What is love all about in a relationship?

What is love all about in a relationship? That’s a question we will look at in this article.

We all know that love matters so much in every relationship. Without love, no relationship can thrive well, but the relationship that has so much love present in it stands tall among the storm.

We also know that it is not easy to find that love, and if you haven’t searched for love, or being in a relationship, you won’t know or define what love in a relationship means.

And if you have fallen in love with different people, you will understand that love means different things to different people.

You should also understand that people give and receive love differently.

However, to have a successful relationship you should know how you and your partner express your love and how you can make adjustments when necessary.

Let’s Look at what love means.

what is love all about in a relationship?

1) Love In Relationships Means Growing Together.

The ability to grow and mature together in your relationship is what love stands for. You will agree with me that marriage is not easy some time.

Many things will come to crush your faith in your marriage. Most times, your partner will hurt you so bad that you will almost want to quit the relationship. In all these things, if you can overlook those trying moments and use those threats as a stepping stone you will not grow.

2) It Also Means Commitment.

Yes! You heard that right. Love means being committed to your partner as well as your relationship.

What does it mean to be committed to your spouse and relationship?

Being committed to both your relationship and partner means so many things. An example is when you put all effort and devote more time to making your marriage the best

When you are willing to put down your ago, go the extra miles just to make your partner happy and your relationship succeed, you are only showing how much that relationship means to you.

Troubles will surely come to your relationship; that is inevitable, but when you are committed to your relationship, you will know how to make it up.

3) Love Also Means Avoiding Conflicts.

It is normal to have misunderstandings in your relationship, especially when you have different opinions, but always try to avoid them.

Learn to allow your partner to put their views forward. If they are the cause of the problem, don’t hush them, but find the best time to tell them the impact of their actions. Be mild as you express your feelings. Avoid jumping into the matter without a good ground for resolution.

The best type of love is when you have accepted your partner completely as they are.

Encourage your partner to achieve their goals. True love is a tremendous feeling of being complete with your spouse.

You can only demonstrate your love for your partner when you do everything possible for their joy and happiness.

4) When Distance Is Not A Barrier.

Distance doesn’t affect a good relationship. Remember that absence makes a heart grow fonder.” That works where there is true love.

That means that being far from each other should not stop you from being trusting, loving, faithful, and being sweet to each other.

You won’t mind packing the next minute to go see your partner. That is the power of love.

5) Love Means You Care Unconditionally.

The difference between loving someone and caring for someone is your ability to still love them irrespective of their flaws.

Of course, it is easier to love someone when things are going fine, but not when they have faults. However, Susan Winter ( an author and relationship expert) said that the only real love is unconditional. (Source)

When you said “I am in love, ” it simply means that “you’ve weathered the storms of your spouses, negative qualities and still accepted them.

Susan winter also reiterated that your complete acceptance of your spouse’s negative and positive aspects is the real description of unconditional love.

6) Your Happiness Is Not What’s Important.

Many people enter into a relationship because they believe they will be complete when they do.

They see relationships as a transaction where you pay for what you gain, that means when the relationship is good, that’s when you give your best and vice versa.

But that not what love means. Love means you are selfless. You won’t mind giving your up joy for your spouse’s joy.

7) It’s About Giving What You Want To Receive.

A quality relationship entails giving and receiving. That means you must be loving to receive love, if you want to be understood then you must be understanding too.

That is the real sequence of it – always be the first to give and then be open to receive back. Remember to give without expecting it back.

Note also that you may need to give more to refill your emotional bank account( if it is in red). When the time comes, you will start experiencing the outflow of all your emotional deposits.

8) It Means Being Realistic.

True love in relationships means being realistic that certain things are not possible in your relationship.

No relationship is perfect, because there are no perfect people. We all are married to an imperfect spouse, that’s why we should never expect things or our spouse to be perfect.

Sometimes we wish that our spouse change and become what we want them to be, but that’s an unrealistic expectation, and we feel bad when our wishes didn’t happen.

True love will compel you to lower your expectations. You’ll not only love your spouse, but you are ready to accept their flaw.

9) It Takes Time To Bloom.

Love takes time to bloom and you can’t rush it. To begin with, every long relationship wasn’t built in a day.

Just like the cobwebs, it takes time to weave the thread of love to form an unbreakable bond. It starts from the day you became a couple and continues to weave as you share your passions, joy, hurts hope, fears, and dreams.

Therefore do not rush the process as it has its timetable and the timetable should be respected.

10) You Feel Comfortable.

Love should be able to provide a sense of calm when it is real. According to what Dr.LesileBeth Wish told Elitedaily, ” true love should a feeling of peace and stability.

The truth remains that not being 100% comfortable in your relationship can hold you back from growing as a couple and it can lead to other bigger problems too.

You can never trust without comfort. Jorge Fernandez, LCSW, said that ” if you are going to walk on eggshells around someone all day, you can’t ‘t truly intimate with them.”

Anyone that’s keeping you guessing, doubting, or making you constantly wait does not have any true love for you. “True love means comfort,” says Dr. Wish.

You will know you are calm and no longer jumping over the waves, but wading and floating in a peaceful poo when you find true love.

11) You Have Mutual Respect For Each Other.

Another most important meaning of real and lasting love is mutual respect among you and your partner.

Respecting each other supersedes every other thing you can think of in any marriage. To have a forever kind of love in your relationship, is pretty vital.

According to Alexandra Conti, ” If it’s true love, then you and your partner will always seek each other’s opinion on everything that is of most importance.”

She also said that “if one partner loses respect for the other, the relationship is no longer built on love. That simply means that you and your partner must concentrate on building mutual respect more than anything else.

In Conclusion:

I hope I have been able to answer your question about what love really means in a relationship. If yes, that congrats. I tries so much to talk about the love that makes a relationship grow stronger.

You can read this message, again and again, to learn what love means. And remember to share the post with your friends and family.

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