How to make your boyfriend happy today


Here is how to make your boyfriend happy today. If you had a fight with him or maybe you found out he is unhappy for whatever reason, then this will show you what you should do to make him happy once again.


If you have expected your boyfriend or husband to make you happy someday, you should also learn how to make your boyfriend or husband happy too, because relationships thrive well when you know how to make each other feel good.

Here is an article I wrote about how your marriage is not about your happiness. You will learn why your partner’s happiness should be your priority.

The truth is that, so many things are there to contend with your happiness in your relationship, – like quarrels, fights, bills, etc.

What matters most is how you cheer yourselves up in the midst of these troubles. If you are not sure what to do to make your boyfriend happy, don’t worry, because I am here to let you in the big secret.

Just follow me close as I divulge it to you step by step.


How to make your boyfriend happy today

1) How to Make your boyfriend happy by being his fan.

Do you know who a fan is?

Wikipedia describes a fan as “a person who exhibits strong interest or admiration for something or somebody, such as a celebrity or band, a sport or a sport.

Simply put, you are your boyfriend fan when you are his number supporter in all things

Whenever he looks back, he knows that you are there for him when he skips, you are there to catch him.

He is always sure you will speak well about him, pray for him, and support him whether he is there with you or not.



2) Learn to compliment him:

The words you speak to your boyfriend or husband will determine how he feels  If you want him to walk with his head up and shoulders high, then you must learn to give him genuine positive compliments always.

Your compliments can really make a difference in your boyfriend’s life, especially when you do that sincerely.

Compliment him when he does something worthwhile and when he accomplishes little tasks also. For example, when he fixes the bulb in the kitchen, say ” thank you dear for bringing light back here.”

– When he dresses up to go out, tell him how wonderful he looks.

– when you wake up in the morning tell him how interesting you feel to wake by his side.

These words will make him feel loved and want to be around you always.


3) Respect His Time:

Sometimes your boyfriend may wish to be alone for a while, it will be nice to respect his wishes to be alone.

One of the things that can make him lose interest in you is when you won’t let him be alone for a while. It’s important to spend time together, and it’s interesting also to have alone times too.

If you have been spending time always with him, try giving him a chance to do whatever he wants and don’t see it as a treat to your relationship.

It will make him love you better.


4) Forgive Him Always:

Being able to let go of your boyfriend’s hurts and wrongs is a critical recipe to make your boyfriend happy.

Forgiving your boyfriend’s wrongs always makes both of you emotionally and physically healthy.


Here’s why it is important to forgive.

Lack of forgiveness wears you down physically and mentally and makes resentments gain more ground to destroy your relationship.

John Hopkins said that ” forgiveness reduces heart attack and also lowers cholesterol levels.”

Don’t be like most girls who love to persuade their boyfriends with guilts to get something done for them. If you want him happy, try to forgive him every time and don’t remind him of his wrongs in the future.


5) Honor Him Always:

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to be loved, he needs to be respected and honored. The only love men understand is respect and honor.

Those are the fastest ways a man’s heart and it works faster than love.

Make him understand that he is your pride and that you support him always.

The best ways to show your love to him is to

  • – Respect his daily decisions.
  • – Be interested in all that interests him.
  • – Compliment and talk about his strengths and characteristics.

When you make these available to your boyfriend, he will feel highly elated and he will shower you with the love he was commanded by God to give to you.


6) Be Happy Too:

Although this sound somehow but being happy is also a great way to also make your boyfriend happy.

“Happiness is contagious,” and really, when you are happy, everyone close to you automatically becomes happy too.

The result of a research conducted lately at the University of California shows that “happiness spreads through social networks, sort of like a virus, meaning that your happiness could influence the happiness of someone you’ve never even met.” ( source)

That simply means that you can influence your boyfriend’s happiness by being happy too.

In order words, concentrate on making yourself happy first, and watch it transferred to your partner too.


7) Put Off Your Gadgets While With Him:

In as much as technology has added color to our lives, it has also destroyed so many relationships and it has saved so many also.

Your boyfriend will feel neglected and dishonored when you are pressing your gadgets while he is talking with you.

Yes, your phone, sound systems, and other gadgets can wait for a moment. If it is an emergency, he will understand that if not, let it wait. And if you must take the call, let him know how important the call is.

From the data published on the Psychology of popular media cultures in 2016, may college adults reported that their marriages were negatively impacted when their partners use their mobile phones more. ( Source).

To protect your relationship from destruction, drop your gadgets, and give 100% attention to your man.



8) Accept Him The Way He Is:

If you chose to have him as your boyfriend, that means he is special to you. You left to leave the rest of millions of men to choose him.

That also means you should accept him the way he is, forgive his flaws, and celebrate your differences as well. Understand that both of you came from different families and so you have different characteristics too.

It may not be possible for both of you to be together if you had the same characteristics, so when he chose something different from your wishes, you shouldn’t get worked up, and don’t force him to like what you like or “vice versa.”

On the other hand, if only you can appreciate him the way he is, and appreciate your differences, he will be happy to have someone like you that understands him well enough.


9) Let Him Know You Are Praying For Him:

Joy will flood his heart when he comes back someday and hears you praying to God for his well being.

That’s one of the sacrifices you should offer for your relationship and your boyfriend.

Every man feels happy when they know that someone is praying for them, and really, when you pray for your loved ones, the answer comes almost immediately.

You can make your boyfriend happy over text by sending prayer messages to him too.

But, here is one thing you should never do – Don’t start your prayers because you saw him walking into the sitting room. He will term it an “eye service.”

It is better he learns of your prayers for him and not you showing off that you pray for him.


10) Be Honest To Him:

Everyone wants to associate with honest people. If you are not honest or trustworthy, you can hardly make him happy.

Though it may be difficult, however, if you continue to stick to the truth, you’ll not have any need to think of how to cover your previous lies.

The truth remains that no matter how cogent your lies may seem, it will be found out one day and your boyfriend will never be happy again with you.


Here is what Walter Scott said in his quote.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practiced to deceive.” -Sir Walter Scott.


11) Make Him Your Priority:

So many things are there to occupy your mind on a daily bases; that includes your job, taking care of the children, and the domestic chore. Although you should take care of those, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your partner’s happiness.

Your boyfriend will be happy to learn that you placed him high above every other thing. He will be willing to do the same.


12) Surprise Him With Gifts:

Capture his heart with gifts he can’t decline. Just identify what he likes most an wish to get someday and get them for him. If you don’t have ideas about what they are, then find a way to ask and then make them a surprise gift to him,

You can also place romantic notes where he will see them. Those will make him happy.



You don’t need much to make your boyfriend happy, you only need to follow the steps I described in this post. They will help you achieve your aim of brightening your boyfriend’s face always.


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