10 types of women you should never date or marry

getting married, girls you should never marry

getting married, girls you should never marryWhile every man prays to get married someday, yet no man wants to get married to any type of woman. Intact every man will do everything he can not to marry the wrong woman.

But in spite of the carefulness men still fall victim to that.

If you are planning to take the step now,

Don’t worry; I am here today to help you today.

In this post I want to give you some quick tips that will clearly show you what type of women you should never date or marry.

If you are ready, then, then let’s go!

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10 types of women you should never date or marry


getting married, what men want in women1 Men maker: – These are those chicks that always have a list and lots of expectations for you and will not take it easy with you until they are sure you dance to their tune

There are lots of them outside and you should avoid mingling with them.

To them, God did not mold you well and they want to do it themselves.

They usually start from trying to change your wardrobe, then your taste of music and finally you.

I am sure you’ll not want to marry that type of chick.


2 Jealous and suspicious chick: – It is true no woman wants to share his man, but it could be more problematic when she is suspicious about everything


Not only that being too jealous is an unpleasant experience, but being too jealous or overtly suspicious will make a woman to misinterpret what is happening and may take what is a normal event and change it into what she thinks.

That behavior can destroy your relationship

3 Professional Gossip: – Whether she is talking about other people in your family or co- Worker, gossip is gossip. But worst is that woman who gossips about the husband to her friends and families.


4 Want to have it all chick:- These chicks are always interested in what other people has not minding that they have the same

examples she has a red shoe, but she saw the Neighbor wearing the purple color and immediately she prefers that purple color. Any woman like that never gets satisfied about anything.


If you want to marry that type of woman then make sure your bank account is loaded because she will leave you when you can’t satisfy her needs.

Bad woman, wrong wife5  Domineering type of woman :These chicks wants to be the boss, they want to dictate what will happen in the home, they usually want to threaten the husband with divorce and always manipulate some arguments in other to bend their husband

It is a nightmare when you live with such a woman who wants to tell you what to do and what not to do, because they will leave no space to you for personal opinion

Bad cook, wrong woman6 Bad cook:- If you enjoy food like I do, then you have look for someone who knows how to cook good food.

7 A lazy chick: – Would you like it when you come back from work and see clothes litter everywhere, dishes piled up in kitchen and the whole house is unkempt.

Intact everything is exactly the way they were before you left.

The worst of it all is that your spouse is glued to the television

That is the life style of lazy woman.

8 Unfaithful type of chick: – Can you stand it you get reports from friends and loved once, or you find out yourself that your wife is cheating on you?

Getting married to an unfaithful woman is worst thing that can happen to any man, even your life is in danger.

9 High maintenance women: – A high maintenance woman is the same as high maintenance car. They are those types of girls who want many things (affection, money and other material things) just to make them happy. If you can afford everything then go ahead and marry her. But think twice.

Disrespectful wife10 Disrespectful women: – The number one ingredient to make any marriage successful is mutual respect. Marry a woman who is disrespectful and then you will live to be unhappy forever

The bible says in proverbs 21 verse 9 ” It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared by a quarrelsome wife.

So when your prospective wife is not regarding your opinions or “second guessing you “, it is a clear indication that some disrespect is thrown at you.

Think twice before committing yourself.


If you want to enjoy your marriage, then be careful when selecting your partner.

This list of the types of girls you should never date or marry is just to help you achieve a successful marriage.

Just keep searching and you will find your heart desire

I am still your friend Murphyaik

See you at the top.




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