6 deadly courtship mistakes to avoid


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Have you made some deadly courtship mistakes in the past that caused you to lose you’re supposed to be a partner?


Courtship is a very important time for would-be couples, it a time to study and know your prospective husband or wife.

But it is also a very tricky moment and therefore requires great carefulness and some understanding.

If courtship is easy, then why do you think people still make mistakes getting married to the wrong person? Why do we also have so many broken relationships?

It can only be a result of a lack of proper preparations.

Many people especially the youths believe they know it all and therefore show a deaf ear to advice.


Courtship or dating offers good avenues to know your intending partner well, but lots of people end up ruining their opportunities of getting hooked up by making some deadly courtship mistakes.

I am here to guide you right so you don’t make such deadly courtship mistakes again in your next dating.


6 Deadly Courtship Mistakes to Avoid in your relationship.


1) Don’t try to be who you are not: – It always amazing to me when I see people trying to change or changing their nature or lifestyles because they want to get married.

They believe you have to be the best before they can find and sustain someone’s love.

That’s a grave mistake. You are great the way you are, and God understands why he made you the way you are.

If you pretend to be who you are not just because you want to keep your love, time is coming when everything will be revealed and you will blame yourself for it.

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