Real Facts about nigerian female singles

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Interestingly, you chose to date a Nigerian girl. However, before you take a step, here are a few facts about Nigerian female singles.

Your love life and the quality of your relationship with  Nigerian female singles will depend on how much you know about them.

So I will let you in a big secret of what to look for in any Naija girl you planned to date or marry.

In this article, you will learn about 10 types of Nigerian single ladies.

2 Where to find Nigerian singles, where to meet single ladies

3 I will also answer your questions about which state has the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.

If these are what you wish to know, then get yourself a cold drink of your choice, and let’s begin the journey.

Types Of Nigerian Female Singles

There are many types of girls you can see in Nigeria, and I bet you will get different reactions from them as you search for whom to date. To help you make a better choice, I have described them here to help you.

– The Romantic Nigerian Female Singles

As the name implies, this is the type of girl that knows how to make you feel loved. She is ready to shower you with love if she loves you from the bottom of her heart.

She wouldn’t mind getting you gifts, be sexy or go the extra mile to make sure you feel good. Is this the type of girl you want to have?

Beautiful girl, marriage material
– The Picky Nigerian Female Singles

She is the type of girl that has a long list of what she wants in a man and if you don’t meet up, she will not pick you.

It takes an alpha female to win her heart. The problem with them is that they hardly believe they are picky: to her, she only has a standard. You must meet her standards to be accepted.

– The Desperate Nigerian Female Singles:

You know what desperation means don’t you? Probably because her age mates are already married, or age is not on her side, and so she wants to get married by all means.

You will know her from her actions because she can do whatever to get into the relationship she wants.

Marriage in naija, dating site
–  The Rigid Chick:

She knows what she wants, who she wants, where she wants to be, and who she wants for a relationship.

She is concerned about what people will say and so will only want to associate with high statued men. That means she will not accept you if you are not of that class.

They usually miss the good men because of their rigidness.

– The Serial Dater:

Dating is like a game to her because she believes it’s easy to get it when she desires.

She is also beautiful and knows how to get whatever she wants. Once she feels you, she knows how to get you to her beck and call. However, she finally remains single, because men see her as a serial dater.

– The Abandoned and Overlooked:

She is somewhat beautiful and kind-hearted but no one noticed her beauty, then she feels low in her spirit.

Sometimes they try to force themselves into a relationship or accept anyone that comes her way. She can make a good partner for you because she is reserved.

Nigerian female singles, naija babes,
– The Career Single:

She is only interested in her career than any relationship and until she is done with that, you can’t entice her to accept you. She will love you better if you are career-oriented too.

– The Dumped :

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  1. I’m Ochingwa Tyson From Nairobi Kenya I’m Single Since 2017 .It will be Very Easy For Me To Married A Nigerian Woman now I’m 28rs I want Some Who’s Age Is 18-27 That it Will Good Things

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