The 11 best marriage preparation advice for the bride.

These are my sincere marriage preparation advice for the bride. This guide will show you how to get yourself ready for marriage.

The best decision to take before getting married is how to prepare for your marriage before you start.

The truth is that we spend so much time preparing for engagements, weddings, honeymoons, that we forget to prepare for our marriage.

However, you should know that life after those occasions is what matters. After all, wedding, engagement, and honeymoon are just for a day or more, but living together is forever.

Therefore if you don’t take time to plan how your marriage will be while you are single, you may find it difficult to navigate the marriage institution.

In this article, I will give you some marriage preparation advice to help you as you prepare to get married soon.

Let’s dive in.

Best marriage preparation advice for the bride.

Step 1

Prepare Your Minds.

There are many differences between being single and being married. You can do anything you like while you are single but not when you are married.

Your lifestyle as a single is not the same as that of the married

At least, understand that most of your friends, your attitude, and your single lifestyle should not go into your marriage with you else you will have problems with your spouse.

At some point, you should ask yourself what marriage means to you. What are your plans for this step you are planning to take?

These questions will compel you to plan and take the necessary steps that will make your marriage stronger.

Best Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 2

Attend A Marriage Preparation Course.

This is a good way to prepare for marriage. There are marriage preparation classes everywhere, some are free too and you can attend anyone just to know more about the institution called marriage.

Don’t wait till you are married to take the course. The course is designed to help you have a firm foundation for your marriage.

At the pre-marriage course, you’ll be taught how to communicate effectively, how to prepare for challenges that must come, and then how to deal with the challenge.

Did you see why you must take the course? It will help you give your marriage the best beginning ever.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 3

Love And Improve Yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, you can’t extend your hands of love to someone else, it is not possible. You can only give what you have, that’s why loving yourself is the foremost thing to do.

Forget about those little hurt you hate to remember, now you have to start afresh to make yourself happier and more loving.

Life is too short to keep living in the past. The future has so much more to offer.

Start treating yourself as if you are the only one on earth, eat properly, exercise more often.

Again, there’s room for you to improve yourself better now you are single. Read marriage books and play Cds, and attend seminars too. Just do whatever will make you better when you married.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 4

Learn To Be The Best Friend.

Every successful marriage is built on a good friendship standpoint. Therefore if you are looking for someone to get married to look for someone who will be your best friend forever.

Take time to build a great bond before getting married to that Mr. or Mrs right

Being a best friend means doing everything you can to keep them happy. Be committed to them, listen to them when necessary, and be there when needed too.

Share your experiences, your joy, and sorrow, be open in your communications. Those actions will help you build a relationship that will stand the test of time.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 5

Surround Yourself With The Couples You Wish To Be Like.

The people you surround yourselves with will determine what result you’ll get in life. An affirmation says “Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.

There is no need to mingle with those who don’t have anything good to offer you. Follow those who will impact your life positively.

Look around and find the couples who have the type of relationship you crave to have. You will learn so much from them.

The couple will show you how they made their relationship what it is.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 6

Talk About Money And How To Handle It Better.

Money has caused so many problems in relationships. It is almost one of the chief problems every couple has. Therefore to have a successful marriage, you must talk about money and how to handle it better.

As you have your discussions about money, consider who will pay the bills or take care of other things. Will you have a joint account and who makes the budget?

Is any of you owing? and what are the plans to come out of the debt? Also, talk about your savings- how are you going to use them. Remember that the questions are necessary for the growth of your future relationship, so be bold enough to ask them.

you will be happier and relaxed when you and your partner are on the same financial page.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 7

Have A Good Relationship With Each Other’s Family Members.

When you marry, you are not only marrying your spouse but the whole family. It’s therefore important you have a good relationship with each others family.

The bond you build as you are preparing for marriage with each other’s family will go a long way for you and your spouse and the unborn children.

Start building the relationship now, call your father and mother in law, also get gifts for them if you can.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 8

Start Dropping Your Baggage.

it is time to start dropping your baggage outside for the new relationship. Let your past not jeopardize your new relation. If you had unpleasant experiences in the past, let them off your heart.

Concentrate on your new relationship and how to make it better. It is only when you let go of the past that the future will be meaningful to you.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 9

Don’t Plan To Change Your Partner And Not Yourself.

This is one of the mistakes you won’t want to make as you planning to marry. Most people get into marriage with the plans to change their spouse’s bad habit.

Don’t think that way too, it will hurt your relationship more than healing it. Even when your partner refused to change, don’t be tempted to force them into it.

Most times, the best way to affect the change you want is by changing yourself first.

Your ways of perceptions may be the problem, and until you change your mentality, changing your partner will be hard and it will bring so much much trouble in your future marriage.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 10

Try To Establish Your Expectations.

Consider discussing your marriage and how you want to live. I know you had dream about your marriage, the best time to share your dreams is now that you are yet to marry.

Where do you want to reside as a married couple? how many children would you have. There is a need to talk about your other goals.

The earlier you talk about then, the better you know how best to accomplish it. Planning helps in relationships, while communication is the key.

Marriage Preparation Advice For The Bride Step 11

Choose To Be Committed To Your Relationship.

One of my best marriage preparation advice for bride (s) is that they plan their commitment to their relationship ahead of time.

How do you want your relationship to be? You alone can answer the question. The committed couple always have a way of making things work out for.

They never let anything weigh them down or jeopardize their relationship.

They fight and quarrel like other couples, but they don’t use hurtful words on each other. The best is that they always find a way find ways to settle their score because they are committed to making their marriage successful.

In Conclusion.

This marriage preparation advice for bride was written from my own experiences. I learned many of them late, if I had known them on time my marriage would have been the talk of the town.

Thank God I learn them anyway. Take your time to read the article so you don’t miss important nuggets. If it worked for other couples, then it will work for you also.


Which point will you try first out of the points I listed in this post?

If you have tried something and it worked for you, then share it with us. Remember, sharing is caring.

I am still your friend Aik. see you at the top!

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