30 Sweet Things You Will Tell Your Wife Now.

Men indeed have different ways of expressing their love for a woman.
They may be too reluctant to do so many things that women expect them to do, and you may be asking if that man truly loves the wife or not.

But as a man obviously,  there are sweet things you will tell your wife today that can boost her love for you, even when you don’t do certain things.

Truth is that you can know if he truly loves you from the type of sweet words that comes out of his mouth, after all, words also play an important role when expressing your feelings.

In this post are 30 sweet things you will tell your wife today to boost love.

Let’s Dive in.

30 Sweet Things You Will Tell Your Wife Now To Boost Her Love For You.

1) You Are Everything To Me, I Can’t Stay A Bit Without You.

Women are wonderful people and they are happy when they know that you love them truly. Your wife is one of the women, and she except that from you as well.

One of the sweet things you will tell your wife today to boost her love for you is to reassure her daily that you can’t stay a bit without her.

Telling your wife how you love her daily was not had for you at the early stages of your marriage, but a time came when everywhere became cold, and the romantic gesture started disappearing.

Don’t worry, because you are not alone. So many spouses are in that state now. However, you can make a change by changing yourself and your attitude to your marriage.

Reassuring her today about your love for her will add heels to her steps and it will boost her love for you today. You can try it today by-

  • Sending love notes to her.
  • Write a love letter telling her all you feel for her.
  • Go on romantic dates.
  • Help her do the domestic chores.
  • Get special gifts for her. Etc.

2) Since I first met you, I can’t stay a minute without wanting to be with you.

Share some good memories of how the relationship started.

Simon Forstmeier and Reza Majzoobi from the University of Siegen said that “Memories couples have about their ongoing marital relationship appear to be one of the decisive interpersonal variables in their close relationship.”

Their advice is that sharing memories of your relationship will not only improve your mental health, but it will also help you to stitch together all the experiences and events that made your marriage become whatever it is today.

The best of it all is that when you reminisce on those good memories, you are digging up those things that will promote your marriage and make it the best.

3) It’s amazing how everything has changed with me since I met you, I don’t want to spend a moment without you:-

Women want to know how you value them in your marriage. They want to know that you also see them as the help mates they are. Therefore one of the sweet things you will tell your wife today to boost her love for you is to tell her how she has contributed to the growth of your marriage.

So, from this moment, tell her how her contributions, advice, and support have helped you as the husband and your marriage in particular grow.

If you appreciate her, you will see he did the more and the best to make you and every member of the family happy. An old American adage says that everyone is happy when mama is happy.

4) The best and the only place to be is with you, no place else is worth being because I always have peace whenever am with you:-

If you have said anything else to make your wife happy, then try telling her this today. Let her know that you enjoy being with her always.

Some couples can not stay together even for a minute due to communication gaps. Meanwhile, if you tell your wife how you enjoy being with her, it shows that you have good communication.

You can as well share wonderful stories of beautiful things that happened while you were with each other.

5) I always feel so incomplete without you:-

This is one of the most appropriate words you can use to brighten your spouse’s day. “Words are powerful,” and using the right words can make things beautiful.

I know it is not always easy to choose the best words, and that’s why I brought this out for you. Always find the best time to make her know that you are not complete without her.

After all the Bible made us know that women are missing ribs from the man’s bodies. I bet you that your wife will be happy to learn that she is your soulmate.

6) I know I’ve made so many mistakes as a man, but please, don’t withdraw your love from me. I may go mad if you ever do:-

We make mistakes every day, and nobody is above that. Peradventure you have done anything that hurts her, do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness.

Men always want to be the superman when it comes to asking their wives for forgiveness. But, if all you want is to make your wife happy and boost your marriage, then you will always be fast to reconcile.

John Guttman said that “every couple fights, but the best couples reconcile before the next morning.

It won’t make you smaller or lose your status when you ask your wife for forgiveness, it will make your relationship with your wife stronger, better, and glorious.

7) You are the only one I want to love, you are all I dream of and I will like to spend the rest of my life with me.

8) You have a beautiful smile and my heart soars whenever you smiled at me.

9) You look so amazing in that dress.

Giving complement is also important when you care about your wife’s feelings. Hurtful words and criticism destroys a marriage fast, but compliments builds a marriage.

The power of compliments is so strong that it can keep your wife smiling the whole day when she remembers your compliment. Good husbands love to see their wives happy every day.

Your complements are evidences of your live for your wife so don’t stop complementing if you want more bond, more happy and deep love in your marriage.

10) All my life, I’ve been hoping to meet someone like you and God has finally answered my prayers:-

If you are searching for Sweet Things You Will Tell Your Wife, then this must be on your list. Tell he that she is incomparable.

Women hate it when you compare them with any other women. They feel inferior when that happens. But, telling your wife that she is the best makes her happy and committed to your marriage.

11) I feel so happy whenever I remembered the first time I set my eyes on you.

12) I am grateful to God every day for making me know you.

13) My life feels empty when you are not around me.

14) I hope your day was as splendid as you are.

15) You are wonderfully and fearfully made.

16) I only want to be the best man in the world just for you

17) I had to do this because I want to be happy.

#18) Now I know what love is all about.

#19) I desperately need you in my life.

#20) I want us to take this to another level.

#21) I pray that our children look like you.

#22) You need a man who cares, who wants to make you happy, and who wants to be there for you anytime you wish.

#23) You deserve to be treated like a queen and I am here to fill those gaps in your life.

#24) You are all I desire to love, you are all I dream of and you occupy my thought my mind, and my everything.

#25) Good day dear, I have made a good breakfast for you.

#26) If I don’t have this strong feeling for you, I wouldn’t be feeling hopeless when am not with you.

#27) I feel so sorry you lost your job dear, but thank God you still have me by your side.

#28) To me, “I love you” means you are the best thing that made sense to me.

#29) I think I want to spend my whole life with you.

#30) Nothing seems perfect in this life, but your love has made life living for me.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you have been in the love market for a long time; whenever you hear any of these sweet words from that man, it is a blank check that he truly loves and wants to be with you forever.

And if you are a good husband these 30 Sweet Things You Will Tell Your Wife would have been hidden in your mind. It shouldn’t be hard for you to say.

It’s important to start taking notes of those words from this moment.

I expect to see you on the other side of life soon.

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