6 deadly courtship mistakes to avoid


Have you made some deadly courtship mistakes in the past that caused you to lose you’re supposed to be a partner?


Courtship is a very important time for would-be couples, it a time to study and know your prospective husband or wife.

But it is also a very tricky moment and therefore requires great carefulness and some understanding.

If courtship is easy, then why do you think people still make mistakes getting married to the wrong person? Why do we also have so many broken relationships?

It can only be a result of a lack of proper preparations.

Many people especially the youths believe they know it all and therefore show a deaf ear to advice.


Courtship or dating offers good avenues to know your intending partner well, but lots of people end up ruining their opportunities of getting hooked up by making some deadly courtship mistakes.

I am here to guide you right so you don’t make such deadly courtship mistakes again in your next dating.


6 Deadly Courtship Mistakes to Avoid in your relationship.


1) Don’t try to be who you are not: – It always amazing to me when I see people trying to change or changing their nature or lifestyles because they want to get married.

They believe you have to be the best before they can find and sustain someone’s love.

That’s a grave mistake. You are great the way you are, and God understands why he made you the way you are.

If you pretend to be who you are not just because you want to keep your love, time is coming when everything will be revealed and you will blame yourself for it.


The only remedy for that is to have full confidence and love for yourself and then people will love you back.


2) Don’t tell lies: – Every successful relationship is based on truth, and so it is necessary to start your marriage foundation with truth as well.


Since courtship/ dating is the only way to know each other better before marriage, it is important you make your new date understand that you have a past.

For example, let him/ her know that you had a child in your school days. If he/she finds out later in the marriage, it may bring great chaos between you.

Everyone has a past and your past can’t jeopardize your present the truth and let the relationship start on a clean page, not regarding the history of your lives.


3) Don’t be in a hurry:- It’s always interesting to take things easy, you made hit your leg in stone while you are in a rush.

The same is applied to marriage. When you are in a hurry to get married, your eyes may be blinded to know if she/ he is the right person for you.


Remember, marriage or spending the rest of your life with someone is not a child’s play, and so be very careful when you are choosing your partner, else you will regret it for the rest of your life.


4) Be ready to back out:- It doesn’t matter how handsome/ beautiful or interesting your new lover is, always assure yourself that if he /she fails, that you can always get a better one.


This will give you the courage to throw in the towel when you find out that two of you are not compatible with each other.

Never believe he/she will change in the future.

If he/she wouldn’t change now, don’t expect him to change later.


5) Act of playing hard to get:- It is good sometimes to play a little tough to your new date.

You are not doing so to scare life out of him/ her, but you want to play not cheap.

Some men may claim they don’t like girls that don’t commit to them easily within some days but let me tell you that men love girls who know how to keep them in suspense about them.

However, this doesn’t work for everyone.

Researcher, Jia, and Dia Dong in 2014 said that playing hard to get may decree liking and May also increase feelings to some.

My advice is that you become more sensitive when you are playing the game; if it’s not working out for you, then change to your plan B.

6) Never tell your life stories: – It’s always joyful to have stories to tell your new date, at least to keep the moment alive, but don’t make the mistakes of divulging your whole self to him/ her.


Obviously, you always waited for that a moment to go on a date together and also to know him/her, but telling everything about yourself on your first date can be a disaster.

For example; if you pour a bucket of water a match, the fire goes out immediately, that can also happen when you want to suffocate your date with your story.

And so it doesn’t matter how interesting or wonderful your stories are, make it a mystery for your date to uncover in your subsequent dates.

Rounding up:

If you have falling victim to one or more of these deadly courtship mistakes I listed in this article, it may be either because you knew about them, but overlooked it, or you didn’t know at all.

Now you know everything, just try to take action now to avoid more mistakes.








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