Divorce Uncontested: The Best Uncontested Divorce Strategies For Now.

Divorce Uncontested

What is divorce uncontested? What are the benefits? How do you get a divorce uncontested? And how much does an uncontested divorce cost? If you are asking all these questions, then I am here to answer them.

Divorce Uncontested Meaning:-

An uncontested divorce is a term used to describe a divorce situation where you and your spouse have reached an agreement concerning all the issues of your divorce, probably about how

  • you will share the parenting time, custody, and parenting responsibilities.
  • The best way to divide the property and the debts of any
  • The duration and amount of any child’s support.
  • The duration as well as the amount of the spousal support to be given out

Reaching this agreement during your divorce journey means you have agreed to settle out of court. Your next step will be to file a “divorce settlement agreement” and a court form.

The filed agreement documents detail the whole agreement you had on how to share all you had together as a couple, your spousal support, and your proposed ways of taking care of the kids. All these are the results of a divorce being uncontested.

At the end of all things, a judge has to sign the agreed terms of settlement, but it is never a problem. The truth is that no judge can refuse to sign a settlement agreement unless they find out that the settlement is favoring one person or it was done out of duress.

After the approval by the judge, you’ll wait till the set time by the state law before the divorce is finalized. 

Note that having your divorce uncontested won’t produce the same result, and all contested divorces are not the same too. It is easier when both couples don’t have a minor in the house or few assets.

The process also works pretty well when your partner is capable of becoming self-supporting or is already self-supporting. If not, things won’t work as you plan.

The Differences Between Contested Divorce And When Divorce Is Uncontested

The best thing that can happen when you want to get a divorce is to have your divorce uncontested. That way, you can save the money you would have spent on a divorce and also have a final divorce on time.

If unfortunately, one of you is not satisfied with the outcome of the agreement and asks the judge to go ahead with resolving the conflict, the divorce will cease to be a divorce uncontested and become a contested divorce. 

When a divorce is contested, it means that you and your partner refused to agree on certain issues, which can only be resolved in court. Getting your divorce uncontested will make things easier and faster for you, but the contested divorce takes longer, and that’s because the divorce attorney or the spouse will make some discoveries.

Discoveries here is a legal process where the couples are asked to bring some evidence, including text messages, financial documents, and substantial evidence to contest issues, especially when it looks like one of you is hiding something.

Another big downfall of contested marriages outside of the time and money it takes is that the judge is the chief decision-taker here, but when you make your divorce uncontested, you and your spouse will be in charge of the outcome.

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