27 Marriage Articles You Must Read Fast

Here in happymarriagebuilder.com, I have shared so many important marriage articles to clearly show you steps you should take from dating to marriage proper and how to sustain your marriage to the end.


Probably, you have missed so many of them due to your tight schedules.


But don’t get worked up about that: here in this article, I have written down 27 important articles I shared in this blog just to help you navigate the storms of your relationship/ marriage.


If you are ready for that, then get yourself a cup of coffee and sit tight as you read them.


Here are them.

1 The first step to a happy marriage

2 Five steps to enjoy a happy marriage

3, Rules of a happy marriage.

4 After the wedding: Five secrets spouse gave me on how to stay happily married even when the love has vanished.


5 My advice to the newly wedded couples.


The above marriage articles will show you exactly what you know; starting from when you’ve made up your mind to get married and you will also learn about all you should do to sustain your marriage /relationship.


Imparting your marriage


6 How to improve your marriage and make it strong,

7, 15 minutes a day just to breathe new life into your marriage.

8, 7 Quick wins to get your spouse to talk to you again after a fight.

9, 7 Marriage sweeteners.


How to make your marriage happier and sweeter.


  1. 10 important deadly mistakes you must avoid in your marriage

11 How to build strong intimacy in your marriage.


12 How to effortlessly locate a good marriage counselor.


13 5 important problems you may likely have in marriage and how to avoid them


14 How to keep love and intimacy alive in your marriage.


15 Dealing with issues in your marriage in 5 simple ways.


Take your time to read those articles above and you will understand how to navigate most of the challenges that come to your relationship.


 Infidelity in marriage/ relationship


Here are most of the posts I wrote that will show you what causes infidelity in marriage.

From the survey,  it was found out that most of the couples that cheat are still very much in love with their partner even as they cheat.


This post is to show you the causes of infidelity, the damage it can cause in relationships and how to avoid it, and how to deal with it.


Here they are:-


16 How infidelity can destroy your marriage /relationship.


17 Fidelity in marriage


18 6 Important ways of dealing with infidelity in your marriage.


     Marriage Destroyers


Most times what we neglect are the things that finally destroy our relationship.


If you want to avoid those problems, then these articles will guide.


19 11 subtle marriage killers, we overlooked in our marriages.


20 15 highly neglected threats to our marriages


21 11 ways you are unknowingly hurting your wife and destroying your marriage.\


22 10 Reasons marriage doesn’t work anymore.


23 10 things you should never say to


      choosing your spouse


Marriage is good, but you must be careful when making a choice. It is true you will not get any man that will be 100% perfect, but you need to know few things you should be looking at when you are in the marriage market and this article will help you.


24 10 types of women you should never date or marry


25, 7 types of men perfect for marriage.


26 What type of husband are you?


27 Proven ways to get a man proposed to you.


Rounding up


What else do you need? I have written everything you need down in this post, just to help you have a good flow in your relationship.


The rest is dependent on you. Go ahead a read the articles and choose whichever one that will work best for you and then work with it.


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