10 Wedding planning mistakes to avoid now


To all of you my wonderful readers who are planning their wedding, I am here to help you sought out so many things about planning for your wedding. This post will help you avoid some wedding planning mistakes as you prepare.


You see, two heads are better than one. Because I care, I will not allow you to make some wedding planning mistakes I have seen others make during their weddings.


I have attended so many weddings and I have seen so many glitches in that they would have been avoided during the planning.


However, nobody is above mistake. no matter how careful you are sometimes, you will still see some mistakes.
My sincere advice to you when you see those lapses is to smile and just focus on the day’s enjoyment.


But no one will like to make that common wedding planning mistakes, that’s why this post is very important for you.


In a little moment from now, I will reveal to you some common mistakes you should avoid when you are planning to work down the aisle.


            10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid Now.

Let’s get down to business.


(1) Budget is necessary:-

There’s a quote that says “If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail”.
Planning a wedding without a budget is similar to that quote, because, without p budget, you are heading for a big disaster.


Tell me, how can you order things without knowing how much you’ll have to spend on it?
When you have a properly laid out plan, then you can figure out how and where to spend your money to get better results.


No matter how big or small you intend your wedding to be, if you make a good budget and stick to it, you will see things working well.
This is because the budget will keep you and the event planner within stipulated parameters without stressing your finance.


So before you jump into that bridal shop, have a good plan for it.


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(2) Telling everybody about your wedding:-

You have a plan to wow your guests with surprises.
You have lots and lots of things to display to make your wedding talk of the town.
But, when you tell many people about it, then you are giving out to those copycats maybe wedding before you.



(3) Using your friend instead of the professional:-

Your friend Maybe good at video coverage or wedding planning but not a good DJ.
I know you are on a tight budget, but think of What will happen if your friend spills the beans as a DJ.

I suggest you make use of a paid vendor and get a good result than screwing up the whole thing just because you want to cut costs.


(4) Planning without a guest like:-

I know you can’t wait to book the venue but wait a moment, don’t you think it’s better to have a list of your guests before any other thing?

Getting the list down will helps you to determine every other part of the occasion.
All decisions must be based on the size of your list.


You may not want to make a big nonrefundable deposit at a 1000 sitting capacity restaurant only to have just a hundred people in attendance or the opposite.


Firstly, discuss the number with your family and your in-laws then get down with the planning.


(5) Procrastination:-

To get the best out of your occasion, it’s important to start planning immediately you close a date.

Many couples make the mistakes of holding on till the last moment to start or finalize their wedding details.

This will make you stretch yourself so much in other to meet up.
Start everything on time, such as getting the guest list, booking the venue and other important things and also finalize everything as soon as possible to avoid the rush at the last minute.


(6) Never book an inaccessible venue:-

It doesn’t matter how tight your budget is or how stunning the venue may be, many guests will not want to come if the venue is inaccessible or hard to locate.


Most guest decides whether to attend your function or not depending on how accessible it is.


The best way to go about it is to make it easier for them to access.



(7) Wasting so much money:-

It’s true that a wedding is a once in a lifetime thing, and you want to have the best of it. That’s right, but you must be careful so you don’t spend more money where you are not supposed to.


A lot of people who want to profit from it will come with different advice just to gain from you.

They may talk you into getting a more expensive wedding gown, booking an expensive venue.

Always remember that there’s a life after that wedding day.
If you spend all you have during your wedding, how would you go on after the day?
My sincere advice is to work and never exceed your budget.




(8) Relying only on wedding planners:-

It is good you employed the services of a good wedding planner, and they are really doing what you expect them to do.


However, there is a need for you to supervise them again and again as they do the work so that you will be sure nothing is left out.
Of course, they are experts, but, there are things you want your ways, so when you supervise what them, you can see their lapses and fill it.


(9) Not working as a team with your spouse:-

“Two heads they say is better than one ” It is very true you can plan a wedding alone and everything will work perfectly well.

However, it would have been much better if you and your partner team up to get the best.
Never neglect the opinion of your spouse during the planning, his/her suggestions can go a long way in bringing much-desired success during your wedding ceremony.


(10) Not having plan B:

If your wedding is an outdoor event, there’s a need to have a plan B, due to unprecedented weather change.


Think about what next to do should there be a rainfall.
Having plan B will make you smile In the end when things change from the usual normal plan.



This post is to help you avoid some common wedding mistakes as you are planning to walk down the aisle.
Making a plan will save you lots of stress in time to come.
So read it carefully and take to heart those interesting points I shared and remember to invite me to that graceful occasion.

I am still your friend Murphyaik.
See you at the top.

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