Do you know what women want in a relationship?

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It is not that easy to figure out what women want in a relationship, but if you want a successful relationship, then it’s important to find them out.

And in this article, I will be showing you all the things women want in a relationship, and how to make them available to make them happy.

There’s a quote by Ron Hall that “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.”

That simply indicates that your wife’s happiness is imminent to the success of your relationship, and so to make her happy depends on knowing what she wants from you.

You can ask her to tell you, and you should,

However, in this post, I will show you the most important things woman wants: I mean what women want in a relationship: your wife wants them too.

Although all the women may like different things, this list of what women want in a relationship can be similar to each other.

Here are they

What Women Want In A Relationship.

1) She Wants Feel Love From You:

I have heard so many men saying that they love their wives, but the wife still complains of not being loved.

Dear, it is not enough to love your wife without demonstrating it to her.

Your wife wants to feel the love from your actions. The truth is that once your wife feels loved, she will also give her best to you and your family as well.

When she doesn’t feel love, you will notice it from her actions: there will be arguments, and sometimes fight.

Therefore, try all you can to monitor her moods always to make sure she feels happy and loved.

2) She Wants To Be Your Best Friend:

Among all the things your wife wants from you in your relationship, being your friend is topmost in the list of her priorities.

Your wife always prays to have you around her both in the good and bad times, she wants a husband who will have a close bond with her, after all having a close bond with her, and friendship is the basis for a happy relationship.

No woman wants to be bossed about by their husband, but to be cuddled and pampered too.

If you haven’t been that close friend to your wife, follow these steps below.

How To Be Your Wives Best Friend:

– Care for Her:

Your duty as her husband is to care for her, especially when she is in a negative mood. Show her that you care about her feelings by being at her side and trying to make her feel better.

Try all you can to make her know that you are there to help her out of her troubles. Be calm as she explains her fears to you.

You may not bring a better solution to her problems, but your attention can make things better.

– Invest In Her:

She is all yours, except you are sharing her with someone else: if not, then you have to put your best into your relationship with her.

Sacrifice your time, and your whole self to be that good husband and friend.

– Be Her Husband And Not Her Boss:

Don’t ever try to control her. Of course, you are the head of the family, but you are not her boss, you are her husband.

Restrain yourself from shouting at her always. There are better ways to correct her mistake than shouting.

Be in charge of everything, but don’t be the nagging husband.

– She Needs Your Supports:

Your wife needs your support just like everyone else. You must be able to stand by her always. Support her careers and dreams and also be the support she has through her trying moments.

– Don’t Keep Secret:

Friend don’t keep secret, therefore to be your wife’s best friend, then you should always be plain and open in your relationship.

Keeping secrets causes problems in a relationship, especially when the secrets are finally exposed.

3) She Wants To Feel Secured:

Among all things, your wife needs from you are the reason to feel secured. It is her greatest need as a wife

Your wife needs to be reassured daily of love and care. She wants to know that she is still your best and your wife.

Any time you disconnect from her, she feels abandoned and unsafe. She fees other things have taken her place as your wife.

If you want to know whether you are providing the security she needs, go ahead and ask her. If she answered yes, you are on the right track, if not, then start from this moment.

Here is the checklist of how to make your wife feel secure:

Be Transparent: Don’t make her have any reason to doubt your actions. You can achieve that by being transparent all the time.

Express Your Love Every Minute: Always find a way to express your love to her. You may not need to say it, let your actions prove it to her.

Say The Truth Always: Lies bring distrust especially when it is exposed. To be on the safe side, don’t lie to her about anything.

Be Careful How You Relate With other women: The mind is so deceptive. You may not have any bad motive when you relate with the opposite sex, but your wife can have another thought.

4) Be Affectionate

Affection is simply the ways you express your feelings to someone, and there are many ways you can show your wife some affections:

Study shows that a couple that has more physical affections last more than the others.

Therefore it is not a waste of time to find ways to show your affections to her.

At least now you should be able to read her body language because that will help you know how to go about this. if you don’t know how to read your wife’s love language,  then read this post.

Moreso, one of the ways to bring back great affection in your relationship is to improve on your affection. too. Start doing some sweet things that will get her smiling all the time.

For example:

send love messages, leave loving notes, make breakfast and dinner for her, and then have romantic dates.

All these will create so magical moments in your relationship.

5) To Desire Sexually:

Desiring your wife sexually makes her feel important to you. According to the research by “Marta Meana,” “female desire is strongly activated when a woman feels overwhelmingly desired, not rationally considered.”

Your wife is among these women and she wants you to desire her sexually. That’s how she will be sure that other women haven’t taken her position.

Therefore, show her you still value her body genuinely. “Praise her body, cuddle her often, and make love advances to her as though you are toasting her again.

6) Respect Her Alone Time:

Being a couple doesn’t mean you will be together always. Discoveries from the marriage expert have shown that there should be a balance between time together and times apart in a relationship.

Daniela Dowling, Ph.D. says that ” craving to be apart sometimes in your relationship is normal, and doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed.”

She reiterated that “alone time can be a healthy sign that you are prioritizing yourself as an individual both inside and outside of your relationship.”

So, it’s imperative to give her that space when she asks for it: it will make her happy and help your relationship mature.

7)  Relate With Her Families:

This is another important thing your wife wants from you. She wants you to understand that her family is also important to her.

Relating to your spouse’s family is one of the characters you need to be emotionally close to him/ her. Also, remember that they have been there before you married her, so it won’t be nice to try to separate her from her family.

Love them as you love your wife. Your wife will be happy to know you love her family: that will also make her respect her.

8) Be Her Cheerleader:

The ways you react when your wife accomplish those little goals matters so much to her and your relationship.

Show concern to those little wins. Be there with her even when she fails in some.

Need I also tell you to be her greatest support and cheerleader. Say great things about her all the time, and to your friends.

That will make your friends respect her also.

In Conclusion: 

Congratulations, now that you know what women want in a relationship; you are good to go now, you won’t struggle to make her happy again.

Read the post any time you feel you have forgotten what women want in a relationship and follow the steps to I show you to improve on your love for your wife.

Below are a few things I mentioned in the list of what women want in a relationship.

What Women Want In A Relationship

  • Make her feel love.
  • She needs security.
  • Love her
  • Appreciate her.
  • Be her cheerleader.
  • Relate well with her family.

You must improve your marriage using the steps I wrote here, you will be successful using these steps.

Question: Out of all the steps mentioned here,  which one have you tried before? 

Which one of them would you try first?

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