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4 Powerful Tools For Fixing A Loveless Marriage Now.

happy marriage, loveless marriage, love your partner, Fixing A Loveless Marriage,

If you are looking for ways of fixing a loveless marriage, then this article is for you.

Are you feeling trapped in a loveless marriage where your love for each other died a long time ago? And now you are asking questions is it possible to stay in a loveless marriage? Or throw in the towel.

You are not alone in that, I have received countless emails from my readers, requesting me to show them what to do about that very issue; and especially to show them ways of fixing a loveless marriage.

If you are asking these same questions, then this post is specifically for you, as I will show you 4 ways of fixing a loveless marriage.

Frankly speaking, no one desires to experience being trapped in a loveless marriage, it can be too emotionally draining, especially when you are trying everything you could do day and night to connect, experience love, or even been noticed by your partner and not getting your way through.

When you look back, you could clearly remember those days when you were saying your vows at the altar, you loved each other so well in the first place to accept to get married to each other.

However, along the line, things start changing, and it became somewhat difficult to meet needs or take care of certain things that make marriage sweet.

Those unmet needs start making everyone feel rejected, unfulfilled, ignored, and not properly taken care of until the marriage became affected too.

The good news is that you can patch those holes and make your relationship sweet again, and I will show you how to do that in a short while.

Let’s get started.

What Are The Signs Of A Loveless Marriage?

When you love your partner, sexless marriage,

How do you know that you have a loveless marriage? Well there are a few signs you will see in your marriage that will make you understand that things are no longer the same again.

So before you start looking for ways of fixing a loveless marriage, first look for the signs below.

a) All the Fun Has Disappeared:-

The best moments in marriage is when you play and laugh things up in your marriage. You spend time together talking, chatting, and playing games.

Those moments have disappeared, you disagree more than you agree on common things. You shout and yell at each other and no more time together and playing games.

Marni Feuerman, PsyD, a marriage therapist in Boca Raton says that ” a disconnect in relationships shall be linked with humor.” It is important to always find lightness whenever thing gets tough in your marriage.

Try to laugh more, because laughter heals. When you and your partner stops laughing things off, it show that both of you are not in good relationship again and you will need a help.

b) You Don’t Make Love Anymore:-

As couple, one of the thing that will hold you firmly is the combination of both the emotional and physical intimacy. According to Feuerman this is reserved for the two of you only.

Yes, it is true that your libido may not be the same, and may even become worse as the year goes, but when you sex frequency of your marriage diminish, one of you will likey feel unwanted and rejected.

That can cause resentment and disagreements, so don’t let that happen.

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