29 Qualities of a good marriage partner

Your joy in marriage begins the moment you find a good marriage partner.

That is why Proverbs 18 verse 22, said that “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.”  And that also means that if you find the wrong partner, you are in for the worst marriage experiences.

Question is:

How do you find a good marriage partner?

In her book “MARRY HIM,”: “The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough,” Lori Gottlieb shows you how to find true love, and what qualities that matter in a marriage. You won’t want to miss this book.

It is therefore imperative that you carefully look for someone you can spend the rest of your life with, having in mind that marriage is for a long time.

The problem with finding a good marriage partner is that everyone feigns to be what he or she is not in other to attract a partner, and if you don’t look closely, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

However, in this post, I will guide you step by step on how to know and find a good marriage partner.

Here are Few things You will Learn From this post.

– Who is a good marriage partner?

– What makes a good marriage partner?

– How to find a good marriage partner.

If these are what you want to know, then let’s dive in.

29 Qualities of a good marriage partner.

1) They are grown and fully matured:

Any minor is not fit to be a good marriage partner, because they are not ripped for marriage yet, and should not be included in your list of your intending partners.

The slogan that “Age is just a number,” is not a lie, but you should look for someone who is matured at heart. Someone who has “recognized and resolved their childhood loses and trauma, and fully aware of their impacts in the new ways of life.”

A fully matured partner should be able to stand her ground when making great decisions. According to the writer of healthyplace.com, “Maturity in a relationship is the ability to base a decision about love relationship on a big picture- The long haul, in general, means being able to pass up the fun moment and select the course and action which will pay off later.”

2) Ready To Commit:

Before he/she will be qualified to be a good marriage partner, they should be ready to commit.

Many people are so afraid to commit to a long-term relationship. Commitment in a relationship is simply about deciding to dedicate yourself to the growth and development of your relationship.

Any partner that is afraid to fully dedicate to your relationship, is not fit to be addressed as one. Count them off.

Understand also that commitment is not love, because you can love your partner and still be unwilling to commit.

3) Beautiful Or Handsome At Heart:

In marriage, facial beauty doesn’t count much. Your prospective partner may not be beautiful facially to attract you for a marriage, but he/she may be beautiful from within.

Judging someone by appearance isn’t right. The best way to know a person’s worth is by the way they speak or their character.

A person’s inner beauty is expressed through their humble behavior, “noble thought” and good actions. To know if she/ he is a good marriage partner, then look at what she possess within and not the facial beauty.

4) Love and Relates Well With Your Family:

A marriage partner will push you apart from your family because they are not good at keeping relationships. Your best partner will be your families’ best friend.

When someone is really in love with you, then you will do everything to extend that love to your family members.

5) Integrity And Honesty Are Their Watchwords:

Integrity is important in every relationship, and many relationships have gone through hell without it. It eats away the good things that are required for building a successful relationship.

You want to marry someone who you can depend on completely; one who never fulfills their promises. The Ad marriage partner possesses those qualities, that’s why they are in great demand.

6) He Will Give Everything Up To Be With You:

Are you are planning to settle down? You must look for that partner that is committed to you. Find someone that is not self-centered, and who is willing to sacrifice their happiness because you need them around: who will also be there when you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on.

7) Compromise to Make Things Better:

Max Baucus quote says “A true definition of compromise is a little give, a little take. It simply means giving up things to reach a common ground in your relationship.

Your partner should be someone who is understanding to give up their opinion or wishes to let peace reign. Although it doesn’t mean they will always compromise their own identity or boundaries because of your relationship, they find a common ground for both of you to walk on together.

8) Ready To Support You:

There is a quote that “behind every successful partner, there is a good spouse.” Your partner should be able to help you become the best version of yourself. They respect you, but they will still challenge you to improve in your game so you can be the best.

9) They Hold Your Relationship High:

If your marriage is your priority, your partner should be willing to key to your vision as well. If it is not so, then other commitments will take over your relationship and that means failure.

if your partner’s priority is marriage too, you will be able to work as a team to get good results.

10) Faithfulness Matters To Them:

Infidelity has destroyed many relationships; therefore a good marriage partner needs to be faithful. If you see any sign of unfaithfulness, he/she is out of the list, unless both of you agreed otherwise.

11) Open to change:

Many people claim to know it all and they never accept opportunities because of arrogance.

Your intending partner should be willing to take opportunities as they come and not rigid to accept changes.

12) He Trust You And You Do Too:

A good relationship is based on trust. The one to marry should trust you and you trust her. They will never have any reason to search your phone or emails because they can’t trust you.

When they are not clear about something, they ask questions and not going behind you to investigate.

13) You Can Learn From Each Other:

“No one knows it all.” The best person to marry could come into the relationship with things you wish to learn. That will provide an opportunity for both of you to learn new things from each other.

14) They Are Your Number One Fan:

When everyone else has left you, you will expect your partner to be there for you. That’s what a fan means. It is not always good to be the center of attraction, but you will love to be attracted to the one you love.

Your fan can vouch for you, die for you and sing your praises anywhere and every time.

15) Positive Thinker:

It is better to spend your life with a positive-minded partner than the negative one.

A negative partner will bring you down completely, but the positive-minded partner sees things from a different point of view. They see failure as an opportunity for improvement, but the negative partner feels depressed and easily.

negative partner love to bring the partner down, you have to avoid getting married to someone with a negative mindset.

16) Love:

No relationship can thrive without love. It requires love to forgive your partner when they spill the beans, you also need love to move on when it looks like everything is not working well in your relationship; that’s why the Bible said that “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

Your love should be at the ratiratio100: 100, and not 80:20 or 50: 50. It must be high because that is the pivot that pulls your relationship.

17) They Believe In You:

You should marry someone who does not only cherish you but also believes in you and your capabilities. Marry someone who will not only say yes to your dreams and aspirations but who will ginger you to take the first step into making your dreams a reality.

He or she will also be there for you through the thick and the thin, and motivate you when you want to give up your dreams. Isn’t that the type of partner you wish for?

18) Your Friend:

A result of a study conducted years ago proved that “there’s a double satisfaction when a spouse called their partners their best friend.” To crown it all, couples who married their best friends are 35% free from divorce.

That simply shows that it is better to marry your best friend than someone you are yet to understand.

Your best friend knows you well and you know them too, so there’s a mutual understanding that exists between you.

20) Understands Your Language:

You have a unique love language and you will wish that your partner understands what they are. The commonest point we get stuck in our relationship is understanding each other’s language.

When you marry someone that finds it hard to understand your love language, there will always be trouble. Therefore look for someone that will understand when you are happy or not.

21) Sense Of Humor:

When you get married to someone with a sense of humor, you have added some colors to your marriage.

They will be the medicine that heals your relationship from troubles, by causing you to laugh when you are stressed.

In a study conducted years back using some couples from five countries, they pointed out that they were happier with a humorous partner. A humorous partner can impact your relationship positively.

22) You Can Rely On Them:

A reliable spouse makes a good partner. You can trust them at all times because they honor their words and you know they can do whatever you expect from them.

Reliability engenders trust and assures your partner of safety and rest when needed.

23) Hardworking:

It is not easy to have a successful relationship. You have to work hard. More so, only a hardworking spouse can complement your effort.

They are the ones who believed that two heads are better than one and so they strive with you to get things done.

24) They Can Take Care Of You:

“It takes two to tangle.” And to have a happy relationship, you should be able to take care of each other.

Your spouse should be your number one point of call when all else fails. He/she must care about your physical, and emotional needs.

25 Forgive and Forget:

It takes grace to forgive when someone you love hurts you. However, in relationships, it is expected that you or your partner can forgive each other otherwise, there wouldn’t be a lasting relationship. When you marry a none forgiving spouse, things will never be okay in your family.

Marry someone who has the grace to say “I forgive you, but promise not to do the same again.” Not everyone can forgive.

26) He/ She Values Time Together:

Chose to marry someone that values couples time, this is because couples times are important.  This is the time when the affairs of your relationship are evaluated and corrected if there is a need to do so.

threesome partners are busy to honor the time. To get the best out of your relationship, you should make it a priority and also marry someone who y to honor the time.


27) Have Their Own Life:

Your good marriage partner should be someone who is committed to your relationship and at the same time have their own life.

28) Attractive:

Although being attractive is not that important when you are getting married, but it is good to marry someone presentable. At least you may feel a little relief from your stress when you look at their faces.

29) Sexually Active:

if you are sexually active, look for someone who is on the same page with you. the difference in sexuality can be a real problem. So when looking for a good marriage partner, look for your match.


Don’t rush into marriage because of pressure, take your time and search for someone that will make a good marriage partner for you, because any little mistake can cost you your happiness forever.

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