7 amazing facts about Nigerian men and relationships.

If you don’t know much about Nigerian men and relationships, then you should read this post carefully. 

Because in this post I will reveal so many truths about Nigerian men and how they behave in their relationships.

At least be sure to get some first-hand information that guides your steps as you date or marry a Nigerian man.

If you are ready to learn, then let’s dive in


7 Amazing facts Nigerian men and relationships.

1) All Nigerian Men Behave Differently In Relationship.

If you have been wondering about why Nigerian men behave the way they do, then here are few reasons

But I will disappoint you a little bit because the truth is that all Nigerian men don’t behave the same in relationships.

The reason is that for every 15 Nigerian Men out there who are afraid of intimacy or who want to take things slowly, there are another 20 who are ardent romantics waiting for the opportunity to settle down with their Mr or Mrs right.

Meanwhile, you can blame those confusion, arguments, and disagreement on your man, and in the condition that “all men are one, ” but understand that no two men are born the same neither do they approach relationships the same way.

If you are not sure of your man’s behavior, don’t say it’s because he is a guy, it is just because he is different from you.

He thinks differently, talks differently and before you understand how he does his things, you may need to ask him.

2) Most Nigerian Men Are Competitive & Love To Feel Like Winners.

Nigerian Men are always competitive. they are more competitive than women. That’s why you see them taking competitive jobs, buying competitive cars, and can even compete to win the best girl.

Again, Nigerian men want you to treat them like a winner. This means everything to him. He is happier when he knows that all his efforts are becoming successful. Although men see success differently. For example, some need prestigious positions to feel successful, others need more cash to feel so.

However, when it comes to relationships, the Nigerian man wants to feel that you accepted him because he won you and not that you got him out of desperation.

Of course he wants to feel that he got you, not because you chose him but because he competed with every other man and won you.

3) Women Are The Second In Command:

Every Nigerian man sees women as the second in command, both in the family and outside. They believe that women are created to be a helpmate to a man and nothing else.

They also believe that it is the men’s right to make decisions concerning their family and the women keep the home and take care of the children too.

To them, the women should be there for them when they are needed.

Nigerian men always want to be the man and the owner of the house. They want their wives to honor and respect them. Another thing is that any woman that knows how to cook has the key to a Nigerian man’s heart.

4) He Wants You To Listen When He Talks:

This is important to every man and not just a Nigerian man. Paying full attention to them without interruption show them that you respect and honor then.

Because of their pride to be a man, they count interruptions as a challenge to their statue.

And they can go to any length to make sure they protect their ego. To be on the safe side, you have to keep calm and let them say all they want to before interrupting.

Every relationship succeeds when you know the mode of communication the works for you and stick to it.

5) Don’t Be Too Demanding:

Nigerian men don’t like someone that’s too demanding. Simply put, if you want to scare him away, then make two requests for money or anything collectively and he will take to his heal.

it’s not that they don’t want to give or help you, but they don’t expect you to be too demanding.

Don’t always have the lists of what you want him to do for you, whether finally or otherwise.

Demanding too much from him makes him feel you are just using him for financial gains. He can do anything for you if he pleases, but he may not want to do those things you requested just to prove that he is in charge.

6) He Excepts You To Be Good Cook

Every Nigerian man whether igbo, Housa, or Yoruba love food and they don’t want to play with their stomach at all. That means he expects you to know how to cook varieties of food.

It also means that a bad cook won’t attract him too. One of the first tests you will get from him is to know your cooking abilities.

Once he is satisfied that you have the abilities, he will start inviting his friends to the house because he is confident of your cooking.

Even the friend can make references of your cooking abilities If you did it right.

If don’t know how to cook yet, don’t be discouraged, you can always learn it any time you want.

7) Don’t Pursue Him:

In third world countries, women can pursue a man and even propose marriage to him. We are yet to evolve to that yet; maybe we will in the near future.

However, now Nigerian man wants to be the one that made the first move. If you chase a Nigerian man, you are giving him the power of attorney to deal with you as he please.

If he wants to have mercy with you, he will just use you and dump you. A Nigerian man will respect and value you if he didn’t get you cheap.

And the truth is that any man that wants you can do all to get you and will try harder if you play a little hard to get than went you chase him.


Now you have learned about Nigerian men and relationships, it is time to decide.

Should you Marry or date a Nigerian man or not? The decision is yours to take. All Nigerian men are not the same.

There are good ones and bad ones. If you have been disappointed before, it is not because he is a Nigerian man but because he is himself.

Most Nigerian men are more caring and respectful too. They value women and hold them to high

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