10 Signs you are in a love-hate relationship

Signs you are in love hate relationship

God has blessed you with the best partner and you love each other, yet sometimes you feel you hate each other also: that is one of the signs you are in a love-hate relationship.

You can easily read the signs of love-hate in your relationship because it is always obvious. Sometimes you feel you love and want to be with your partner forever, on the other hand, you want to throw in the towel at once.

That means you can switch from a higher level of love you feel for your partner to the highest level of hatred all the same.

What is a love-hate relationship?

Merriam Webster dictionary states that a love-hate relationship “is strong feelings of both love and hatred for someone.”

In order words, the two people involved in this relationship are usually not sure of what decisions to make concerning their feelings for each other.

And because the relationship is full of emotional swings, they may not see the constant ups and downs as anything unhealthy.

To them, all is normal even when they are not sure of the future of their relationship.

If you feel all I have described so far in your relationship, then they are signs you are in a love-hate relationship.

10 Signs you are in a love-hate relationship

1) It’s Rosy Out There, But Hot Inside:

To the people around you, things are really good between you too. Of course, they see you smiling and holding your hands as you walk into the park.

Other couples are jealous of your love, they want to feel the same in their relationship too because they think things are the same way they look outside.

But you know that another fight, argument, and nagging is waiting at the door for you.

signs you are in a love hate relationship

2) You Have Continual Conflicts:

In as many conflicts isn’t that bad for a relationship, yet it is not proper if it occurs frequently. It may be a little argument or small fight that emanated from irrelevant matters, but it continues to come up always.

One of the reasons it keeps coming up is because you chose to avoid conflicts or you refused to deal with it immediately.

John Guttman described unresolved quarrels as the main destroyer of relationships. and the reason is that the problems keep piling up until it becomes unresolvable.

Then you start seeing resentments, neglects, disconnect, and then separation.

To avoid this from happening in your relationship, you should face any matter that rises in your relationship and deal with it immediately, else you’ll not like the outcome.

3) You Compare Your Partner With Others Out There:

If you have not known the consequences of comparison in a relationship, then I will tell you.

You love people when you see them outside, you see couples holding hands and kissing at the park and you ask “why it’s not you and your partner”?

You resent your partner for not holding your hands as you walk etc.

Do you know that “all that glitters is not gold?” That couple may not be good at home as they do outside

Concentrate on your relationship and make it what you want.

4) You Love Certain Part Of Your Partner More:

You have a wonderful partner, he/she is nice looking, but is hot-tempered, probably don’t dress well, and have traces of laziness too.

These are causing great arguments and the disconnect between you too.

That’s the reason you hate him/her, but every other thing about him is interesting.

5) Relationship Has Become Transaction To You:

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