Goals For Marriage: 11 Amazingly Astonishing Goals You’ll Love

Are you ready to know how to set achievable goals for marriage? If yes, then you are reading the best article. By the time you get to the last page of this post,  you will be fully aware of how to set goals for relationships and marriage. 

Setting achievable goals for marriage or relationships is crucial, just as we do for our careers and businesses. It is pertinent to set goals for marriage, but it is most adorable to set goals for your marriage or relationships that you can easily achieve.

In this post, we will be looking at steps to set those goals that are not only good but are pretty simple to achieve within a time frame


How to set realistic marriage goals


Why Do You Need Goals For Your Marriage? 


“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”

– Bill Copeland.


Bill Copeland aptly stated, “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”

Without goals, your marriage might lack direction, and inadvertently, you could find yourselves living someone else’s aspirations.

Here are a few reasons to set goals in marriage

– To Be Organized in our Relationship:


In the same way, setting goals helps you to organize your job, your business, etc, setting goals for your marriage helps you organize your marriage for success.


The truth is that if you fail to set your marriage goal, you may be fulfilling other couples’ goals, especially when you copy what is working for them.


When you set goals for your marriage, you will be clear on what you want in your relationship and what to do to achieve it.


– You Can Measure Your Progress:


When you set a goal regarding what and how you wish your relationship to grow over time, and put steps forward to achieve them. You will be able to look back and know what you have achieved and what still needs to be achieved.


In other words, you can track your progress as well as where to concentrate more.


– Clear Focus:


When you track your goals you will know where you are and where to add efforts. As you monitor your progress, you will have a clear focus on what aspect you need to concentrate on.



– To Get results:


If you are a good lover of history, and if you have read the biographies of all the great achievers in life, they all have one thing in common which is to set a goal and pursue it until it is achieved.


Because goal setting helps you organize your life and marriage, you will be focused on what you should do to have the success you need in your relationship and you will have great results.


Now you know the importance of setting goals for your relationship, let’s dive into the 15 Important achievable goals for marriage.




7 Strategies to make your relationship stronger

Goals For Marriage: 7 Amazingly Astonishing Goals You’ll Love: 

Goals For Marriage One: Learn How To Communicate Effectively: 

You and I know the importance of communication in life and relationships especially. It is to relationship what blood is to life.

That means no relationship can survive without it. The key to a perfect positive social interaction is communication, that is why you should take communication seriously in your relationship.

If you don’t know how to have a good conversation with your partner then you should learn it.

Good communication helps you to connect. According to Tony Robbins “Communication in a relationship is more than asking your partner about their job or day.”

You should dig deeper to understand how to have good communication with your partner, and one of the ways to achieve your communication goal is to learn to be a good listener as well as a good speaker.



How to improve communication in your relationship


Goals For Marriage Two:  Have Good Plans For Your Future:


You may have your plans; that’s good, it is also important to have and share your relationship, this will keep you away from the fighting.


Planning your future together allows you to have and take care of your personal goals and still pursue your relationship goals too.


It will also help you to be on the same page as to your relationship.


Here is an example:


Plan how many kids you want, your finances, and your academic pursuits.


Do you wish to further your studies? When you share this with your partner, proper plans will be made so it won’t clash with family success.




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Goals For Marriage Three- How To Manage Your Moods:


You have spent good times and bad times together as a couple so it is easier for you to understand each other’s needs and cares.


Understanding your moods well enables you to know when your partner needs extra attention and when they need space. They say that “when a woman is not happy, then no one is happy.”


As a man, you must set a goal to make your wife happy always so she can do more for you and your relationship in particular.


As a woman, strive to always make your man happy and he will never slack from loving and caring for you.


Goals For Marriage Four – Learn To Connect Every Time And Daily:


To have the best relationship in this world, you must set a goal to improve connectivity in your relationship, which can only be achieved through spending a great time together.


Find a way to carve out times to connect when you are or not together, With handsets, it is very easy.


Do this always, both morning afternoon, or night, it will help your relationship succeed.


Goals For Marriage Five – How To Keep Sex Aflame:


Sex in a relationship can sometimes become boring if the partners don’t work on keeping it alive.


It is therefore imperative to keep things spicy by learning what will improve sex, because leaving your sex life cold, keeps your relationship wide open for temptation.


Therefore, learn how to keep the energy going by introducing something new every day.


Gary Overholt said in his book called “The Blueprint for Marriage” that it is good to establish just 10 minutes daily to create a non-sexual physical closeness like touching and kissing with your partner.


Read books like this, or see a marriage counselor to guide you on how to expand your horizon about sex.




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Goals For Marriage Six – Introduce New Things Monthly:

It is normal for relationships to become moribund after a while, however, you can keep everything hot again by introducing new things daily, weekly, or monthly to spice it up.


If you check your past relationships, you will realize that they lost their spark because you became complacent with each other.


If you want to keep the thing alive and active, then go the extra mile and do things that will make your relationship exciting always, so you don’t start boring each other.


Start by taking care of yourself, monitor your weight, and keep fit always. Have romantic dates, buy gifts, and just find interesting things that will keep love alive.


7) Goals To Set In Marriage Seven – Set The Goal To Love Excessively:


When the relationship is young, you wouldn’t be advised about loving each other because it comes naturally, as the day goes you start seeing some flaws and irritations that can make your love dwindle.


At this point, you should set a goal on how to keep being in love irrespective of what happens.


Do not let anything distract you from loving yourselves take yourselves for granted or forget your partner. Love is important if you want to grow in your relationship, so love and love even when you don’t wish to.


  Smart Goals For Marriage Eight – Try And Support Each Other’s Goals:


This is so important to note because many of us are so engrossed with our personal goals that we forget to look at the direction of our partner.


Remember that you are two different people with different goals and dreams. Your partner wishes to accomplish his/her dreams the same way you wish and they may require some help. As partners, you should be ready to help out so the dreams come true.


Pursuing your personal goals shouldn’t undermine your relationship as a couple instead, your ability to help each other will bring you closer.


Your partner will feel blessed to know that you are seriously having his/her goals at heart and that you are willing to help at any time. That will make him reciprocate the gesture.


Goal For Marriage Nine – Create Time For Intimacy:


All of us want more intimacy in our relationships, but how can we achieve it?


Just the same way we work on every other aspect of our lives, we should make time to build intimacy and lasting habits that will engender our marital success.


You will have great success when you make time to have and spend quality time together.


learn to be open and vulnerable to yourselves. All these may look difficult, but it is the best way to achieve your marriage goal.



Goals For Marriage, Ten – Resolve Your Issues Maturely:


Are you surprised that I asked you to resolve your issues instead of telling you not to have an issue? You are right, however, understand that fights and quarrels are inevitable in relationships.


What letters is how you deal with the issues. Do you avoid them or tackle them effectively?


Maturity is the most important way you can make your relationship successful. Learn how to handle your faults with maturity and resolve your quarrels effectively.

Goals For Marriage Eleven – Prioritize Your Health And Wellness: 

Prioritizing your health and well-being is one of the number one dreams for marriage you can’t play with. Your health comes before any other thing.

Embrace the best health-oriented lifestyles as a spouse. This includes being mindful of what you eat, the best time to eat and always having regular physical activities that resonate with both of you.

Always create an enabling environment that will encourage the two of you to maintain emotional and mental well-being.

This will foster a positive mindset in your family and create a healthy life among you and your partner.

Participate in joint wellness activities, like embarking on fitness adventures, cooking nutritious meals, and other things that will bring vitality and joy into your shared journey.

As you do these, you are fortifying the pillars of your relationship with longevity and vitality.



In conclusion, setting achievable goals for your marriage is a fundamental step toward building a strong and fulfilling relationship.

Goals provide direction, help measure progress, maintain focus, and ultimately lead to positive results. From effective communication to nurturing intimacy, each goal plays a crucial role in the success of a marriage.

By prioritizing these aspirations, couples can navigate challenges with maturity, support each other’s dreams, and foster a lasting connection.

Remember, the journey of marriage is not without its ups and downs, but with well-defined goals, couples can navigate the path together, strengthening their bond and creating a foundation for a thriving partnership.


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