy, and makes you smile whenever you remember the moments you shared together.


But all of a sudden, after the honeymoon phase, you stopped sharing things together, you stopped pursuing each other and you also stopped doing those things that bonds you together, then the connections you had started suffering.


But the rules of a relationship is that you’ll always nurture it to make it last.


That’s exactly why I am writing this post, to show you some hobbies for a couple that will bring this connection back into your relationship.



17 Super Interesting Hobby for Couples


1) Go dancing together:

You may not be a good dancer, but you can use the opportunity to learn how to dance together. It will be big fun. Don’t you think so?


Then make sure that such an adventure for two of you happens.


You really have to do the work together and also try to be as much responsive as you can to your partner to master the dancing steps as you learn together



2) Go jogging together:

Exercise is good for your health. You must have seen them before, I mean those couple that usually look so connected and loved together as though they are just from their honeymoon.


Yes, let me tell you what their secrets are- they are getting fit Physical together.


Working out with your better half will give ample of benefits to your relationship. It will not only give you good physical health but also increase the time you spend together as well as the opportunities to have good sex together.


3) Meditation:-

Meditation can be beneficial to your relationship and help to improve your mind too. It also brings peace, balance, and love to your relationship.


4) Go for a romantic date together:-

Plan a spontaneous romantic date together, it will be fun and try as much as you can to break away from the usual routine.


It doesn’t have to be an expensive date, you can make it cheap, but just plan it so you both go outside the house and without breaking the bank.


5) Do cooking together:-

They said that the couple that clocks together last forever”‘. Attend cooking class together and different recipes and cooking styles.


Don’t think you know how to cooking, there’s so much more to learn about cooking. After the class, practice what you learn together, it adds to the time you have to spend together.


6) Play interesting games together:

You love to play games alone, but in this hobby for a couple, you’ve got to play the game with your partner, it could be sokudo, card, ludo, chess.



7) Go to Cinema:

Michael Chastain Diettrich a counselor in Asheville ( North Carolina) have identified that movies can improve couples‘ way of looking at situations as well as break them out from the normal pattern of “close-mindedness.


The couple usually sees new things to discuss when they are watching movies and playing together.


8) Read books:-

Wrap your arms around each other on a sofa and read any book of interest together. Consider reading it aloud or quietly.


After reading, take the time to discuss what you read from the books over a glass of tea or any drink of your choice.



9) Photography:-

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not, photogenic, or any type, you have to make out time to go photo shooting, or even have some snapshots together.


Although it can really take a little time to plan, it’s great fun to be photographed with your partner, or you both be the photographer.


10) Learn to play musical instruments together:

Whether you are musically inclined or not, try taking some music training together. It will give you opportunities to learn something new together.


11) Enjoy more sex:

I can see from your face that you are surprised I added sex to the list of hobbies for the couple, but understand that if you are not having sex regularly, then it has to be added to the list.


If your sex life has gone moribund, you have to improve your physical intimacy, then you’ve got to increase the tempo at which you have sex.



12) Learn languages and signs:-

How nice it will look when only you and your partner understand your languages and your signs ( just the two of you).


Learn signs and languages so as to have unique ways to send romantic messages to yourselves when you don’t want others to know what you say to each other.


Interesting isn’t it?. You have new languages added to your vocabulary and also have fun doing that.


13)Take a walk together:

Take a walk together through the park around your area. Hold and miss each other even when people are watching you.


14) Do Painting together:-

I know you are not a professional painter, but once you know how to handle a brush, then you can do this. It will just be exciting just to express what you enjoy most, using colors and with your partner too.


You can paint your home or anything of your choice.
Painting is an exciting thing and it also has some rules guiding it just to make it fun enough.



15) Gardening:-

Of course, this requires some times, however, it can add some real colors to your relationship and also bring harmony to your day to day life as a partner.


Literally, the tending garden signifies creating something lovable together. You and your partner also have the opportunities to go out of the house together and away from distractions too.


16) Voluntary jobs:

Go out and touch lives together. Giving is one of the ways to receive back and so as you and your partner go out to touch give to the world, you may also.see some like-minded friends that will also affect you positively.



17) Start a blog together:-

If you already have hobbies you enjoy doing together, then it will be nice if you can turn it to blogging at least to inspire other people looking to know it too.



there are many other hobbies for couples you can engage in together to boost your relationship.


It doesn’t matter if you are newly married or married a long time ago, engaging different hobbies for couples will give you opportunities to know more about each other and help you grow together as couples.

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