11Best relationship advice for women

If you search the internet now for relationship advice for women, you will be amazed at what results in you’ll get.


There are thousands of advice out there on Google to choose from, the only problem is that, while most of the advice may not give you clear guidance for what you are looking to get out of it.


Many others out there are pretty good and can be very helpful to you; however, you may not get them at a platter of gold just as I want to share with you in this post.


I sincerely wish to share these relationships advice to you, so you’ll be abreast of all you could experience in your current relationship, or before you get into one.


If you are ready, then let dive in immediately.


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 11 of the best relationship advice for women


1) Love yourself first:-

To enjoy any relationship, you really have to love yourself first, because loving yourself will automatically make you take absolute care of yourself.


This implies that you’ll find time to take care of you, to do whatever is necessary.
You really need to get yourself in order first, keep yourself in shape and retain your stature. This will give you the zeal to offer your best to your relationship.


2) Have time for your relationship:-

When you are done taking care of yourself then you need to take care of your relationship to make it successful.


Our relationship can be nurtured on a daily basis, by making up your mind to make some special sacrifices that will make it succeed.
It’s important to always keep a list of things you actually need to do from day to day that will be profiting from your relationship.


3) Take care of your partner:-

your marriage/relationship is really not about you, but about your partner.


This is not necessarily about the things you say but could be expressed through your actions. Always be there for your partner because every relationship requires attention, so make out time for activities that will add value to your relationship like going on regular romantic dates, and also communicating effectively to keep both of you connected.


4) Have your own life:

In as much as there’s a need to give time to your partner and your relationship; you’ll still need to have your life.


You might be so much in love with each other, however, that doesn’t mean you should stop pursuing your personal life.


Don’t leave your friends because of him, and don’t also give up your career, hobbies for his.


It’s important you have some independence as well as your own identity so that things don’t get boring or rather become a routine.


5) Never rush: –

Never rush into any relationship no matter how eager you are. The real joy of any relationship is when you know who you are relating with well enough.


Rushing into any relationship will not give you time for that.
To avoid regrets, take your time to know him better before getting in. When you are sure all things are okay, then you can avail yourself, that’s when the pleasure will come.


6) Make sure you want the relationship: –

Perform all the checks and balances you can, both physically and spiritually and be sure the relationship is worth going in for. If you find out things will not work out in the future, don’t hesitate to quit: it’s better to quit early than when things get out of hand.


7) Never chase him:-

Most women fall victim to this always. The fact is that most of them don’t even know they are involved.


Chasing may come in different, it maybe is from the way you call or want to be with him.
We, men, feel rushed when they are chased and sometimes they are turned off by the way you chase then.


8) Learn to speak your mind: –

You have the right to speak your mind about things you want or don’t like in your relationship.

However, you should do so gently and calmly. Never try to suppress your emotions, let your partner know about your feelings.
See yourselves as a team and do everything together.


9) Don’t avoid problems: –

Nobody prays for problems, and yet problems are inevitable especially in relationships.


There is no relationship with one problem or the other.


If you are the type that likes to avoid problems then you may be causing great harm to yourself and your relationship.


In other words, when a problem comes do not neglect them or run away from them.


Don’t let it pile up

Avoiding problems will make everything pile up for you, and sooner it will burst open, then you can’t solve it anymore.


Marriage experts say that problems don’t break up a relationship, but avoiding it does.
Get to the root of every problem and deal with it immediately. Never go to bed with it.


10) Don’t be a pleaser:-

Never try to please your partner so he can love you more, that will be a grave mistake to make.
Your partner will take advantage of you if you submit more of yourself to him.


You should try and balance being selfish and selfless to make it work.
It is good to make your partner feel good, but be sure he is also interested in making you happy too. It takes two to tangle.

11) Don’t try to manipulate him:-

Trying to manipulate your partner can be a disaster for you. It could cause so many fights and it could shut him down.


Men never liked to be bossed around,
There are better ways to go about it, so learn effective communication skills, if you want to achieve your goals.



In this post, I have done my best to share my best relationship advice to all the women reading my blog.

I pray these points answered all your relationship questions.


I am still your friend Ikenna Uchegbu ( murphyaik)


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